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SeanCody: Dale

Dale at SeanCody

Dale at SeanCody

Dale at SeanCody

Dale at SeanCody

Dale at SeanCody

Dale at SeanCody

Dale at SeanCody

Dale at SeanCody

Watch Dale at

SeanCody wrote:

Dale is an acrobatic performer and he’s traveled the world. All that training has paid off and let’s just say that he is very, very flexible!

His smile said it all — he was very happy to be here. That doesn’t mean he wasn’t a bit nervous, though.

“If someone were to ask you what you best feature was, what would you say?” I asked.

“My smile.”

“Do you smile when you’re nervous?”


“Is that why you are smiling right now?”


Right after that, he set himself up with a comment about his shorts being too tight… he was going to show off some stretches, and naked around here is always better. To my surprise, he went right into a series of splits that opened his muscular ass right up! I can only imagine what exciting possibilities these stretches could lead to when paired with a hard dick!

Best of all, Dale is gay. I would bet that any guy he dates would be in for some leg-splitting fucking!

Watch Dale at

72 Responses to SeanCody: Dale

  1. avatar littlebird says:

    This is a step forward. I like him, everything about him.

  2. avatar LikeWhoa! says:

    Ohhhh! Herro! Nice.

  3. avatar Chuliaka says:

    An asian gay man.
    Wow. I’m impressed from sean cody.
    He got a really good smile.
    Hope he’ll come back soon.

  4. avatar King Henry VIII says:


  5. avatar Jerome says:

    YES! YES! YES!!!
    I love how flexible he is and his body is amazing!
    They gotta bring this one back :)

  6. avatar King Henry VIII says:

    I really HOPE that they bring MY DALE back even though though he is GAY. Heck they did Issac. SC not known for letting the GAY GUYS stay around long i.e. BEN from BEN and JAMIE. Ashame that BEN hasn’t been back. It would be good to have MY DALE around for awhile!!!! ;)

  7. avatar Matt89 says:

    Very sexy dude

    Great smile and hot body

    Hope he comes back

  8. avatar scottnyer says:

    Incredible body. And the flexibility is crazy. Nice cock. Here’s hoping he sticks around and gets the pounding he deserves or pounds away at some dude.

  9. avatar Mike says:

    Great body, nice cock, delicious asshole. Great shooter. And he doesn’t show off his physical prowess until he’s on the second date with a…guy. So he’ll be back. Top or bottom, I don’t care.

  10. avatar floodboy says:

    Wow! Nice. Hot in every way. And it’s good SC is varying its ethnic range a little bit.

  11. avatar Fazz says:

    Hot chiseled extremely flexible Gaysian.

    It’s a Yes. Not a huge one though, but more of a hesitant miniscule one.

  12. avatar clusterfuck says:

    Wow, Dale makes it two and a half Asians on SC. I know far better- looking ones who are probably less flexible, but Dale us an improvement over the last SC solo model.

    • avatar Mike says:

      You’re thinking Joel and…Sander?

      I miss Joel. One of the great bottoms in SC history, and he was in just two pairings.

    • avatar darkthunder1983 says:

      Actually, I think there were five: Joel from Auditions 9 who went on to become Lee Young in two Colt Studios movies; Skip from Auditions 20 who had one other video and was Chinese/Italian; Devin who was the Asian that appeared in the most videos being Filipino/German (and is one of my top SC favorites); Sander who was Norwegian/Japanese (and looked like an Asian comparison to Matthew Rush) and finally Dale. Interesting thing is that the ones who were mixed were bisexual, although I think Devin finally admitted he was gay in “Blowing Carl”, and the two Asians who weren’t mixed were gay all the way.

  13. avatar NN says:

    I wonder if he’s an Indonesian. His features seems to suggest so.

  14. avatar fresero_abre_culos says:

    Hey Dale, where’s Chip? JAJAJAJAJA FInally some one HOT in SC!!! This is bottom material, that used hole and small cock proofs it! Hope he comes back several times to get his ass ravaged; too bad Landon and Esteban won’t be fucking him!

