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CorbinFisher: Cain Fucks Quinn

Cain Fucks Quinn at CorbinFisher

Cain Fucks Quinn at CorbinFisher

Cain Fucks Quinn at CorbinFisher

Cain Fucks Quinn at CorbinFisher

Cain Fucks Quinn at CorbinFisher

Watch Cain Fucks Quinn at

Corbin Fisher wrote:

Photo shoots are a lot of fun, especially when you have models as hot as Cain and new freshman Quinn. We start off with some footage of their shoot. It never ceases to amaze me how hard Cain stays – all the time! I think he could get hard just reading furniture assembly instructions!

Lucky Quinn gets to play with that thick, uncut (and rock-hard!) cock all through the photo shoot – and in bed! He licks Cain’s incredibly muscled chest, sucks that cock and sits on top of it, all before they even get into action.

Once they do get into bed, the energy only ramps up. Quinn starts out by sucking Cain’s toes. Cain turns out to be ticklish, but enjoys Quinn’s hot mouth on each toe. Cain unzips his jeans and jerks his cock as Quinn gives his feet a tongue-bath.

Cain pulls out his thick boner. Quinn licks the shaft, then sucks the head. He swallows Cain to the root, surprising Cain with his talent. I haven’t heard Cain moan like this in a while, and he says Quinn is better than most girls.

Once Quinn is flat on the bed, Cain kisses and licks Quinn all over. Cain’s pretty damn talented himself! After kissing Quinn’s nipples, chest and abs, Cain goes down on Quinn’s cock. He sucks it eagerly – no surprise, there. Cain’s competitive and if Quinn can suck cock well, Cain’s going to show he can do it even better!

Quinn watches with admiration as the hot bodybuilder goes down on him. The guys move into a 69, and they are so hungry for each others’ dicks, they don’t bother to get their underwear off. It’s one of the hottest things in the world to see two hot guys truly enjoying each others’ equipment like this.

Cain wants to face fuck Quinn. Quinn leans off the bed and Cain towers over him, pumping his cock down Quinn’s throat. Quinn takes Cain’s balls into his mouth before deepthroating Cain’s big dick again.

Quinn bends over the bed and Cain spits on his hole. He buries his tongue deep into Quinn’s ass. He slides in one finger, then his tongue again. “Tastes so fucking good,” Cain says. He then sticks two fingers inside Quinn’s ass, prepping it for the thick dick that’s coming.

Cain teases Quinn’s hole with the head of his dick, and smacks Quinn’s ass with his cock. He lets the lube drip down into Quinn’s ass crack and spreads it out with his cock. Then he plunges in, splitting Quinn’s tight ass apart with his dick.

Quinn moans as Cain pounds his ass. Quinn hangs onto the bedspreads as Cain drills him. Cain pulls out and Quinn begs him to tease his hole again, before Cain slams it back inside him.

Cain pulls all the way out and piledrives back inside Quinn, one slow thrust at a time. Quinn gets on his side and takes Cain’s dick that way. “Oh, yeah give it to me!” he says. Cain pumps his cock deep inside Quinn’s tight hole.

Quinn moans in ecstasy as Cain jackhammers him. He pushes Quinn’s knees up in the air and fucks him in a missionary position. Quinn can’t stop telling Cain how good he feels inside him. Quinn shoots a thick load all over his abs while Cain pounds him.

Cain shoots his load inside Quinn’s ass, pulling off the rubber to show Quinn how big his load is. “You’re ass felt amazing!” Cain says as they kiss passionately.

Watch Cain Fucks Quinn at

98 Responses to CorbinFisher: Cain Fucks Quinn

  1. avatar Fazz says:

    Cain does absolutely nothing for me. He never has, and i cant understand the adoration some people here show him.

    Quinn on the other hand is adorable, I love his goofy charm, and his elf ears, make me tingle all over; must be the Lord of the rings nerd in me that like that part ;).

    He’s a great bottom, because unlike many others he’s not afraid to show on cam how good it feels.

    I’m definitely gonna watch this scene, love the “safe internal cumshot”. :D

    • avatar King Henry VIII says:

      Don’t understand why CAIN HATERS get to post 1st. tra
      No be nice KH8. Lets not take it to name calling.

    • avatar Fazz says:

      Well i didn’t call him names, I only said i don’t like him.

      Explain to me why, exactly you like you so much.

    • avatar brandon85 says:

      Fazz I love u. It’s great to see the first comment praising Quinn. He and Kenny r my favorite current guys but slidder is right watch the tanning.

