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CocksureMen: About Last Night… (Riley Price & Cameron Foster)

About Last Night... (Riley Price & Cameron Foster) at

About Last Night... (Riley Price & Cameron Foster) at

About Last Night... (Riley Price & Cameron Foster) at

About Last Night... (Riley Price & Cameron Foster) at

About Last Night... (Riley Price & Cameron Foster) at

Watch Riley Price & Cameron Foster at

CocksureMen wrote:

Ever wake up with someone and you can’t remember what the two of you did the night before? That’s the dilemma facing Cameron Foster when morning comes and he finds a naked (and very hot) stud in his bed. Riley Price isn’t buying this temporary amnesia and sets out to jog Cameron’s memory by having sex all over again. The sheet’s pulled back to reveal two beautifully-toned bodies along with two rock hard dicks. Riley goes down on Cameron’s cock with gusto. Next, our duo gets into mutual rim jobs before Cameron takes Riley’s greased pole up his ass for an extended fuck session. They wrap up the fun with a dose of side-by-side masturbation. Hard to believe anyone will “forget” seeing this video!

22 Responses to CocksureMen: About Last Night… (Riley Price & Cameron Foster)

  1. avatar danni says:

    marry me, riley!!!

  2. avatar coolcoolboy says:

    Cameron, please stop stealing Riley’s creatine. His once rock-hard ass has turned to mush, and your acne is out of control. But at least you still moan like a champ!

    • avatar I Am Jake says:

      Riley was never a slab of muscle, but there’s really nothing wrong with his ass. As for Cameron’s acne, really? Kris Evans has the same problem, so do many of these guys — that’s the main problem with you queens wanting twinks and twink age guys in the late teens and very early twenties in your porn — they still get zits.

      So shut the F up about it, unless you yourself are drop dead gorgeous. Now, if you want to complain about something like them being too young, that’s another thing — but then wait for Cocksure to bring back Brock Armstrong.

    • avatar coolcoolboy says:

      I Am Jake,
      If you ever hit a gym, you might see that guys on supplements often break out in acne. It has nothing to do with age, unlike your early stages of dementia.

  3. avatar DorothyZbornak says:

    Don’t know if its the Royal Wedding fever getting to me…. but Riley Price reminds me a little of Prince Harry (who was looking fine in his uniform I must say!!)

    At least Cameron Foster sucks cock – never seen him do that before. Will have a view of this later.

  4. avatar DorothyZbornak says:

    Ok…. don’t know if the royal wedding fever has finally got to me, but Riley Price reminds a bit of Prince Harry!!!!!!!!

  5. avatar effierum says:

    Damn, African! What happened (to Riley’s face. He used to be hot!)?

  6. avatar twinkemopunk808 says:

    the bottom (cameron?) shoulda been the one doing the fucking- he is bigger and hotter than riley lol

    • avatar I Am Jake says:

      He’s got one of the tiniest dicks in gay porn — even tinier than the Corbin Fisher average — AND THAT’S ALREADY A SMALL AVERAGE!

  7. avatar BladeX says:

    I wonder will we ever see a video were Cameron will top. He has been to three different amatuer sites, Sean Cody, Corbin Fisher and now Cocksuremen and is still playing the bottom. It would be nice just to see something different from him.

    • avatar Elmtree says:

      Since Cameron is even bottoming for a power bottom like Riley, I’m guessing we won’t see him topping. He does still have a hot body and a ass made for fucking. Wonder why he site hops so much…

    • avatar Elmtree says:

      If you really want to see Cameron top, he did top a woman on ACS in his first CF apperance. Maybe that’s why he left CF, so he wouldn’t have to do that again…can’t blame him :)

  8. avatar AaronJL says:

    I must not be awake yet. TWO adorable men on a Jake Cruise site? Nah, can’t be. I need more coffee first.

  9. avatar fresero_abre_culos says:

    Both are F-U-G-L-Y! At least they have hot bodies. London is so beautiful this time of year and the wedding was wonderful!

    • avatar Ryder25 says:

      Agree with you about Riley. He is pretty fug. I think Cameron is decent looking until he turns profile and reveals the beak.

  10. avatar muffintop says:

    Not a fan of Riley nor Cameron. Plus Riley topping and a side by side jerk off finish? Yeah, I’ll pass.

  11. avatar DorothyZbornak says:

    Cameron is a bit fugly but has a great body. Price is cute. Agree about London – best city in the world! And the wedding was great; Prince Harry was looking fucking hot in that uniform!!!!!!!!!!! *sigh* If we haven’t had a leaked sex tape from him by now, probably will never happen. :(

    • avatar effierum says:

      Totally agree! Prince Harry, please leak your sex tape ASAP preferably with a man pretty pretty please!!!

  12. avatar Daniel says:

    Does Riley look like he has a double chin in the first picture?

  13. avatar Established One says:

    Not bad….not bad at all.

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