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Fratmen.TV: Ajay (Naked College Frat Boy)

Ajay (Naked College Frat Boy) at

Ajay (Naked College Frat Boy) at

Ajay (Naked College Frat Boy) at

Ajay (Naked College Frat Boy) at

We’re getting ready for a MAJOR update for the site coming up in the next few weeks. But this week, we’re using Ajay to distract you. ;)

Watch Ajay at Fratmen.TV

42 Responses to Fratmen.TV: Ajay (Naked College Frat Boy)

  1. avatar Axon says:

    Bit twinky, but hot. ;-)

  2. avatar Fazz says:

    DAMN this guy is perfect! He’s an amazing distraction, for suuure! :D

    Man that cock looks juicy, he’s got a fit body and a realy cute face. I’m salivating, like a damn dog right now, as if my mouth is getting ready for cock. lol

    I really hope we see him again, maybe at the Fratpad. Now that would be fantastic! :D

  3. avatar KingSize says:

    That body is FLAWLESS!! Wish CF could have picked him up…

    • avatar King Henry VIII says:

      Well keep wishing KS. You’d think that with all the new sites and CF being Flush with cash that they would hire scouts who knew WHAT THE HELL TO LOOK FOR. In Fratmebs case FLAWLESS EVERY TIME ALL THE TIME!!!! ;)

  4. avatar King Henry VIII says:

    MY AJAY would have been perfect with MY COLBY from CF TOO!!

  5. avatar Urs Jans says:

    Got mixed reaction – face in 2d pic reminded me of SC’s Oscar. Face and body don’t seem to fit. Face is twinky, body buff.

  6. avatar Res1 says:

    He looks like Gizmo. Don’t pour water on him.

    *Waits for Neo’s bitterness*

  7. avatar lalalio05 says:


  8. avatar Bradster says:

    This guy is sooooooo hot!

  9. avatar lee-dong says:

    I need some ID? sorta creepy…

  10. avatar AaronJL says:

    One thought (or plea) Ajay; don’t EVER put tattoos on that fine landscape. ‘Naked’ looks good on you just the way you are!

    • avatar Fazz says:

      Hear hear Aaron! Plus fratmen are strongly advised not to get one, if they want to keep their job at the Fratpad or

      The boss does not like tattooed men :)

  11. avatar Sushi says:

    Well he’s got a tat already on his arm, but it’s light and doesn’t intrude much.

    Lovely, lovely boy, with a slightly flat ass. But WHO cares!! It’s a shame he’s on Fratmen, ’cause that means he ain’t gonnna do anything. Boo!

    Sean Cody and Corbin keep giving us dud after fug and Fratmen continues to find such gorgeous guys. Oh well, I’m sure it’s a lot easier to find hotties that will jerk as opposed to ones that will interact (and get fucked) by another guy.

    • avatar AaronJL says:

      Hmm, I posted a reply this morning but it’s not here. Trying an abbreviated version:

      Weird that I missed the tat, even though it’s prominant in the first pic. Sushi is right that it’s light though, so it would pass muster for me.

  12. avatar AaronJL says:

    Duh how the heck did I miss that? Looks like a poker hand. But you’re right, Sushi, it’s light, at least in the pics.

    I know I know (re: another post on another update) his body his tats yada yada, but why turn something nice into something that makes guys go blech? Whole arm tats? Whole shoulder tats? Total yuck!

  13. avatar Nick Minaj says:

    I bet this kid has Taylor Lautner and Zac Efron posters all over his walls at home..I can’t get into guys like this who look like they just got over the Disney Channel last yr. He looks like a high school freshmen or sophomore on roids.

  14. avatar Ike says:

    If only he was taller than 5’4″

  15. avatar humanoid says:

    i think he’s rather plain and pasty… and his face is full of zits too…

    we’ll know for sure when he moves to chaosmen or cd247 where lighting isn’t so flattering…

  16. avatar porndog says:

    Cute, but youngish. Love that thick head of dark hair. And yes, the ass is flat; white boys usually are, but overall very nice.

  17. avatar Established One says:

    I approve. YES!

  18. avatar MarhVehl says:

    Put a paper bag over his head and it’s all good.

  19. avatar Elmtree says:

    Very pretty…

  20. avatar adidas28 says:

    His skin is kind of zitty, yeah, but he’s a hot kid, and when this dude nuts, it’s really hot…you can actually see his dick throbbing. It almost looks like it’s the first time he’s ever busted a nut. It’s really hot, and definitely worth watching.

  21. avatar Aries16 says:


    AJAY is Cute as Fuck!

    This Guy exudes HOT, SEXY….

    Just Wish He was Sean Cody for some Male on Male Action…

    What Arms, Torso, Legs, Ass, Cock I can Take home Now Please!!!!

  22. avatar IMnotJazmineIMAladdin says:

    really hot boy, might be worth a shot… but he’s got nothing on the REAL Ajay from SC back in the day

    • avatar porndog says:

      Your avatar…are those Dennis Rodman’s lips? Actually, they look like his on a really good day. Just wonderin. Sure are juicy looking.

  23. avatar JamieP says:

    OMG. Look at that killer intensity and focus, above and below, in pic 13–a great shot. And there ain’t nothin’ flat at all about pic 14. An amazing find, this one.

  24. avatar sliderboi says:

    stunning body, scorching looks he gives the camera. the doctor should be fired for the hatchet job on the circumcision, but i’d be happy to put his cock somewhere where you wouldn’t notice it ;-)

  25. avatar Daniel says:

    Extremely masculine body

  26. avatar fukit says:

    flat as a pancake

  27. avatar John says:

    He look like a cuter version of Sidney Crosby. Super sexy!!

  28. avatar art1e says:

    I dont think his dick is that big their are no side shots so its all camera tricks….

  29. avatar hellos says:

    that’s my exact name! ajay!

  30. avatar tomtomson says:

    cannot stand that horrible cut scar on his cock. makes it look super short too…

  31. avatar Arglebargle says:

    Perfect…except for the tattoo.

  32. avatar markyim19 says:

    He is one good looking dude…
    He has a twin brother Micky
    Seen them before in fratpad…
    They’re both hot… ^_^

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