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SeanCody: Mark (II)

Mark II at SeanCody

Mark II at SeanCody

Mark II at SeanCody

Mark II at SeanCody

Mark II at SeanCody

Mark II at SeanCody

Mark II at SeanCody

Watch Mark at

SeanCody wrote:

Mark is a 28-year-old full-blooded Italian. He’s got the hair hair and muscular, firmly built torso with sexy fur covering his pecs, ripped abs, and muscled legs.

He attended private school for most of his life and now… well, he’s having some fun. He’s got a friendly, adventurous personality and he likes to try new things.

He started our conversation by sharing some interesting sexual adventures he’s had.

“You just said something crazy about the craziest place you’ve cum…”

“Yeah,” he smiled. “The craziest position I’ve ever cum in was upside down. Somebody said something about coming in a handstand and we looked at each other and thought… might as well give that a try. That was the most unique position I’ve ever cum in.”

“Were you up against a wall or are you just really good at balancing?” I asked.

“I’m just really good at balancing. No! We were up against the wall” he joked.

I think Mark is one of my new favorites!

Watch Mark at

62 Responses to SeanCody: Mark (II)

  1. avatar floodboy says:

    Delicious. I hope he comes back. Except for his butt (it could be better, but it’s ok), he’s perfect in every way.

    • avatar Elmtree says:

      “Delicious”. What a perfect description! Just hot, the same way Jay was hot. Oh how delicious it would be for Jay to come back to be paired with Mark…yum!

    • avatar Neobamboom says:

      very hot bod i agree

  2. avatar Nick Minaj says:

    I usually stay silent on the solo updates, because I’m rarely impressed, but I like this guy.

  3. avatar Trepakprince says:

    Oh he’s a hot motherf@$#er!

  4. avatar BladeX says:

    If he comes back, hopefully he becomes the new Brodie, because Sean Cody is DESPERATELY in need for some hot new tops. Way to many hot bottoms with “are you kidding me” tops.

    • avatar muffintop says:

      I couldn’t agree with this more. Too many times do I go “He’s topping (insert hot guy here)?”. The only recent top I’ve liked is Nolan.

  5. avatar Flavian says:

    He’s really hot, seancody is 2 for 2 so far!

  6. avatar Bradster says:

    Love the sweatiness.

  7. avatar Landon says:

    Wow!!… Like, wow!!… :D Super super HOT!!

  8. avatar Ray says:

    He is so hot and very handsome with assets lot of you would love to have.

  9. avatar Ray says:

    Super hot!

  10. avatar Auggy says:

    Love his bright and confident smile. He’s sexy.

  11. avatar Guy says:

    TOTAL STUD!!!!!!! Get him fucking PRONTO!!!!!!!

  12. avatar moondoggy says:

    Delicious … and good for you, too!

  13. avatar czpep says:

    amazingly good looking!

  14. avatar pubert says:

    Nice. Too bad seancody killed the first set of pics with the usual forced toothy grin.

  15. avatar Kelo says:

    Oh god yes!
    I hope he comes back and becomes an overused slut that everybody gets tired of.
    He’s hot!

  16. avatar Ryder25 says:

    VERY nice. Hot dude.

  17. avatar Urs Jans says:

    Like his face but not the dick or ass so I’ll pass on the solo and wait to see if he does more.

  18. avatar dio says:

    cute face, nice body, great hair.

    going by the write up; he’ll be baa-aack, and going by the size of his dick; he’ll be getting fucked. LOL

  19. avatar Hunter says:

    Man, all of you guys here must be bottoms or just really into dick because i am not turned on unless i see some nice ass shots. He could have at least fingered himself, something. Just these frontal nude cock videos do NOTHING for me regardless of how hot the guy is.

  20. avatar muffintop says:

    Handsome face? Check. Amazing fit body? Check. Nice cock? Check. Hair in nice places? Check.

    Total knockout!

  21. avatar Fazz says:


  22. avatar porndog says:

    I’m a sucker for a dazzling smile (and nice feet), and this guy’s got it! Everything else on him is equally fine! Haven’t watched it yet, but looks good so far. Sean Cody is making a comeback (I hope).

  23. avatar pubert says:

    I’d like some feedback here. Is it just me, or would most of these pics be at least 10 times hotter if he wasn’t smiling so hard? Why does SC make them do this?

    Personally, I don’t fantasize about someone fucking me as they smile like the Joker. Give me your fuck face, not your “Surprise little Timmy! It’s your birthday at McDonald’s!” face.

    • avatar TalkDirtyToMe says:

      Personally I love the smile. Why the he’ll would he be in the park with a fuck face. Yes in the midst of an orgasm I wouldn’t expect the smile but totally serious sex is boring don’t you think.

    • avatar pubert says:

      Yes, he has a nice smile, albeit a bit toothy. But if you look at the first set of pics, the ones not in the park, he’s on the bed with a hard on smiling like he just won the lottery.

      That’s not sexy to me. There are no decent pics of him here without that forced smile. I’d like to see most of them with his fuck face on.

      I really, REALLY wish seancody would stop doing this. If the guy has a nice smile, give us a couple pics. They seem to forget we’re imagining fucking these guys or getting fucked by them, and I for one don’t want to see a huge grin in my face during that time.

    • avatar Nate says:

      It isnt like hes “smiling like the joker” while he is beating off. Isnt a posed “fuck face” just as fake as these girn pics you don’t like? Solos dont do much for me anyway I glance at them to see if I think the guy is hot and hope they come back thats about it. The pics are just an intro imo.

