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RandyBlue: Andrew Stark & Chip Tanner

Andrew Stark & Chip Tanner at Randy Blue

Andrew Stark & Chip Tanner at Randy Blue

Andrew Stark & Chip Tanner at Randy Blue

Andrew Stark & Chip Tanner at Randy Blue

Andrew Stark & Chip Tanner at Randy Blue

Watch Andrew Stark & Chip Tanner’s Video Clip

RandyBlue wrote

Andrew Stark, Chip Tanner, and one big ass dildo. Like we need to go on, but we will. Andrew found out that Chip was working his hole with this huge dildo to get ready for their scene together and he got so hot by the idea that he couldn’t resist a little dildo hole action to make sure Chip’s gaping manpucker was totally lubed and hungry for his rock hard dripping fuckstick. Chip, of course, was so hot for the sex toy that he couldn’t wait for Andrew to hit him with the real thing. Andrew was so into ramming Chip’s hole that when Chip demanded he work his nipples, Andrew was more than happy to grab one of the little nubs and give it a good work over, knowing how wild it drives Chip. Andrew’s rhythmic thumping mixed with Chip’s breathy moans is like a hardcore soundtrack to this cum gushing fuckfest.

Watch Andrew Stark & Chip Tanner’s Video Clip

32 Responses to RandyBlue: Andrew Stark & Chip Tanner

  1. avatar LikeWhoa! says:

    Chip Tanner always looks like he’s up to no good. I like that.

    • avatar Elmtree says:

      Yes he does and that’s such a good thing! He has such a hot ass that begs to be played with…sign me up!!

  2. avatar brandon85 says:

    Why do u need a fake dick when you got the real thing? Otherwise great update

  3. avatar scottnyer says:

    damn, andrew’s dick is BIG!!! Chip’s hole looks pretty good still. I didn’t think it would look that fresh.

  4. avatar King Henry VIII says:

    ANDREW and CHIP are DAMN SEXY in THIS!!!!! LOVE YA ANDREW and CHIP # 1 FAN here!!!!! ;) I want an ANDREW and CHIP of MY VERY OWN!!!! ;)

  5. avatar Mike says:

    I love Chip Tanner. Truly great ass, and I love how wide he can spread those legs. And his cock is very nice, too. :P

  6. avatar Fazz says:

    Chip is such a cutie. His face can in an instant go from looking like an innocent cherub to looking like a fiendishly, sneaky Denis the Menace; his face also has a somewhat cartoonish look to it, but in a good way.

    What really gets me going about chip is his amazingly glorious ass. Having a perfectly smoothly-complected light skinned bubble butt, the shape of two juicy melons, and sporting an almost artistic in shape and color hole, pink and inviting to all on lookers; makes him on of the most gorgeous and playful bottoms at Randy Blue.

    As for Andrew, well i just cant get my self aroused thinking about him, or seeing him in any form.
    He doesn’t ruin the scene but i could do without him as well.

    The scene as a whole is still pretty darn hot though :)

    • avatar Elmtree says:

      Fazz I love your paragraph description of Chip’s ass! The description is quite well deserved. Just look how poll prefect it looks in the last pic above…just flawless.

    • avatar Elmtree says:

      Not sure where that “poll” came from in my above response. Guess my smart phone is not so smart…

    • avatar Fazz says:

      Auto correct? ;)

  7. avatar Jazz says:

    Wow I can’t wait to watch this and I don’t find myself thinking that very often about RB updates.

  8. avatar liquid444 says:

    I can’t wait for the opportunity to use the phrase “gaping manpucker was totally lubed and hungry for his rock hard dripping fuckstick” in a sentence.

    • avatar EJ says:

      LOL, that description IS special! But despite the over-the-top prose provided by the site, I love this pairing. You take an always smiling, borderline manic, and uber-flexible boy with a picture-perfect butt and then sit him on top of a giant cock — what’s not to love?

  9. avatar FeydRautha says:

    I love Ty/Andrew, but Chip Tanner/Jamie Stroud ruins this for me. After all that YouTube craziness (he seems to be best buds with that other RB headcase Reese Rideout), I just find him repulsive.

  10. avatar Bradster says:

    I cant stand Chip. Im usually not a violent person, but I want to punch that stupid smirk off his face.

    • avatar EJ says:

      LOL, Bradster, stop always punching my Chippy!

    • avatar Neo says:

      Why? You want him to be boring and dull like 98% of gay porn models? I’m sure you can find a thousand other videos where the dudes never smile and then you can be happy.

  11. avatar fresero_abre_culos says:

    Tanner looks hot in this one!

  12. avatar Established One says:

    Andrew is cute…but goody. I still say YES!

  13. avatar seymour dix says:

    “Ty” as Andrew Stark looks so hot with that beard, so freaking sexy

  14. avatar Timah says:

    YES YES a thousand times YES… that ASS!! sign me up, I want next!

  15. avatar jag2power says:

    Chip has some ass that begs to be tongued, dildoed, and fucked. It’s like having a planet on back up where you could go to live for a while.

  16. avatar Neo says:

    Chip has the phattest ass I ever seen on a white boy. Andrew looks creepy in the second pic.

  17. avatar Mr. Black says:

    Andrew/Ty has a perfect cock! Chip has an almost perfect ass (stop shaving). I like it.

  18. avatar Daniel says:

    Andrew looks positively ghoulish in the second pic. I’m chalking it down to bad lighting.

    He has a beautiful cock.

  19. avatar Effie says:

    I wasn’t a big fan of both but they eventually grew on me. I love Chip’s ass and Andrew’s dick plus both seem to be enthusiastic in most of their scenes which is rare in RB videos

  20. avatar nata says:

    I waited for a long time for video from Andrew.
    Andrew/TY One of my favourites.
    I hope to meet his more frequently. He is hot!

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