    • avatar Fazz says:

      Yeah getting the right nuance of tan, is hard.. but in this case, I’d say he should have stopped about 2 nuances ago.. lol :)

    • avatar Ricardo27 says:

      King Henry VIII aka mnestor aka Riley likes every CF model. Hell, he likes everything that has a penis, no matter how ugly.

    • avatar King Henry VIII says:

      @ Ricardo I do not not know you but why do you feel the need to put someone on blast and start name-dropping? I have not done anything to you or said anything bad about you or put your other names out there not that I know them.

      WHAT THE HELL do you get out of it?

    • avatar King Henry VIII says:

      @ Ricardo27 I do not not know you but why do you feel the need to put someone on blast and start name-dropping? I have not done anything to you or said anything bad about you or put your other names out there not that I know them.

      WHAT THE HELL do you get out of it?

    • avatar King Henry VIII says:


    • avatar Bradster says:

      Do you think that if you pretend to be their cheerleader for long enough, they’ll hire you?

      I see your “MY IS THE HOTTEST GUY EVER!!! ” bullshit following CF posts all over the internet.

    • avatar King Henry VIII says:

      @ Bradster Love Ya too Bro.!!!! Thanks for keeping up the discord. And you will continue to see MY HOTTEST GUY Phrase as long as CF puts out models I LOVE/LIKE!!!! So if that makes me their cheerleader then yay me!!!!!!!! ;)

      Don’t like it then scroll pass.

  2. avatar sliderboi says:

    quinn is a hottie, but needs take it easier at the tanning studio. love the shot of him with his stiff member as he lies on his back on the bed and gets face-fucked. yum.

  3. avatar ChicagoBoyRN says:

    Don’t understand the hoopla about shaved pubs. It’s totally unattractive to me. I wish Cain would have let his pubs grown like Taylor from Chaos. Would have been perfect. I like Cain, but this is a NO for me

    • avatar sliderboi says:

      you shave your face, others shave their pubes. and the difference is what, exactly? stop being a hypocrite.

    • avatar Ted says:

      I’m with ChicagoBoyRN, Shaved pubes is such a turn off. If I wanted that I’d paste penises on a Ken-doll. Cain is hot, but that is not! men not boys!

      Besides, the hair that goes on your face are not pubes, :P lol

  4. avatar Novicenova says:

    I could watch that. Watching Cain’s face as he gets to unload in that very nice ass made me green with envy! :-)

  5. avatar King Henry VIII says:

    YUM and YAY my CAIN and QUINN!!!!!! ;)

  6. avatar bubblebut says:

    CAIN is cuter here, i like it, but his body getting bigger, i dont like him too muscular , cain needs to reshape his body to a more slimer/smooth look.
    glen, sean 3, jarred, their body look more natural than this recent cain

  7. avatar Info says:


    It’s uncanny, really.

    Check it out.

  8. avatar jugde6 says:

    I love Cain. dunno why but I like him more when he takes it up his ass

  9. avatar jugde6 says:

    I love Cain. dunno why but I like him more when he takes it up in his ass

  10. avatar Mike says:

    I love it when guys fuck to completion—even with a rubber on.

    • avatar FeydRautha says:

      Or Cain was so grossed out by fucking this Quinn guy that he couldn’t achieve orgasm, so they poured some of that lube that looks like cum (I think it’s called Cumbelieveable) into a condom and had Cain gyrate his hips a bit and make the “O-face”…

    • avatar Bradster says:

      ROFLMAO @ FeydRautha!

    • avatar FeydRautha says:

      Oh, Mike, here’s an genuine “fuck to completion” shot…

      Heath pulls out, cums in the condom (you can see it filling with cum), rips the condom off, and continues to cum on Jared’s ass.

      I liked Heath; he was real… “humpy”.

    • avatar Jonny Marzetti says:

      I think you’re onto something FeydRautha. And I’m serious, these “cum in the condom” shots are easy to fake with subtle camera and editing trickery — the same way Bryan subtly fakes ATM on Chaosmen so skillfully he has everyone thinking they’re real.

      Even if Cain really did cum, it likely wasn’t REALLY while he was inside Quinn. Without being able to see the vid I’m guessing it was probably (not “definitely”) faked, even if it looks very real at first glance.

    • avatar Jonny Marzetti says:

      @FeydRautha I commented above before reading your excellent description of what a TRUE cum-in-condom scene looked like. I don’t know what Cain’s cumshot looks like here, but if you can’t see anything shooting out of, or oozing from (NOT just “surrounding”) Cain’s piss-slit, it was probably faked.

