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SeanCody: Abel (II)

Abel II at SeanCody

Abel II at SeanCody

Abel II at SeanCody

Abel II at SeanCody

Abel II at SeanCody

Abel II at SeanCody

Abel II at SeanCody

Watch Abel II at

Sean Cody wrote:

Abel is a 20-year-old personal trainer. He’s from the South and he hasn’t traveled much but is now taking the time to get out and see other parts of the country (when he can between school and work).

He’s 6 feet tall, he has a very cute smile, and he’s very confident. That’s probably because he takes a lot of pride in his body. He’s all muscle and he went right into a flexing pose before getting naked!

The personal trainer in him popped out a bit as he shared his squat technique. He goes really low, with his butt almost touching the ground. He swears it gives you a perfect back side.

“Do you get a lot of attention when you are working out at the gym?”

“Yeah. I am the trainer that the women wanna work with,” he said. “A lot of the guys make fun of me. They call me the ‘Ken doll’. It’s kind of hard to be taken serious sometimes but I gotta let them know — listen to me… I’m here to get you fit!”

Watch Abel II at

78 Responses to SeanCody: Abel (II)

  1. avatar shogan says:



  2. avatar King Henry VIII says:

    ABEL II is DELICIOUS!!!! ;)

  3. avatar pubert says:

    Nice dick. I found the chain in the first pic kind of racist though.

    • avatar elmtree says:

      The chain which is part of a fencing has racial undertones…really? I didn’t even notice the chain. I hope this post is not going to lead to 150+ comments with way too many of them dealing with racial issues…

    • avatar Kelo says:

      LMFAO! I bet those are cotton crops behind him, too. Damn those racist bastards at SC.

      gurl plz

    • avatar Ashtom says:

      ROFL! I didnt notice it either. Imagination sure brings the best out of ppl.

    • avatar anoir says:

      ??????omfg wtf???????

    • avatar Anton says:

      I think pubert was being sarcastic.

    • avatar Czar says:

      “Pubert” is trying to deflect. On more than one update featuring a model of color, he has posted racist messages. This is his way of trying to be cute…

  4. avatar adidas28 says:


    this dude is haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawt.

  5. avatar elmtree says:

    Nice body, nice dick, nice ass, nice smile. Overdone eyebrows but i’d happily spend some time with him

  6. avatar ToraTora says:

    Abel & Ethan would totally make my day…

  7. avatar cdman says:

    Excellent find, SC! Please have him come back soon…I already want to see him bottom for Brodie.

  8. avatar kainne says:

    sean cody struck gold with abel … he should be the poster boy for the site.
    he has body, dick, looks and personality

  9. avatar Fazz says:

    FUCK yes! Finally SC finds a REALLY hot black man. One would think they’d find one earlier, but they must have sucky requiters. lol

    Still Abel is the full monty! He’s got it all; Denzel face, Rock body and a Mandingo cock! ;)

    I would love to see him fuck the SHIT out of Jamie. I know Jamie would agree with me.

    • avatar porndog says:

      I don’t believe Jamie does black guys…hasn’t so far, sorry.

    • avatar Mike says:

      I thought Landon was gorgeous.

    • avatar jazz says:

      Yeah I think Jaime is a “whites only” kinda guy. But I don’t find Jaime the least bit attractive so who cares. I for one, wish that he had stayed gone.

  10. avatar Torrie says:

    He’s okay looking. Definitely not ugly like some of the recent guys on the site. *cough* Luke *cough*

    • avatar ToraTora says:

      He’s def hotter than some ugly skinny guy on sc *cough* Jess *cough*

    • avatar Torrie says:

      In what universe does Jess qualify as ugly? Trust me, he’s nowhere near as ugly as you.

    • avatar ToraTora says:

      and in what universe does Luke qualify as a grandpa? trust me Luke is 10000X hotter than u

    • avatar Torrie says:

      In every universe. He’s ugly, old and has a small weiner. And, I’m pretty sure I didn’t invent the “grandpa” nickname. It suits his face accurately though.

    • avatar elmtree says:

      Now Torrie I thought you were going to play nice. Remember everyone doesn’t have to like Jess. As you know I find Jess average at best in all non-penis categories but this opinion doesn’t make me (or Tora) “ugly”, does it?

    • avatar porndog says:

      Torrie, I love you like a sister, but do we ALWAYS have to talk about Jess? Oh, right. Sorry, you didn’t bring him up first. :D

    • avatar Torrie says:

      @elmtree Of course not. My “ugly” remark was for ToraTora for his stupid “Jess is an ugly skinny guy” comment.

      However I still don’t take back what I said about Luke. He’s too old to be doing porn. He’s just plain and simple unattractive.

    • avatar Torrie says:

      @porndog IKR. Should I just change my avatar or something? Maybe then the random Jess insults might stop lol

    • avatar King Henry VIII says:

      @ Torrie I know I’m not porndog but, to answer your question probably not. People will just continue the Jess Hate/Dislike whether or not he is in your avatar or not.

    • avatar elmtree says:

      Fair enough Torrie. Luke does appear older then the average SC model but I definitely think he brings something to the table…great body and a seeming eagerness for man on man sex. Maybe he’s too old for SC, but I don’t think he’s too old for all porn…just my opinion

    • avatar Torrie says:

      @King Henry VIII Fine. But do people have to insult Jess everytime I say something negative about some random SC model? It’s getting old quick. I’m starting to feel like I’m Jess’ attorney lol

    • avatar ToraTora says:

      okay.. so let me get this right. you’re allowed to insult other porn guys that you dont find attractive. You can call Luke a grandpa. but I can’t call Jess ugly skinny guy? WOW.