  15. avatar moondoggy says:

    A bit on the raunchy side for SeanCody, no? I guess I have never noticed how guys pose, but the emphasis on his asshole and his ability to spread his legs seems less innocent than all the guys playing catch on the baseball diamond. Those attempts at innocence are always silly, but it’s startling to see them go so far in the other direction, even if there’s nothing *inherently* filthy about a guy with a dancer’s flexibility!

    I still love it. I wish he was as hung as the SC parade we’ve seen the rest of the month, but he’s got abilities they don’t have.

  16. avatar porndog says:

    Dale is a nice change from the pale kennel club solos we’ve been seeing. Everything about him is nice, from those perfect teeth to the incredibly cut and flexible body. He’s also different (in a good way)from what I’ve seen of gay Asian men in porn. Would love to see him return in whatever capacity.

  17. avatar EitherWay87 says:

    Nice. Contrary to popular opinion, I like Sean Cody. This is definitely an upgrade from the norm, though.

  18. avatar lee-dong says:

    Very good SC! i LIKE!

  19. avatar Aries16 says:

    Holy mother fucker…. I will not even begin to explain or fathom but Sean Cody put this blow fish puckered rump with BRETT, ETHAN , ANDREW, CALVIN and JEFFREY Immediately, ASAP, Pronto!!!!

  20. avatar Nick Minaj says:

    This kid will be back getting done in all kinds of positions, and I cant wait. If he doesn’t return, I’m done.

  21. avatar Timah says:

    WOW… dancers (not strippers) and gymnasts do it for me. A lot of them have such nice bodies and tight muscle booties, not to mention the flexability.

    look at that hole… lovely

  22. avatar flossyfloss says:


  23. avatar Kelo says:

    Just happy that he’s asian.

    Ngl, he’s a little to muscularly defined for my taste. I like a little more fat and jiggle on my porn stars

  24. avatar Ted says:

    well… he’ll be interesting if he comes back… and puts down the razor…

  25. avatar seymour dix says:


  26. avatar Effie says:

    I’m not usually into Asians. I’m Filipino myself but something about him is dorky cute. Hope to see him paired with Jess, Brodie, Lance, Jamie, Ethan & Johnny.

  27. avatar Anton says:

    Sexy from head to toe! Good job on SC giving more hot ethnic models a chance to shine. The last few years has been the most diverse SC has ever been, so it’s a great step in the right direction.

    I wonder if Dale is Korean. He sort of looks like James Tyson Lee from Heroes, who is also very sexy with a killer body and smile.

    I certainly hope he returns. I’m just hoping that SC will pair him with his first rate performers rather than giving him guys who aren’t equally on his level in the looks department.

  28. avatar Jonny Marzetti says:

    Nice that Sean Cody will actually use the word “gay.”

    Doesn’t Corbin Fisher prohibit use of the word “gay” in write-ups, even when they are presenting a new recruit who is mainly into guys? I don’t recall for sure, but I thought that was the case.

  29. avatar Daniel says:

    Wow. Delicious! Can’t wait to see him in action

  30. avatar WeaponX says:

    Hot! I hope he spreads those legs for many of the other models

  31. avatar muffintop says:

    I must be the only one here who doesn’t like him. Nice body but too little body fat; when he flexes he becomes a veiny mess and you can see the shape of every muscle on his body. I much prefer built but natural looking guys. Not feeling the face.

  32. avatar Auggy says:

    I love his “split” photos. He has some nice balls as well.

  33. avatar timriley says:

    Wow, a boy on SC that isn’t hiding the fact that he is gay; and Asian too. Bravo!

  34. avatar jag2power says:

    Pour some lube on that tunnel of his and he’ll be screaming as if in a Bruce Lee movie. Hi ya!! Seriously, very nice addition to the SC stable.

