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BelAmiOnline: Jim Kerouac

Jim Kerouac at BelamiOnline

Jim Kerouac at BelamiOnline

Jim Kerouac at BelamiOnline

Jim Kerouac at BelamiOnline

Jim Kerouac at BelamiOnline

This is the first of 2 photosets without video this week. The video that was filmed along with this set went to make up part of an episode for Kinky Angels with Kevin Warhol seducing Jack during the set.

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28 Responses to BelAmiOnline: Jim Kerouac

  1. avatar FTLRSW says:

    Hmmmm so creamy! :-p

  2. avatar danni says:

    this guy is a keeper
    he looks like bf material

  3. avatar porndog says:

    I like him. Aside from an incredibly cut body, he has an adorable, yet mischievous face that conveys a lot. He should be interesting to watch.

  4. avatar floodboy says:

    This guy reached the point where “lean” is not attractive anymore.

    • avatar Auggy says:


    • avatar sliderboi says:

      what a bizarre comment! he has a low body-fat and an extremely well-toned body. he is also clearly well-nourished. why is it all the fatties are trying to turn healthy into something bad?

    • avatar floodboy says:

      sliderboi, for your information, anyone who has less than 6% body fat (which is clearly this guy’s case) is not considered “healthy” anymore. The majority of male athletes have around 10% body fat. There are tons of guys in porn who are lean, muscular and look healthy. When someone’s skin resembles a paper sheet, specially someone as young as he is, it’s clearlyy the case of reconsider his diet and carbs intake.

    • avatar sliderboi says:

      @floodboy – most of what you say in your second post is true. 4% is a top marathon runner, and this guy does look in the 6 to 8% range, but he is also has all the muscles which look like he’s a professional dancer of some sort, not a guy who is on an extreme diet. he in no way looks anorexic. if he is indeed at that level of sport, then it’s hardly possible to eat more to put on fat, unless you want to see his partner get flattened when jim gets tossed through the air ;-)

  5. avatar Mike says:

    To me, this is a case of depends on the angle—sometimes hot, sometimes not. I was actually more interested in Kevin Warhol’s bush. Funny that the writer forgets this is Jim, not Jack, Kerouac.

  6. avatar Bradster says:

    I’m more interested in his scene partner.

    And why did they have to show Luke Hammill’s gnome face in this?

  7. avatar Aries16 says:

    If you ever wondered what the real life statue of David would look like its Jack Kerouac.


    Fuck me I am going boinkers with the ripples of muscle, the firm of youth, the sexy appeal this guy has with his stare is just enthrawling.

    More more more of this rip thick hung cock!!!!

  8. avatar Mr. Black says:

    I don’t see it at all guys. I’m not going to insult him, but I wouldnt. Maybe it’s my aversion to foreskin.

  9. avatar Ricardo27 says:


  10. avatar hollydick says:

    a hottie ! I love him from head to toes !
    too bad he’s not cut ! from Hungary.

  11. avatar kristompel says:

    Love everything about him….:)

  12. avatar Established One says:


  13. avatar Guy says:

    DAMN!!!! This guy is HOT. I love that taut lean body. Is he a classically trained dancer.

  14. avatar sliderboi says:

    especially nice testicles. they’d look good in my mouth.

  15. avatar AaronJL says:

    Wow, he put the cream in my coffee.

  16. avatar limn says:

    I wonder if he’s related to Jack Kerouac? I’m pretty sure that’s his real name right? LOL

  17. avatar 18chai says:

    Really. Really. Really. HOT.

  18. avatar Daniel says:

    Damn hot body! Face not so much though.

    • avatar sliderboi says:

      ya, that’s what i thought at first, but i think it’s just his hairstyle which makes him look like one of the Jetsons. with a good clipping i think his facial features would be more in balance. still, with his testicles in my mouth, i’m not sure i’d notice the face.

    • avatar Daniel says:

      You could be right!

  19. avatar josh69 says:

    Hopefully tattoos do not start defacing the virgin land of beautiful Bel Ami…

  20. avatar darkthunder1983 says:

    George is kind of cruel on his models:

    “Jim is not an archetypal cutie.”

    Wow. Judging by how George says he’s the best top they’ve had in a while, Jim’s going to be topping for a while.

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