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SeanCody: Luke & Jamie

Luke & Jamie at SeanCody

Luke & Jamie at SeanCody

Luke & Jamie at SeanCody

Luke & Jamie at SeanCody

Luke & Jamie at SeanCody

Watch Luke & Jamie at

SeanCody wrote:

Jamie’s butt keeps getting hungrier every time I see him! I was curious to see how Luke would react to Jamie once he saw how aggressive he can be.

Physically, it was like yin and yang. Luke, tall, blond, older, and uncut. Jaime, shorter, dark haired, and eager. They both have great bodies so I knew they could hold their own as they flung each other from counter to counter. True to form, once Jamie had Luke’s cock in his hole, he pushed back on it more and more. And that’s just what started things off.

Luke noticed how hard Jamie wanted it and he cut loose on his ass on the kitchen counter. I do not think there is a limit to how hard Jamie can get fucked! In fact, he even asked for it harder and turned the tables on Luke, smacking him on the chest while he was getting rammed. The smacking, mild chocking, and cock riding had these two going off! One thing is certain here: you can’t keep a good bottom from getting a hard pounding when he wants it!

Watch Luke & Jamie at

58 Responses to SeanCody: Luke & Jamie

  1. avatar AaronJL says:

    Jamie is mine mine mine! (Only advantage of being first!).

    Normally not sleeping at the time of the day would be irritating and bogus. There are a steady stream of updates to keep me occupied.

    (WB guys note): I’m now on my laptop. IE is missing the “Post Comment” button. Version 9 I think. I’m guessing most of us more Firefox fans than IE anyway. Chrome so far is the best for displaying your pages.

    • avatar nudediver says:

      The honeymoonish intro has some nice ass shots. But whomever wrote the hilarious synopsis of the video forgot to mention that as hard as Luke could go, Jaime is used three times bigger dicks. This video did not make me cum; not even get hard. I do look fwd to seeing Luke get pounded by Ethan, Jake or even Nolan or

  2. avatar Helluva Bottom Carter says:

    Fuck. Yes.

    Jamie’s transformation into THE power bottom at Sean Cody has been one my favourite ‘narratives’ from the site’s long history. I almost don’t even care who fucks him now because he’ll just end up wearing them out in the end. This guy’s hot though.

    • avatar NineHorseTop says:

      That’s funny-“transformation.” as if he came descended from Top Land last Winter and fell on his back by accident onto Kurt’s cock!! Then it begun, the change, lol!! That boy has allllllways been the power bottom, alllllways….

      Yeah, he’s definitely on the right team, though, H.B.C.!!!

      And thanks for the early posting, allows me to “get off” and “get off” before the Nut Gallery below takes on the prude persona of Dr. Ruth Phil Carolla with their insightful cock-softening “Coma-tery.”

  3. avatar cdman says:

    This looks really good, and it’s always a pleasure to see Jamie get pounded. I’m surprised they haven’t paired him up with Brodie yet.

  4. avatar zemyazem says:


    BUT……….WHY LUKE , LORD???





  5. avatar FeydRautha says:

    Luke who? Oh, him.

    Well, that’s a switch. I thought you had to have at least eight inches to top at SC.

    Looks like a decent scene though. CF’s Dawson could learn a thing or two from Luke… about transitioning to “the daddy phase”.

  6. avatar VegasRich says:

    Damn Luke looks great here. I thought he was nice in his solo but here he really shines. I guess having him stand next to Jamie gives you a better sense of perspective and shows just how big he is. Dayum!!!

    And Jamie. What more can be said about how wonderful he is? Here’s an update I’m looking forward to. I just hope it was shot and edited in the same style as Jamie’s update with Jarek!

    • avatar FeydRautha says:

      I echo your sentiments about Luke. I thought he was just OK from his solo. But here, he’s like a big ol’ muscle daddy. HAWT!!

      And Jamie… well, we’ve seen Jamie do just about everything at this point. I’m not terribly excited to see him in an update. I did enjoy his scene with Byron though. Ah, Byron… that’s another one they’ve got to bring back.

    • avatar elmtree says:

      I agree. Luke may not be beautiful in the face department but he sure has a hot “muscle daddy” body. DAMN!

      Looks like a hot vid…how could it not be with a power bottom like Jamie and a muscle daddy top

  7. avatar Timah says:

    Looks like father and son porn

  8. avatar dicoco says:

    I just don’t get it. SC brought us many new guys in past 2 or 3 months but all those guys did solo only and only the old faces repating in action.

    What’s wrong? I’m so disappointed.

  9. avatar moondoggy says:

    Holy fuck!!!!!! This looks amazing. This might be my favorite non-bareback post on this blog of all time. I’m kind of shocked at how many things I like about this, including the fact that it’s not just two guys fucking on what looks like a hospital bed. This looks like two amazing lovers who were trying to make dinner when a hunger of a different sort took over. Very, very well played, SC.

  10. avatar fresero_abre_culos says:

    Jamie is cute in this update the other guy is so fucking old and fugly but he has such a hot body, will have to block his face to enjoy this update.

  11. avatar porndog says:

    I’ll have to watch this to get a sense of it. But I do like the daddy/son thing going. Jamie is such a good bottom I sometimes feel he’s wasted on SC. But I’m so glad to have him here. It never gets old seeing him bottom. Jamie may have appeared in more SC vids than any other model, if I’m not mistaken. He really is a treasure.

    Now, I’m waiting for him to be paired with Jake. That’ll be a stunner!

    • avatar AaronJL says:

      I keep forgetting about Jake. Out of sight out of mind usually doesn’t work on me, but I guess it did. Jake/Jamie would be a stunner for sure.

      Porndog, maybe if we say pretty please?

      Pretty please SC?

    • avatar Mio says:

      I’ll definitely join you in the “pretty please”.

      Top three updates I’m hoping we’ll get some time soon:
      – Jake and Jamie
      – Ethan and Jamie
      – Jake and Ethan, flip-flop

      That would be… heaven.

  12. avatar silkfire says:

    Anyone else having problems in Google Chrome with the menu obscuring the whole site? Developers can you take a look at that? really annoying…

    • avatar AaronJL says:

      Already mentioned today. They’re working the bugs out. Chrome on Mac displays 100% but not on my laptop (Windows). All other browsers do the same as you describe. Maybe another day or two getting the new site up to snuff.

  13. avatar Fazz says:

    An X-gen update from SC. Interesting indeed.
    Not good, mind you; just intersting concept.

    Still though love, love, love JAMIE! :D He can do no wrong, simply cause he never does any wrong in ANY Sc scene.

    • avatar Rico says:

      Jamie IS the hottest SC bottom ever! This boy can’t be str8, he’s taken more dick than I have!

  14. avatar WeaponX says:

    Not really into Luke… and half of the pictures are covered by the (previous) right bar.

  15. avatar Sushi says:

    Yeah, um, I liked Jamie the first 20 or 30 times he appeared, but now he’s as boring as Travis on Corbin Fisher. And Luke? He belongs in Men Over Thirty porn (or over Forty maybe).

    Another update I can skip.

    • avatar littlebird says:

      *cough* He’s only been in 15 scenes and 1 solo *cough*

      He’s not nearly as overused as Travis. The difference is in Jamie’s legitimate desire to bottom. It’s absolutely amazing.

    • avatar Sushi says:

      But why pair him with this guy? All the guys over the last few weeks……..why bother?

  16. avatar ichiban says:

    Ohhhh! My Jamie!!
    I always love you, baby.

  17. avatar kinezo says:

    um wtf when did seancody turn into a jake cruise website? how fuckin old is luke? this is gross luke shouldnt be on this website!

  18. avatar dio says:

    Luke looks… old, and after seeing Jamie get done PROPER by Jarek in his last pairing, this looks almost mundane. LOL

    • avatar FeydRautha says:

      Luke looks (and is) older than Jamie, but he’s not “old”. What is this Logan’s Run? Every gay man over the age of 24 must offer themselves up for execution?

    • avatar VegasRich says:

      Thank you FeydRautha. Good fucking grief “old”? Really? Daddy? Really?Regardless of his age Luke is damn hot. I hope we see a lot more of him on SC.

  19. avatar Mike says:

    Ah, jeez. Of all the recent solos that I wanted to see again, Luke was not on the list. (Really don’t like those leathery shar-pei balls.) Certainly not paired with Jamie—and putting your best bottom with a second-stringer doesn’t make that guy hotter.

    How many vids does a bottom have in him? And SC wastes him with Luke? How about Jeff, Jake, Ethan, Brodie—any of which would have better than Luke?

  20. avatar Jerome says:

    I personally cannot watch this entire scene simply because of the beginning. They went from munching on grilled cheese into making out. I tried to just skip through that part but its still stuck in my head.

    Its a shame because I really like both of these guys but the eating before the sex completely ruined it for me *sigh*

  21. avatar danni says:

    love to see jamie in this underwear

  22. avatar Kelo says:

    Jamie’s ass is like a Hungry Hungry Hippo.

  23. avatar humanoid says:

    i guess they only paid for one performer in this update.

  24. avatar DorothyZbornak says:

    Really, I think SC should have just saved up the fees he paid Jamie in his most recent vids and forked out for a gangbang…. Jamie is such a cock slut I doubt he would take much persuading.

  25. avatar Daniel says:

    Luke is sooo old-looking.

  26. avatar Tom says:

    OMG … people get older ! Shut your face!

    They somehow look very cute together ! :-D

  27. avatar Twinkwhore says:

    Love Jamie in those Calvin Kleins. Shame he didn’t eat any cum in this update…

  28. avatar KazerMan says:

    I need a pocket-sized Jamie to keep with me at all times. Those underwear preferred, of course.

  29. avatar Diamone says:

    Not really into Sean Cody because a lot of their updates look the same but Jamie is really growing on me. I like this new bottoming gusto he has.

  30. avatar brandon85 says:

    I thought this scene was great the only way this could be better is to replace Jaime with Allen and Luke with Jeff

  31. avatar twinkemopunk808 says:

    question? why is jamie being fucked by a 40 year old? i wanna see some younger dudes! lol

  32. avatar I Am Jake says:

    jeez some of you queens just repeat yourself no matter what the site or the scene. I agree – jamie’s a hot power bottom and someone with a bigger dick woulda been better. Wouldn’t mind seeing luke bottom, otherwise one and done is fine.

    But jeez u queens just sound like DULL broken records. At least say something original or just go “ditto” and save yourself all that typing.

    • avatar NineHorseTop says:

      TESTIFY brotha Jake!!! TESTIFY my brotha!!!

      Do I put on The Sounds of Blackness or The Blues Brothers right now or both? Cause I need a witness!!

      Lady who??
      Yeah, you better run!!

  33. avatar Bo69 says:

    This is one of the greatest SC scenes of all time–Luke just goes out of his mind over Jamie who is the slut of the year but looks in this one like he’ll keep the hunk in his back closet, metaphorically speaking of course.

  34. avatar fyrefly says:

    Luke is too sexy. Sexiest guy on Sean Cody…well, second to Kurt.

  35. avatar fyrefly says:

    Luke and Kurt do a scene? HEAVEN!

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