    • avatar Auggy says:

      @ Feyd
      I miss Heath (and his juicy red lips) too! Heath & Jared is still one of my favorite CF scenes. And your right he sure did love humping that ass. :)

  11. avatar fresero_abre_culos says:

    BARF! MEH! Quinn is so fugly! It’s like watching a dwarf get fucked by someone who looks his best as the headless horseman! Cain has a nice body but his face is ugly! Guys that get plastic work done to their faces repulse me and i can’t see past Cain’s nose job, i can but wonder how fugly he was before.

  12. avatar KingSize says:

    …………I dont even have a smart reply…..this is just lame…..

  13. avatar FeydRautha says:

    Gross! I don’t know why they keep shoving this Quinn guy down our throats! He must be doing it for free. Those ears are ridiculous! That Oompa-Loompa tan! He’s like an even uglier version of Kirk Cummings. I wonder if he’s a cross-dresser like Kirk too…

  14. avatar BrianRatliff says:

    I thought I saw Quinnland coming out of the Fakebake Hotel Tanning Salon on North 69th and 2301 Sullivan Boulevard in San Diego last week.

  15. avatar Bradster says:

    Quinn is beyond nasty. Why is this loser back AGAIN??!

    A vagina is starting to look pretty good right now…

  16. avatar Res1 says:

    It’s getting old and I’m growing cold.

    But look at that beautiful uncut dick in the last pic with the skin just covering the head. I swoon.

  17. avatar porndog says:

    Next. Pass. We should be seeing at least one new guy in an action scene per week. Until then, I’m not interested in the same models in rotation week after week.

    • avatar Auggy says:

      Yeah laydown the law, porndog. :) And really a minimum of one new model in an ACM fuck scene (WITH a NON-regular!!) each week isn’t even asking for much.

  18. avatar humanoid says:

    cain is just okay…

    but quinn… so barfably ugly… the guy could be the prototype of beavis and butthead… no matter which angle you look at him… totally unappealing…

  19. avatar dio says:

    Cain looks better with this shorter due, and I’d love for him to wash the dirt off his chin… LOL

    seriously, too bad Quinn has a face even a mother couldn’t love, because his body is fucking ridiculous.

  20. avatar Twinkwhore says:

    Quinn is so hideously unattractive! I thought this was supposed to be porn?

  21. avatar 007james says:

    update should be called “Dufus Fucks Goofus” I think both are most unappealing.

  22. avatar Ricardo27 says:

    Quinn is so unattractive to say at least. I see no reason to keep him on CF. I guess he is the new Travis and will be fucked by every old and new model.

    Cain is overexposed at this point and I wish he disappeared. He does nothing to me.

  23. avatar Jonny Marzetti says:

    I’m glad they finally got rid of the tired blue walls and switched to a brighter-looking new bedroom studio. But I was hoping that the first hardcore episode filmed in the fresh new environment would have fresh faces and sexual surprises, and it didn’t. Same faces (I use that term lightly with Quinn) and same old formulaic sex. Not a single OMG on either count. The talk about going in exciting new directions concurrent with the move to LV was probably just that — TALK. Sad.

    Does anyone else get the feeling that subscribers have taken a backseat to legal actions at CF in terms of priorities? That seems to be where all the “fire in the belly” is at CF these days, instead of in content where it should be.

    • avatar porndog says:

      You may be right, Jonny. It certainly doesn’t look as tho CF’s focus is on actually producing quality porn. To extend your hypothesis even further, money that used to go into paying for quality models is instead going to pay lawyers who are way more expensive.

      Just a thought.

    • avatar porndog says:

      Oh, and about the new digs…Palin’s ‘lipstick on a pig is still a pig’ comes to mind.

    • avatar Jonny Marzetti says:

      PERFECT analogy, porndog! And good observation as to where the money must be going.

    • avatar Elmtree says:

      Ok Jonny, its been a while but I can’t resist. U say “but I was hoping that the first hardcore episode filmed in the fresh new environment would have fresh faces…”. Then you mention the “exciting new direction” CF apparently commented about.

      Here’s what I don’t understand. You have made it perfectly clear you don’t like CF, are not a CF member and would never become a member based on your issues with CF (which are most likely not going to change). So my question is, why do you care about CF scenes and why would you hope new episodes have fresh faces? You are not a member so what does out matter to you? And given your dislike for all that is CF, why do you know so much about them? Just odd…but I still love your avatar :)

    • avatar Jonny Marzetti says:

      @elmtree Other than some lighting issues and lack of set variety (the opposite problem of producers who stupidly avoid the bedroom at all costs), CF has demonstrated about the most professional direction and production out there, at least when I subscribed. And while they’ve had a mostly-dry spell with their models lately, they’re still above average, and WAY above average in the case of someone like Aiden.