    • avatar Will says:

      A smile is preferable to the standard porn pout.

  24. avatar anoir says:

    I haven’t commented here in months because i had nothing postive to say about SC updates until today………….

    HELL FUCKING YEAH Mark is hot hot hot.

  25. avatar Mike says:

    He’s not ringing any bells for me. But pairings make the guy, so who knows.

  26. avatar Jerome says:

    Oh hell yes, this guy is so hot he MUST come back :)

  27. avatar Scott says:

    I hate the tattooes. The guy also needs s razor or trimmer

  28. avatar Scott says:

    I hate the tattooes. The guy also needs a razor or trimmer

  29. avatar Sushi says:

    Oh please. Considering the tatted-up messes that most of these guys are, that sunray (or whatever it is) on his back and that little wrist tat are nothing.

    And though I’m not into super hairy guys, his ass is fairly clean and he doesn’t have back hair or shoulder hair or a forest on his belly. Trimming madly away would only look stupid and leave a lot of ugly stubble and bumps and shorter dark hair.

    He’s great the way he is. (and look—no one complained about his age either—amazing!)

    • avatar Ted says:

      28 is hot! I don’t know how people can like some of those 18yos that look like they are still in HS, the late 20s and early 30s are the hottest times for most men (well for me anyways). This is why no one’s complained yet! :P

      I don’t know… this guy is hot.. but then again, not. I feel like if he shaved his chest I wouldn’t even bat an eye at him. It is just, some angles he looks nice, others he looks boring. That’s probably just my personal preference though.

      Of course, I hope he comes back. I feel if I see him in action I’ll like him better. Hopefully he is a flopper as well. Most SC flip-flops, as rare as they are, look weird and robotic (from what I remember), but that just means they need more practice! ;)

  30. avatar Flavian says:

    I Just seen the video and love this guy even more now, He’s hot as fuck!!!

  31. avatar samtomez says:

    He’s so adorable. I just want to hug and kiss him all over.
    BTW, those sweaty chest pics in the end look hot!

  32. avatar Mak says:

    This one’s definitely a keeper! He also has just the right amount of body hair too.

  33. avatar David says:

    I miss Max but this cutie will do very nicely.

  34. avatar Jared says:

    It baffles me that so many people are going crazy over this basic guy. He just looks like an average white guy. Guess it’s a cultural thing.

    • avatar pubert says:

      If I said someone looks like an average black guy, I’d have people calling me an idiot because I mentioned race. Stupid white people no doubt who are terrified to speak their minds.

    • avatar Jared says:

      Personally I’ve never seen anyone get bitched out for calling someone an average black guy. What I usually see is people saying “I don’t like black guys!” or “this would be hot if it wasn’t for the black guy”. Both statements are completely different from what i said.

  35. avatar Daniel says:

    This could work out

  36. avatar Will says:

    More please. He reminds me of several of the guys I went to school with.

  37. avatar Rjrtist says:

    A big Woof! Maybe they can pair him with the acrobat.

  38. avatar Guy says:

    Pics are nice, but vid is even better on this guy. He really is a good shooter. A pity Jamie wasn’t around to lap it up.

  39. avatar scottnyer says:

    he’s Incredible.

  40. avatar fresero_abre_culos says:

    A very every day hot guy, he is not porn material. In the real world he is a hot guy.

  41. avatar TalkDirtyToMe says:

    95% perfect. Hope this one returns.

  42. avatar limn says:

    He’s 28.
    Wow, SC is getting “seniors” now.
    Just making fun of that fact that they usually say the guy’s age is 21 or 18, with a 35-year old face so it’s refreshing to see a real age stated.

  43. avatar cdman says:

    DEFINITELY hot!!! Can’t wait to see him in some man-on-man action soon! He’s be a good bottom for Brodie.

  44. avatar Aries16 says:

    Forza Italia… He is steaming HOT, Delectable, Amazing fantastic COCK. Fantastic torso and Abs, pectoral muscle, and how he plays for himself the things this sultry stallion breed will do with flip-flops with ETHAN, CALVIN, BRETT, DAVIS, ANDREW, and topping BYRON, JEFFREY, DALE, TAYLOR and Jamie. Sean this man this sex god is a keeper…

  45. avatar james08908 says:


  46. avatar Established One says:

    Absolutely adorable! I hope he comes back. It’s a YES for me!

  47. avatar roupie says:

    If SC starts giving us guys like that again, I might consider resubscribing!

  48. avatar Timah says:

    good looking guy, nice fur

  49. avatar Dz says:

    Like!! Yay for a hairy guy @ SC. Hope to see him back… bottoming.

    • avatar topher says:

      Mark is living proof that a guy doesn’t need to be in his young 20s, have a huge cock, a bubble butt, over-manscaped pubes, and a hairless tan torso to be uber-hot. Mark is one of those guys who is sexy without even trying. The only thing negative about these images of Mark, has already been stated: Those fake toothy smiles, which SC is fond of kill the intended erotic tone. I want to see an action video with Mark sucking and bottoming ASAP!!!! Image that handsome face eating cock, and those hairy legs up in the air. With the right partner, that could be the SC video of the year!!!

  50. avatar dd says:

    hottest guy they’ve had in a while, he’s most definitely in sean cody’s top 2 percent. Would love to see him with Jay, maybe they could bring him back.

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