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NextDoorBuddies: Tyler Torro & Steven Daigle

Tyler Torro & Steven Daigle at Next Door Buddies

Tyler Torro & Steven Daigle at Next Door Buddies

Tyler Torro & Steven Daigle at Next Door Buddies

Tyler Torro & Steven Daigle at Next Door Buddies

One look at Tyler Torro tells you that he is XXXtreme. Guy is an animal. Ferocious. Does everything full bore and with crazy intensity, often to the detriment of his own well being. Such is the case with his work out regimen, where Tyler maxes out and hurts his wrist. Luckily, Steven Daigle is there to take care of Tyler’s pain and turn it into extreme pleasure.

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31 Responses to NextDoorBuddies: Tyler Torro & Steven Daigle

  1. avatar hollydick says:

    love Tyler, awesome body, nice cock !
    wonder if he will bottom one day …?

  2. avatar danni says:

    wow, Tyler’s amazing all around
    hot body, jockstrap, dick

  3. avatar PauloD says:

    Tyler is amazing! Can’t wait to see him in more stuff. Steven, well, that guy is way over-exposed.

  4. avatar Res1 says:

    Tyler Toro looks like a cross between Sam the Eagle and a Northern Cardinal bird.

  5. avatar fresero_abre_culos says:

    My sight! Such trash in action! That Steven Daigle is still working shows that gays have no self respect, something like it should of been banned for his actions and the sites that hire him should be boycott.

  6. avatar Elmtree says:

    Gotta agree with others, Tyler is so damn hot…total yum! Steven on the other hand, not so much. But I gotta hand it too him, he has certainly managed to turn what should have been 15 minutes of fame into a full time gig. He must be doing something right…looking hot is not it tho.

  7. avatar Aries16 says:

    TYLER your fucking HOT HOT HOT!!!

    Toro in Spanish means Bull and you my slab of HOT SEX are a Bull….

    Tyler slams so hard to Daigle that daigle is in Wonderland..

    Amazing Body, ASS as hard as a Rock and those ABS Tyler we want more more more…

  8. avatar Ryder25 says:

    Wait, why are we supposed to hate Steven Daigle? I forgot.

    • avatar MikeB says:

      Beating up BF Trent Locke and sending him to the hospital? He does look good here, but the stills are deceiving. Toro has some wood issues in the video.

    • avatar AaronJL says:

      Uh, we’re not supposed to *hate* at all. However, I could find some in my system for a guy who sends a mate to the hospital. I’d rather withhold my monetary support because, in the long run, that hurts a LOT more than just a reckless emotion does.

    • avatar Jared says:

      I don’t like Steven because he made several comments on Big Brother that I felt were pretty racist. Then he pretty much lied and made some lame excuse about why he said it.

  9. avatar gaga says:

    I normally hate steven daigle, but he actually looked kind of good in these shots… but toro! I wouldn’t mind being that matador. ;)

  10. avatar Dustin says:

    I know Steven Daigle is almost 40, but he should still go to the gym so his butt doesn’t sag on porn shoots. Look at the first picture, that ass is hanging low.

  11. avatar riko says:

    I like steven here… and tyler.. I REALLY need to see more!

  12. avatar Established One says:

    Yep, no doubt about it as Tyler is smoking hot. Nice body and dick too. It’s a definite YES for me!

  13. avatar Res1 says:

    I’m sorry, I know everyone has their own opinion, but what’s hot about Tyler Toro besides his body? His face is below average, so it can’t be that…

  14. avatar cutlass says:

    What’s hot about him, apparently, is the fact that many self-loathing gays here think he’s straight, and are dumb to the fact that the guy doesn’t reciprocate at all, but he’s “hot”. If he was an OUT and proud fag, the gay guys here would be ripping him apart for not kissing, sucking or touching the other guy’s dick even or any other bodypart.

  15. avatar IMnotJazmineIMAladdin says:

    gotta love Tyler’s body, but he reminds me of somebody’s punk little brother…

  16. avatar Daniel says:

    Having watched this scene it’s just SMOKIN

    Tyler looks less scary now, more hot lol

  17. avatar Jared says:

    It is the biggest mystery to me why Steven Daigle is in so many scenes. There’s nothing good about his ass, his dick, or is body overall. He’s not ugly. but not that attractive either. I just don’t get it. Is it just b/c he was in Big Brother?

    Tyler on the other hand doesnt have the best face but a really amazing body.

  18. avatar muffintop says:

    Tyler’s got a fantastic body and a great cock and I actually find him kind of handsome…

    • avatar porndog says:

      Agree muffintop. I think Tyler’s adorably cute, and the eyebrows add an element of sexy to his face. Oh, and the body rocks too!

  19. avatar porndog says:

    I wonder if we’ve yet to see Tyler with Jake, since he did a scene on SG4GE. Or, he fled in horror to ND at the prospect. Altho they all come back to Jake when the rent’s due. So, maybe we’ll see him on CSM first. All this jumping from site to site is making me tired.

  20. avatar gustav09 says:

    I gotta hand it to Steven Daigle; he’s turned his “15 minutes” into 15 hours! I don’t get why he keeps getting hired for porn. You’d think he’s a Greek God with the amount of work he continues to do and not someone who doesn’t look like he’s ever gone to a gym…

  21. avatar sliderboi says:

    tyler looks like one huge package of uninhibited hotness.

  22. avatar jlj77 says:

    luv tyler…hot!

  23. avatar kinezo says:

    omfg i would pay anything to see tyler make out (kiss) another dude while making hot love. oh and finishing it off by cumming in the other guys mouth and gets his dick sucked dry followed by more kissing haha. sounds like a seancody or corbinfisher scene

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