      What you’re seeing is my frustration at someone who I know has the resources and skills to create the best gay porn on the net, but keeps fucking up in all the ways I keep pointing out, and going off in all the WRONG directions.

      Other than the fact that his current T&C’s scare and annoy me (even though I am 100% law-abiding!), I would re-join — at least temporarily — in a nanosecond if I saw some positive change. E.g., any bareback scene with Aiden and without a girl, and I’m there. (But not if I have to pay a penalty for the privilege by buying a DVD, when everything else can be downloaded.) That’s just one example.

      It’s natural to be more frustrated with someone who has great potential but squanders it, and even sends out negative vibes, than with someone who doesn’t show any particular potential in the first place.

      As I’m sure you know I could get into TONS of specifics, but I’ll spare you and everyone else.

    • avatar Jonny Marzetti says:

      One more clarification: I don’t know why you say that I “would never become a member based on your issues with CF.” Way back during our marathon debates, I said that I was boycotting CF until the ACS and ACM had the same condom-usage policy for the guy-guy sex, be it 100% bareback, 100% rubbered, or mixed. That’s a far cry from a slam-the-door-shut-forever stance.

    • avatar Neobamboom says:

      THEY ARE BAREBACK!!! All the scenes with aiden start out with a condom but then it just turns into a ‘condom ring.’ Some Dawson scenes also use a similar ‘broken condom’ tactic. JOIN AND SEE FOR YOURSELF

    • avatar Elmtree says:

      Fair enuf Jonny. BTW, my comment that you will never become a member is based on the fact I don’t think CF is gonna change its bb policy so I don’t see you becoming a member…unless you end your boycott. So it is pretty much a slam the door shut forever stance

    • avatar Jonny Marzetti says:

      elmtree, love the way your predictions (“I don’t think”…) morph into “the Truth” within the span of a couple sentences. No point even trying to argue with that kind of illogic. The world is absolutely littered with huge fails and eaten-words borne of countless “that will never happen” proclamations. And most of those came from people who actually had some control over the situations! I could write a book about this one without saying a word about porn…

    • avatar Jonny Marzetti says:

      @Neobamboom Thanks for the tip. Maybe that’s a sign that there will be some no-trickery-required all-male downloadable BB in the future.

    • avatar Jonny Marzetti says:

      @ elmtree A few more thoughts: First, as I re-read your post I guess maybe words like “pretty much” are qualifiers, i.e. that you are not saying you know 100% for sure what will or won’t happen. Hard to tell for sure.

      In the past, would anyone — even George Duroy himself — have seriously thought that BelAmi would actually be doing BB movies at some point? The idea was deemed preposterous. And in CF we have someone who has already got his foot in the door, so to speak. We’re not talking Chi Chi Larue here.

      Even if these “know it all” theories about the calculated business rationales for the difference in condom policy between ACM and ACS were true, why on earth would anyone think the sales or competitive environment — and along with them the owner’s stratgies — are NEVER going to shift?? That’s just foolish. I can’t say whether CF is ever going to do male-only downloadable BB, and neither can you. We can only take our best guesses — and as we do, acknowledge that there are often BIG surprises, both in the porn world (as with BelAmi) and of course many other types of businesses.

    • avatar Elmtree says:

      Well I’m glad you took the time to re-read my post Jonny. Yes words like “pretty much” are qualifiers, as are words like “I don’t think”. Seems pretty obvious anything I comment on is nothing more then my opinion just lie most of your criticisms of CF ous nothing more that your opinion. And don’t get me started on the jumps you make with your logic at times…such as above when you say Cains cum shot was probably fake. What is this logic based on, just the simple fact you don’t care for CF and think everything they do is suspect? Couldn’t it be equally likely the cum shot was just as described?

      In this case you used your logic, based on your past history with the CF site, to conclude the cum shot was probably fake. Fair enuf but why when I do the same (based on what I know of CF, I don’t see them changing their current bb policies), there is “no point even trying to argue with that kind of illogic”? I guess you are the only one allowed to use your common sense and draw conclusions…

    • avatar Elmtree says:

      Jonny, one more thought. When you say, “we can only take our best guess”, isn’t that exactly what I did when I noted, “I DON’T THINK cf is gonna change its bb policy”? When did I say cf policies are NEVER going to shift?

