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CorbinFisher: Kellan

Kellan at CorbinFisher

Kellan at CorbinFisher

Kellan at CorbinFisher

Kellan at CorbinFisher

Kellan at CorbinFisher

Kellan at CorbinFisher

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Corbin wrote:

Aside from being tall, dark and handsome, Kellan has a great sense of humor and an infectious smile. He keeps his thick muscled body in shape by running or swimming if he can find a pool. Since he obviously likes water, I figured we’d start him out by sending him to the shower!

Kellan gets a grin out of Pete’s question about why he’s wearing clothes in the shower. He quickly gets his shirt off, giving us a look at his beefy pecs and tight abs. Kellan does almost everything with a smile, whether it’s flexing his muscles or measuring his dick for us.

Kellan can also bounce his pecs, which he happily demonstrates for us. While he admits he gets a lot of compliments on his chest and his ass, he thinks his best feature is his smile. When something tickles him and Kellan laughs and shows that smile, it’s hard to argue!

He rinses off, slowly grabbing his cock. Water drips down his body. Kellan rubs his meaty pecs and his abs. His hair looks even better slicked back and wet. Kellan may need to stay in the pool or shower all the time!

Kellan grabs the soap and lathers up his cock and balls. He focuses intently on it, stroking his cock. He soaps up his ass and rubs that delicious ass while playing with his dick.

Once the water washes the soap off, he starts jerking in earnest. Kellan’s cock sticks straight up. He pulls on his dick harder. He sits down and strokes faster.

He blasts a thick load! Three days worth of cum shoots back onto his abs. Kellan smiles again as he says he felt amazing while busting his nut.

Be sure and catch Kellan’s full-length interview on Pete’s Attic today!

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36 Responses to CorbinFisher: Kellan

  1. avatar danni says:

    nothing special here
    has a forgetable face pass =(

  2. avatar J-Williams says:

    Tall, DARK and handsome? He’s hardly dark…

  3. avatar Jonny Marzetti says:

    Definitely better than the other recent freshman, but that’s faint praise. (I just don’t get the enthusiasm for Jarrett.)

    • avatar Riley says:

      C’mon Johnny Jarrett is Tall, Blond, and Playing for …
      The enthusiasm comes from i’m too tired to finish or explain. HECK WAITING HALF A DAMN DAY FOR KELLAN
      Anybody else think or see MY COLBY replaced with KELLAN.
      NOT the same features but…..


    • avatar Auggy says:

      Nope, nobody could replace Colby, Riley. :)

    • avatar Ryan-- says:

      I wish Colby would return god damn it. I watched his solo video again the other day and now I am back to being hooked. He was the perfect guy.

  4. avatar Elmtree says:

    Very nice body…I certainly wouldn’t kick him out of bed! Good fit for CF, hope he comes back for more and CF uses him correctly

    • avatar Van says:

      Forget Colby. I miss Jeff! The best bottom CF has ever seen. I still go back and watch his vids. But I’m a sucker for a nice ass and I like a lil weight to my guys so I might be alone in this. I love the “I dont really work out” body type. CM knows what I’m talking about…

  5. avatar cdman says:

    WOW!!! He’s definitely one of CF’s hotter finds lately, except for my Clayton =-) But really, this guy is hot hot hot! And he looks very familiar….I would swear I’ve seen his face before somewhere, I just can’t place him. Oh well, hopefully Kellan will be back sometime soon. I’m sure they’ll have him do the prerequisite guy/girl video before they pair him with another guy, but I can wait it out!

  6. avatar Guy says:

    Does nothing for me. He is like Travis’ more plain looking, fatter, smaller dicked brother. Frankly CF needs to do a better job recruiting guys. Whatever they are paying it is clearly not enough.

  7. avatar KingSize says:

    Hes hot, but since when did 5’9″ equal tall? lol

  8. avatar Adam says:

    Anybody catch the interview, and it’s Cody Blackford!

  9. avatar Established One says:

    Yeah, lately CF is displaying such dismal models.

  10. avatar MarissaCooper says:

    He’s like, real life hot. Not porn star hot.

  11. avatar fresero_abre_culos says:

    Those bitches at Corbin Fisher should waste less time with lawyers and spend more time making sure the models they hire are hot. He is at best cute, he does have a nice body and it’ll be hot to see his ass fucked; with that cock he is not top material.

  12. avatar dio says:

    really cute, all-American-jock-looking dood. He’d fit in well with Fratmen if he was more ‘done up’

    • avatar kd says:

      He’s cute with a nice smile and a decent body. In his Pete’s Attic interview he said he is mostly into girls but has had sex w/ guys on three occasions. He would not describe himself as bi but he said he swapped blow jobs and had topped before. So if he can keep it up in front of cameras we should see him with both girls and guys. Pete did say he had shot a couple of scenes on this visit but seemed surprised when Kellan said he had been w/ guys before. So I suspect his next scene will be w/ a girl but he should be back for some guy on guy scenes as well.

    • avatar FeydRautha says:


      He did a solo for RandyBlue and a nude photo shoot for Unzipped. So he’s not gay… but he likes making money off of us. :|

  13. avatar Auggy says:

    He needs a haircut but I think he’s cute. Not my type or someone I’d associate with the title of “porn model” but he’s got a nice bit of chunk in that booty, he’s had sexual experiences with boys before CF, and he has nice personality. As far as where he falls in comparison with freshman models of the past few months of 2011, I’d put Kellan in the middle when it comes to “hotness”. I’ve always liked the name Kellan, though. :)

  14. avatar luci says:

    a big YES for me, pair him up with Connor or Aiden, NOW

  15. avatar Bradster says:

    So plain looking. Another fail for CF.

  16. avatar jugde6 says:

    I just don´t know what to say
    Thanks anyway for the newby

  17. avatar jag2power says:

    Ugh…I am in the minority here because I would be all on that like stink on (you know the rest). Speaking of which next time Kellan spread those beautiful buns so we can get a whiff. Whew! -OUT

  18. avatar jag2power says:

    By the way, I think he is absolutely adorable!!

  19. avatar Daniel says:

    Something’s missing – there’s no instant sex appeal factor.

  20. avatar Bradster says:

    Anyone notice how he’s holding the tape measure at 1″ instead of 0? I LOL’d.

  21. avatar funsicles says:

    Who cares what you guys think!! Mr. Kellan is absolutely PERFECT!! I had to do a double-take, because at first, I thought he was an ex-boyfriend of mine! I am so far from being a size queen, so I find his cock absolutely perfect (to say nothing of his model feet that belong on my pecs with my cock ramming his beautiful ass).

  22. avatar Dav1d says:

    I love him! I’d do him any day any time.

  23. avatar Ike says:

    Perfect in every way. Oh, he could be hung more. Ah, forget it, COME TO DADDY!!!

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