    • avatar RYK101 says:

      Torrie i wanted to apologize cause once i insulted Jess and we “fought” cause of it, now i want to take my words back and say i actually like jess have his videos i LOVE his beautiful dick, his big feet and his enthusiasm the only thing left that could make me a fan is that he decides to bottom, but Jess is definetely hot

    • avatar Torrie says:

      @ToraTora I don’t even wanna argue with someone who finds Luke attractive and thinks Jess is “ugly”. You are clearly blind. Bye.

      @RYK101 Yay! I love all those qualities about Jess too. :)

  11. avatar zemyazem says:







  12. avatar jazz says:

    Wow…this guy is delicious! I must admit, I thought it was CM’s Hagan for a brief second.

    • avatar porndog says:

      I thought the same, Jazz. Then my stomach dropped, considering what a terrible performer Hagan was/is…don’t get me started. What a waste of male beauty that one was.

    • avatar jazz says:

      Porndog I agree about Hagan. It was an unfortunate waste. Sadly, it appeared that he was starting to come to life a bit in his scene with Travis on CF. It’s a shame that we probably won’t get to see if he improves or not as he seems to have dropped out of sight.

  13. avatar littlebird says:

    This guy is everything and more.

  14. avatar beirut says:

    did the world really run out of names at SC for them to you a II sor an Abel?

    description says he will be bottoming in no time…

  15. avatar NJS says:

    You guys he is very cute! He has a great body, nice dick, nice butt. You couldn’t ask for more.

  16. avatar manu says:

    He has a very empty stare :s the rest is ok

  17. avatar Sushi says:

    NJS you are right on the money. This guy is the total package. Let’s hope this 20 year old likes to give and receive, and stays around a long time. Hmmm mmm mmm!

  18. avatar porndog says:

    All I can say is I’m crossing all fingers toes and any other appendage in hopes that he returns. Let’s face it. SC doesn’t have a great track record in having black guys audition, and a smaller percentage of them which return. This guy has model written all over him. What a find! There’s nothing I don’t like about him, including that delicious ass, handsome face, nice feet…did I mention nice ass? And a dick I could play with all day long.

    This is one solo I can’t wait to watch!

    • avatar elmtree says:

      Yes you did mention nice ass! And I agree, its worth mentioning again :)

      And I was thinking the same thing about the low percentage of black models who return. Here’s hoping Abel follows Landon’s lead…

  19. avatar dio says:

    he’s defo built, but the face is… not happening, for me. x-P to be honest, I’m still waiting for SC to snag a black model that I find (facially) attractive. *le sigh*

  20. avatar lovelivelife says:

    He’s definitely the hottest guy to appear on any site recently(last 4-5 months)

    His face, body, and dick are perfect. If SC doesn’t bring him back numerous times it would be a crime.

  21. avatar jazz says:

    So Ethan mentioned at the beginning of his last vid that it was going to be an “interesting week”. Maybe he shot a scene with Abel!!! Would that be lovely….sigh. **fingers crossed**

  22. avatar Mio says:

    Abel is gorgeous!

  23. avatar fresero_abre_culos says:

    WOW! This guy is BEAUTIFUL! What a hot dude! Hope he comes back for action!

  24. avatar Kelo says:

    His body is gorgeous.

  25. avatar Ashtom says:

    Its def worth mentionin so…what an ass!

  26. avatar Auggy says:

    Damn he’s a hottie. SC better not let him go to waste. Ethan and Abel (Flip-Flop) pronto!

  27. avatar jag2power says:

    He could do some serious damage with that tool of his and I hope he gets his chance. That ass is smokin too!

  28. avatar VegasRich says:

    Oh please if I ask for nothing else this month, get this gorgeous hunk of man to return! And I hope he’s versatile for neither that dick or ass should go to waste.

  29. avatar Ted says:

    Holy mother of… well, before I get my hopes up to far I’m gonna have to wait and see if he comes back for more!

  30. avatar humanoid says:

    i want to see him getting plowed senseless in the ass by ethan……or maybe a flipflop!

  31. avatar Jonny Marzetti says:

    A bronze beauty. And I mean all over, but that ass is almost obscenely hot!

  32. avatar jazz says:

    I just watched the video and I think I’m in love!! He is near PERFECTION!

  33. avatar Timah says:

    WOW, please bring him back as a bottom and I will be a SC member once again (maybe)

  34. avatar GAZZAQ says:

    Absolutely fucking fittttt. He has a lovely body and needs to come back to top, bottom flip flop etc and soon. I hope he has a partner who matches his needs. When he is done toss him to Tims Tales for a good hard fucking. Damn as I’ve said before just my luck my subscription is done.

  35. avatar RYK101 says:

    OMG!!!! abel please fuck me!!! this one is HOT i seriously would love to be with him, he’s gorgeous!

    SC please pair him with ethan and make a flip-flop now that would be PERFECT MATCH

  36. avatar twinkemopunk808 says:

    he is hot!really nice cock, ass, body, face & esp. his cumshot! hed look way better with his head shaved-just sayin

  37. avatar brandon85 says:

    I know it’d enrage most of you but id love to see Luke tap that ass.

  38. avatar Anton says:

    He’s gorgeous, no doubt about that, but I have to see him in action before I rank him above Landon. And, yes, we need to see an Ethan & Abel, Abel & Jake or Abel & