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CorbinFisher: Connor Takes All Of Aiden

Connor Takes All Of Aiden at CorbinFisher

Connor Takes All Of Aiden at CorbinFisher

Connor Takes All Of Aiden at CorbinFisher

Connor Takes All Of Aiden at CorbinFisher

Connor Takes All Of Aiden at CorbinFisher

Connor Takes All Of Aiden at CorbinFisher

Connor Takes All Of Aiden at CorbinFisher

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Corbin wrote:

It’s the match-up you’ve been waiting for – the mountain of muscle known as Aiden and the golden Adonis known as Connor! It was inevitable that I get these two titans together. And it shook the heavens!

One of the great things about Aiden is he gets so excited about getting someone naked. He loves to touch and feel everything he can get his hands (and lips) on. For Connor, a hardcore hedonist, that makes Aiden a perfect match.

Even as Aiden is commenting on how big Connor’s dick is, Connor sucks Aiden’s enormous cock. “This is fucking huge!” Connor says. He smiles and goes all the way down on it.

Aiden opens his mouth to take as much of Connor’s long cock as he can. Aiden enthusiastically licks Connor’s shaft and head. He even licks Connor’s thigh.

Connor strokes both their cocks together. “Two big dicks,” Aiden says. Connor sucks Aiden again “You’re definitely the biggest I ever had,” Connor says.

He helps Aiden lube up. “I can’t wait to get this inside you,” Aiden says.

Aiden slides into Connor’s tight ass. “Holy shit!” Connor says. It takes him a minute and but he pushes down even farther. That’s Connor in a nutshell – he never backs down from a challenge!

Muscles straining, Connor pushes back and forth against Aiden’s body. Aiden asks how it feels, if it hurts – and in the moment, that’s one of those things I love about him – he’s a truly considerate guy, our gentle giant!

Connor pulls Aiden into him deeper. He’s taking every inch of that giant dick and loving it. Aiden gets Connor flat on the bed and starts doing pushups into him. “Oh, that’s so deep!” Connor yells out.

Aiden’s body slaps up against Connor’s ass as he pounds him. He kisses Connor and resumes fucking him. Both guys are sweating from the intense fucking. They kiss again before Aiden smacks Connor’s ass while fucking him.

Connor kisses Aiden and lays on his back. Aiden shoves his mammoth cock into him. Connor’s dick is rock hard as Aiden drills him. Aiden smacks Connor’s chest and leans in to fuck him hard. Connor slaps his cock up against Aiden’s abs.

Aiden pushes Connor’s legs up to dive in even deeper. Connor blasts his load all over his abs as he tells Aiden to keep fucking him. Aiden shoots all over Connor, drenching him in cum! He starts to fall over and Connor catches him.

In the shower, they talk about their hot scene. Aiden says he almost blacked out when he came so hard. The guys massage each other and soap up, and discuss a rematch … one where Connor fucks Aiden. Aiden says he knows the fans would like to see that … and he does not like to disappoint the fans!

Watch Connor & Aiden at

76 Responses to CorbinFisher: Connor Takes All Of Aiden

  1. avatar FTLRSW says:

    Two of my favorites….

  2. avatar AaronJL says:

    Most anyone but Connor. He does nothing for me. Aiden and Sean would have been MUCH MUCH better.

  3. avatar Bradster says:

    Aiden looks more unattractive every time he appears.

  4. avatar Ricardo27 says:

    Aiden needs to bottom or gtfo.

  5. avatar KingSize says:

    the scene kinda blew. its so obvious that they are acting. Imma have to need Aiden to shut up.

  6. avatar Res1 says:

    Now people here are starting to hate Aiden? Well, isn’t it ironic…

    • avatar King Henry VIII says:

      As I predicted Res1 it was only a matter of time before those that fawned over Aiden would turn on him. Happens everytime they are tired of seeing people overused or in Aidens case the novelty has worn off.

    • avatar cdman says:

      It seems like it’s mostly due to his expanding physique and new hairstyle/facial hair. It kind of reminds me of the negativity we saw when Kurt came back to SC.

    • avatar Elmtree says:

      Res1, it is quite interesting how many have turned on Aiden. When he first appeared on CF it seemed he was hailed as the second coming of God. Now many of the comments about him are negative…the love didn’t last long.

      I do agree with Cdman in that much of the criticism is directed at Aiden’s expanding physique, and rightly so imo. I much preferred him “pre-bulk” altho I still love that beautiful cock of his.

      I’m kind of surprised no one had commented on the fact Connor is actually bottoming. We often see complaints that he needs to bottom more so where are his props for actually doing it, and with a big dicked top no less. I actually like this pairing in spite of Aiden’s overgrown body.

    • avatar Jasmé says:

      …don’t you think
      it’s like raihiaain on your wedding day!
      it’s a freeheee ride when you’ve already paid!

    • avatar Res1 says:

      LOL at Jasme.

    • avatar I Am Jake says:

      Aiden is at least starting to go down on a guy (he did with Dru and at least photographed here – haven’t had time to download this) but he’s gotten way too big and steroid-filled — it’s not a good look. Plus, he’s barely beginning to show any decent M/M performance (compared to his recent bi-tag team where it was obvious he was into the fugly black chick). Why should anyone be surprised – it has nothing to do with novelty wearing off, but Aiden’s lack of ability IN PORN wearing thin.

    • avatar marcus carls says:

      I for one do give props to Connor for bottoming more… and with such a hung top, too.

  7. avatar Res1 says:

    I remember watching Aiden’s solo with SC, and how he talked about never having sex with a guy like it was the worst thing ever. Well, look at him now – sucking and fucking.

    • avatar Gaping Hole says:

      The truth will out, money is just the cherry on the top.

      Wait till he gets pounded Res!

  8. avatar Gaping Hole says:

    I’ve never been a fan of Aidan at all, completely over-rated, so Aidan really needs a cock up him pronto. I’m sure I’d like him a lot more then.

    I also don’t like men with manicured nails either. A bit of grooming is great, but when men go down that route with plucked eyebrows, completely shaving body hair, it’s at the point they might as well start wearing dresses.

    Really hope Aidan lays off the roids soon too, he was fine as he was.

    • avatar jake says:

      i kinda agree on the roids thing, but completely disagree on the “taking care of yourself” part. I like a guy that takes care of himself, ya know i want a guy i could take home not some rugged thing that’s in need of a shower

  9. avatar fresero_abre_culos says:

    Meh! Dirt bag Aiden is back! Connor meh! Fail from CF… again!

  10. avatar dio says:

    gosh, Conner really hunkered down and got himself into amazingly-cut shape. So fucking hot. <3

    Aiden still grosses me out. LOL

  11. avatar luci says:

    i love it, i love it, i love it… Wish come true, Connor & Aiden are so HOT, i cant help but touch myself, oppps there it goes ;)

  12. avatar porndog says:

    I’m glad to see these two together; it makes Aiden look not so hulkish next to another big guy. One of the things I don’t see from the pics is rimming. I don’t think Aiden has done that yet…I could be wrong. I know Connor loves his ass eaten.

    There’s always something missing from these videos, not just CF. They never seem to get all the right elements of a good shoot together in one video.

    • avatar Ricardo27 says:

      Aiden (Roman) loved getting rimmed on SC so I find it strange no one did that to him on CF.

  13. avatar Jazz says:

    Hmmmm is Aiden still pulling the “condom ring” tricks?

    • avatar I Am Jake says:

      He has a full on condom in parts of some scenes, you can clearly see the tip. However, when Dru comes in the last update, it looks like it’s just a ring (or a broken condom). I suspect given that the CF boys do condom-free videos, the guys don’t give a fuck, but it is strange if they are just trying to suggest safe sex.

      However, given how fucked up the CF folks are, it wouldn’t shock me.

  14. avatar Andreas says:

    Aiden’s face…BLEAH.

  15. avatar jugde6 says:

    Holy Sh***t!!!!!

    It looks more than hot. Can´t complaint

  16. avatar WaveRyder002 says:

    The issue with CF in general is their inability to schedule updates in such a manner that the same model doesn’t appear CONSTANTLY. In the present case, Aiden has been shown so much, both on ACS and ACM – how can one possibly look forward to seeing him yet AGAIN?

    Also, who is styling his and Phillip’s hair… this hair down in front thing looks AWFUL ..Phillip looked much hotter when he the original cut.

    Also, Connor needs to stay behind the camera…ENOUGH of him.

    Can CF please have 1 month of all new-bees getting it on… Kellen, Kent, Sean etc

    • avatar Auggy says:

      Yeah. Connor is almost always a guaranteed bore whether he tops or bottoms in an update. I’d prefer he’d stay on ACS/GGB and leave ACM updates to other models.

  17. avatar Ethan says:

    Would it kill either of these guys to grow pubes???

  18. avatar cdman says:

    Wow…..with a caption that says, “Connor takes all of Aiden”, I wasn’t quite sure how to take that. It could have been either way…Connor takes all of Aiden’s cock, therefore he’s bottoming for him, OR Connor takes all of Aiden’s body (including his virgin ass) and therefore tops him. Is CF trying to tease us? Maybe I’m reading too much into it, but since they’ve never had a caption like that before, it kind of surprised me.

    At any rate, good to see these guys again. I know many on here are complaining about Aiden being overused, but that’s fine by me. Everyone has their favorites from each site, and Josh and Aiden are mine from CF, so I’m always happy to see their vids, even if they are used frequently. And I love Aiden’s new look. Especially the facial hair.

    • avatar scottnyer says:

      I read it as he bottomed for Aiden.

      Don’t mind Aiden. Do mind how big he got. He looks hulkish to me and just weird. Connor’s body is looking really good.

      From these pics, one can’t tell if there’s a condom in use. I’m assuming there is but still…

      It looks hot nonetheless.

  19. avatar Sushi says:

    No, you are right, Cdman. That title is deliberately vague, as is the photo of Connor behind Aiden like he’s getting ready to fuck him. While I still like the two of them, does CF really think that people are going to rush to sign up for this? No matter what the ridiculous “story” says, it looks like Aiden barely got half way into Connor, and it all looks very sterile and NOT hot at all. I’ll watch it all the same, but I’m hoping this was Part 1, and the “Connor takes his revenge on Aiden’s hole” video will soon be appearing.

  20. avatar Jazz says:

    I’m with you Sushi!!! Connor should definitely fuck Aiden in pt. 2! But a more likely scenario would have Connor fucking Sean. I don’t care either way as long as Dawson isn’t involved.

  21. avatar BrianRatliff says:

    Two buff bucks going at it. Unfortunately, I don’t find either of them desirable. Aiden is cute….Connor has his moments. After Connor jumped in and joined Aiden and that other guy in a 3-way, he had the look of I’d love to jump Aiden’s bones but I just don’t get the vibe with him here. Connor’s body is bulked up….maybe he and Aiden are gym bud’s these days in Vegas. Aiden is certainly a frame of muscular Greek God wishfulness. If he ever takes a dick or eats some man’s protein then he will have met my expectation’s as a Corbin Fisher model; otherwise, just another Gabe.

  22. avatar mulciben says:

    Well the problem with Aiden is, he probably was a nerd back in the day and now that he’s blossomed into a “hot nerd” and so he tries too hard to act all cool and shit. I see it all the time. Teaching at a university has its perks and its downside. being constantly irritated by these types is a downside haha

  23. avatar jake says:

    I just love the 18th picture Connor and his huge cute smile:)

  24. avatar marti1234 says:

    they shouldhave flip flopeed now, & stop teasing eveyone it would have been so hot:)

  25. avatar twinkemopunk808 says:

    connor is looking good! but damn i wish aiden had fucked him in the travis vid- his face looked way better then.. at least his body and cock still look good tho lol

  26. avatar Auggy says:

    This update was a bit of a mess. Like someone else mentioned above something about the interaction between Connor (ugh!) and Aiden seemed forced and a little fake. It was another one of those updates, which have become recently frequent of CF, that’ll get you hard but won’t get you off.

  27. avatar brandon85 says:

    Connor has come a long way from the did he once was he my favorite on CF now.

  28. avatar Effie says:

    Why hasn’t Aiden still been rimmed yet? What a waste of a beautiful behind!

  29. avatar Established One says:

    Connor is always hot to me. Aiden looks like a younger Lou Ferrigno.

  30. avatar LGC says:

    Hmm… Whats going on with Aiden… He used to be so good looking. Now he “too” jacked and the hair is really weird. Oh well… -_-

  31. avatar louie says:

    I’m one of the first to give old CF hell, but folks, this was one good scene. Connor needs to bottom more, he’s been around for awhile, but he can stick around if he gives up that ass A LOT more often.

    I wonder if Dawson will take Aidens big cock?

    • avatar Sushi says:

      Yuck! Keep Dawson’s bugeyes and shaved-clean privates OFF my computer!!

    • avatar I Am Jake says:

      Just as they forced Cain to bottom first for Dawson, I bet that if they do wave enough cash to Aiden to bottom (and he’s got what — say six months on his one year contract?), that we’ll be stuck seeing him bottom for Dawson.

      As for Mr. Dawson’s future bottoming, I’d rather see them take five of the guys they took to Vegas, put them in a two bed suite and let them take turns fucking the hell out of a blindfolded Dawson…. I think Aiden didn’t go to LV, tho.

    • avatar porndog says:

      Count me in too. I wouldn’t be surprised if Dawson was Aiden’s first. If for no other reason than Dawson has a starter dick.

  32. avatar Bradster says:

    Seriously. I’d rather watch two monkeys doing it than that hag Dawson.

  33. avatar Jonny Marzetti says:

    This scene has obvious flaws, and I have no intention of ending my CF boycott. That said, this looks like very hot porn overall, with great bodies and faces that are fairly cute (Aiden) to acceptable (Connor).

    I’m surprised that there is any question about condom-use in this one. There are at least two penetration pics where the condom is easily visible upon close inspection.

  34. avatar Lexface says:

    When is Aiden going to take all of everyone?

    • avatar clusterfuck says:

      I want to see Aiden take all of ANYONE, except from that trio of CF fuglies (Dawson, Kenny and Quinn)

  35. avatar humanoid says:

    i thought i was watching a scene from “gorillas in the mist”

    aiden at his most hideous!

  36. avatar cadudesf says:

    Aiden and MUSCLE FOREVER!!

  37. avatar nata says:

    I love Connor, and I can observe in its morning, in the afternoon, in the evening, at night…
    Aiden loves the partner, loves sex.
    I want to see it. For me it is hot!
    Thanks CF, thanks guys!

    And I wait, I very much wait: Connor’s Fucks Aiden…….

    P.S. I’m asking those, whom Сonnor bored: you will tell him “no” in the bedroom?

  38. avatar sliderboi says:

    i wonder if they have a good pension plan.

  39. avatar TalkDirtyToMe says:

    Put me in the minority but I like my men big and bulkish. It displays a lot of hard work. So hooray for Aiden.

  40. avatar kd says:

    It was hot!!! and sounds like Aiden may well lose his cherry to a CF top. I think it might be Connor. I love Aiden’s body but maybe that hair style makes his head look too big for the rest of him? He was better looking in his earlier scenes.

  41. avatar DorothyZbornak says:

    This was just lacking the wow factor…. I renewed my CF subscription nearly a month ago and have to say am pretty dissapointed. CM, SC, even CollegeDudes are putting out far hotter stuff. I ended up downloading some old clips that I already had but were of the old DRM kind – says a lot about the recent content.

  42. avatar June23 says:

    I want to see Aiden getting fucked by Cain

  43. avatar cfuser says:

    When Aiden fucks Connor doggy style, it looks like one gorilla fucking another…

  44. avatar matongsai says:

    Aiden’s new haircut is crap.

  45. avatar Fazz says:

    Nice to see Connor bottoming again :)

  46. avatar alias74 says:

    I’ve just watched this TWICE…and it is QUITE apparent that at one point during a position switch…the condom BROKE and Aiden continues to fuck Connor missionary…and when Aiden pulls out, pausing the vid reveals that there is NO reservoir condom tip shown on his cock in the “repeat close shot of Connor’s cum shot” and when he makes an action to pull off the condom and tosses it…again a freeze frame shows it’s JUST the last rolled inches of the condom and NOTHING else…

    I think we’ve seen the first “broken condom” all boy bareback clip…

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