  35. avatar twinkemopunk808 says:

    he is so pretty ;) overall perfect- nice cock , cumshot, body , face, and hair.. is he a top or a bottom? hmm.. lol

  36. avatar ChicagoBoyRN says:

    Love this new update. I think he may have some Filipino blood in him like me. Really nice to see SC doing some variety.

  37. avatar LGC says:

    It’s about time Sean Cody gets an asian. He’s good looking, but the fake smile is kinda a turn off…

  38. avatar beirut says:

    looks like sander, with a mangina…

  39. avatar badulover says:

    Simply beautiful. Ripped.

  40. avatar Established One says:

    Not bad for an Asian guy.

  41. avatar Devvy says:

    If he doesn’t return i will be SO pissed.
    He’s flexible AND adorable
    Oh the possibilities…

  42. avatar Hottoddy says:

    I see SeanCody is stepping his game up.

  43. avatar christopher says:

    Seriously the best Asian guy I’ve seen in porn.

  44. avatar Joc says:

    i would like to fuck him

  45. avatar brandon85 says:

    I like him but he better not be topping like Jeffrey. I want that ass fucked

  46. avatar Probed says:

    I’m surprised to many guys here like this guy. I also think its nice to see some diversity on the site, but the problem have with this guy is that he does not look natural. Look up close and you see all sorts of veins popping up everywhere. Its disgusting. From a distance, he looks good, up close he looks horrible. Its pretty obvious he’s on steroids. Natural muscles look much more smooth and are pleasing to look at, his are steroid muscles.

    • avatar seymour dix says:

      Agree somewhat, the muscles look overworked in closeup. I too prefer a more natural look. But his face is so attractive and the overall look is still very appealing

    • avatar porndog says:

      Have to disagree. There are some races imo that seem to be more lean than others. Asians and Indians (India) come to mind. If he follows a typical Eastern diet and with his rigorous workout routine outside of his regular job which is quite physical, you have someone with no body fat. I think it’s just genetics.

    • avatar Probed says:

      I don’t know about that. I know some Asians with smooth muscles and I know some gymnasts that don’t look like that. His muscles are overly veiny. They don’t look natural. His body looks aged, and he’s obviously not old. Look at just the lower part of his legs in pics where he’s just standing, they look like they could belong to a 60 yr old man. He has all the characteristics of steroids. He doesn’t look puffy because he’s not that big yet. He’s just toned. Look at how small his pecs are? He’s small with the steroids looks. I’d rate him a 2.5, and I’m being generous. He’s more like a 2. I find his body repulsive.

  47. avatar Nspice says:

    He’s filipino, thats for sure.

  48. avatar davew56uk says:

    I like this guy

  49. avatar clusterfuck says:

    Oops, got my math screwed up! Dale makes it at least 3 Asians on SC ever!

    First there was twinkish one who got a BJ.

    Sander – half


    And I forgot about Devin who is half.

  50. avatar whitestealth says:

    SC has certainly outdone himself this time! A very exotic and unusual model, that can really shoot as well! Puts on an enthusastic performance and also gay and cute. What more could one want?

    Not sure he is on steroids. The exteme workouts one must undergo to get that body will produce those kind of veins. And there is no steroid ‘puffienss’. Must have almost zero body fat.

    While his calves are over developed for my taste, the overall effect is amazing. He should be in ‘Cirque du Soleil’. Hope he comes back.

    So far, the only decent model to come back lately is Donny, who did a good job with Ethan. Hope they both come back too…

  51. avatar danieldenial says:


  52. avatar Ryder25 says:

    I’m not into him at all sexually, BUT it’s nice to see the ethnic diversity on SC. He looks like a great guy, and what he does with his body is awe-inspiring!

  53. avatar butchaare says:

    He’s REALLY hot! Wow! He’s obviously a professional gymnast or dancer. I hope SC pairs him with hot. I want to see that ass get rimmed and explored!

  54. avatar Neo says:

    no thanks. but if you have some girl scout cookies I’ll take two boxes of thin mints please and thank you.

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