    • avatar Jonny Marzetti says:

      elmtree, re-read my posts about the in-condom cumshot and you’ll see that they were full of qualifiers and explicit acknowledgment that at minimum some past in-condom cumshots from CF have been for real; and that this one might also be real as well under certain circumstances — which I can’t assess because I don’t have access to the video.

      As much as I put down CF, he is actually probably at least a little ABOVE average in terms of avoiding fake visuals. E.g., I mentioned Chaos’ universally faked ATMs. And don’t even get me started on Active Duty’s pathetic faked oral cumshots.

      Faking sex acts — if it happens has nothing to do with my dislike of CF.

      And unless you have changed your views from previous posts, you ARE more assertive than you have any reason to be when you enlighten us on why things work the way they do at CF, and what “will and won’t happen.” If you can predict things with that degree of confidence, I hope for your sake you’re playing Vegas or the stick market.

    • avatar Jonny Marzetti says:

      Make that STOCK market in the last sentence — Freudian typo there :) And BTW, the last time I saw CF do an ATM it was faked there, too. But again that’s a common trick and NOT part of my disdain for CF.

  24. avatar beirut says:

    why doesnt waybig blog about
    that’s the hottest site ever!

  25. avatar clusterfuck says:

    Quinn, Kenny and Dawson – the Holy Trinity of Fugly at CF.

  26. avatar I Am Jake says:

    For porn, not sure why you guys bitch so much about the faces of the models. I’m a lot more interested in the sex. CF does not really have any gorgeous models — what they have is a lot of young guys (whether they are fresh meat to you guys or not) with smaller than average dicks, especially for traditional gay porn. I like Cain – he needs a better haircut and to get rid of that hair on his chin, but he’s fine by me, especially compared to a lot of their other models.

    Quinn is your typical gay dude, as far as looks and appearance. I guess you guys prefer someone who gives the other model bad to crappy head and looks like he’s in pain while getting fucked. It’s pretty sorry either way, but don’t blame it on Quinn.

    But most months, I don’t even bother downloading any CF updates. And given how much you queens complain, not sure why you even bother — other than you come here to look at the photos, to bitch and moan, and then go find some site to download it for free, hoping against hope that the CF lawyers won’t be soon writing you a letter offering to take your car, fake Prada shoes and everything else that means something to you.

    • avatar KingSize says:

      “For porn, not sure why you guys bitch so much about the faces of the models.I’m a lot more interested in the sex.”

      Oh excuse me! I didnt know that porn didnt involve good looking people! My bad!! And as for the interesting sex. Ummm…have you seen Dawson and Connor’s scenes? Hello they are obviously faking all of it and seem more than “disinterested”. Lets not forget over-reacting Trey and Aiden.

      “Quinn is your typical gay dude, as far as looks and appearance. I guess you guys prefer someone who gives the other model bad to crappy head and looks like he’s in pain while getting fucked.”

      Ok which typical gay dudes have you been hangin around? Let me put it this way. Quinn. Is. Not. Cute. 80% of the net thinks so. Same goes for Kenny and Philip, and they are straight. This has nothing to do with him being gay. Hell Im hotter than Quinn! And probably 5/6 of the posters here too!

      “But most months, I don’t even bother downloading any CF updates. And given how much you queens complain, not sure why you even bother — other than you come here to look at the photos, to bitch and moan, and then go find some site to download it for free, hoping against hope that the CF lawyers won’t be soon writing you a letter offering to take your car, fake Prada shoes and everything else that means something to you.”

      Awww…you want me to run into a store and get you some Tampax Pearls?

    • avatar dio says:

      if looks didn’t rank, then we wouldn’t be on CF to begin with! LOL Sites like CF/RB/SC/Fratmen are mostly about a dood’s looks, which is why peeps get bent when a guy registers below a site’s average and rejoice (see: when he soars above and beyond in the looks department. Peeps can appreciate a big dick, but even THAT ranks below a pretty face, which again trumps a killer body.

      if we were here for ‘just the sex’ we’d be hitting up TIM or Threshold Media, which doesn’t seem to discriminate when it comes to looks. LOL

    • avatar Jonny Marzetti says:

      If intense sex was all that counted, gayporn would be a paradise for me (there is tons of hot sex with super-fugly guys), and straight porn would be heaven on earth (e.g, cum-eating and huge-cock plundering in straight porn are MEGA-charged compared to what you see gayporn).

      But the reality is it doesn’t matter how good the sex is, the usual meh-to-fugly bodies and meh-to-ugly guys just plain kill the fantasy — especially for someone like me who goes “huh??” at the faces and bodies I see others raving about.

    • avatar sliderboi says:

      @kingsize – whoa, sounds like YOU’RE the one who needs the Tampax heavy-duty!

      “80% of the net thinks so”? What a ridiculous claim. 90% of the net is straight, so your statement is even more bizarre. Or do you mean 80% of the 10%? Or do you mean 100% of the gays think he’s hot and 1 out of 9 straights, leaving 8 out of 10 people who don’t? Oh, I’m so confused. I can only think people are hot if I’m in a majority! ;-)

      Personally, I think Quinn is hot, and he’s really into the sex. Love seeing how stiff he is when he’s being bottomed anally or orally. I love those ears and he’s got a luscious ass.

    • avatar MidiAttack11757 says:

      jake hate to disagree with ya on this point cuz everything else you say rocks but faces are the most important thing for me in porn. the thing i like about cf is that these dudes remind me of dudes in my classes, at the gym, at frat parties. quinn’s a cute gay boy and i get hard just thinking about kissing him, what i’d do to him with my tongue, how tasty his ass must by, how he’d whimper when i fuck him, lol! so i really don’t get all the quinn hate. and cain’s like this big beautiful bull who i’d arch my back for in a heartbeat and let him breed me! def a load-worthy stud!

  27. avatar twinkemopunk808 says:

    cain yes! quinn no!

  28. avatar seymour dix says:

    There must be barbells in Elf land, because Quinn looks a bit buffer…

    This looks kind of hot to me, I have to admit, though I clearly go against the grain of the Waybig jury

  29. avatar Neo says:

    I like Cain, but he’s mad boring

  30. avatar jazz says:

    Yeah, yeah, yeah….same old same old from CF. has anyone seen the new Randy Blue model, Kurt Marshall? That guy is hella sexy with a big dick to boot! I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE HIM ACTION!

    • avatar Flavian says:

      Do you mean Kurt Madison? If so he’s really fucking sexy, I Might have to join Randy Blue.

    • avatar Neo says:

      yeah, Kurt Madison. not Marshall. but yeah, he’s one of the better lookin RB models. i got a tooth ache listenin to him speak tho. he’s has a lil too much sugar in his tank 4 me. if he was more on the masculine side i woulda been in love lmao

    • avatar sliderboi says:

      wow, Kurt Madison is indeed hot. don’t understand why they made him take out his nipple ring though, that would have looked hot on him. hope he performs soon in a theatre near me :-)

    • avatar jazz says:

      Yes I meant Kurt Madison. I must have had vintage porn on my mind when I typed Kurt Marshall. Mr. Marshall was sexy back in his Falcon Days.

  31. avatar clusterfuck says:

    I hope the money Quinn is making from CF is going towards something that will benefit humanity, like getting his ears pinned back, just like Lucas who had a nosejob and Dawson with the roids and hair plugs.

    • avatar porndog says:

      Ok, cluster. I’ve seen you mention the nose job multiple times, and I’m really curious where you heard/read this. I have looked at old photos and I can’t tell when it happened. Not that it matters since I read that Lucas is done with porn (I think from Pete’s Attic). Please let us all in on this news.

  32. avatar kristompel says:

    I love Cain…love his body…perfect!

  33. avatar Established One says:

    I love me some Cain. He is smoking hot! It’s a YES for me!

  34. avatar Mak says:

    I wasn’t at all interested in the actual sex here, but the name Quinn made me think of Glee, which made me think of Chord Overstreet, which instantly led to an orgasm…so I guess this video did it for me, just in an indirect fashion.

  35. avatar Daniel says:

    Not even Cain can save Quinn’s irretrievably ugly face.

  36. avatar bob80 says:

    Love cain, but quinn’s gay bat face is horrible.

    • avatar sliderboi says:

      given that you are gay yourself, and yet use the word gay as an insult, 80 is clearly your age and not the year you were born. loser.

    • avatar bob80 says:

      And you use age as an insult, you’re no better than me.
      I just dont like gay face in porn, I’m gay cause i like men, not fems.
      On the other hand Cain looks hot n str8.

  37. avatar Dav1d says:

    I am so into Cain, such a hot piece of meat. Love that nice voluptuous body of his. Such a handsome dude. Cain, come to Papa.

  38. avatar Amnesia says:

    I like Cain,but the other guy so so fugly,I can’t.

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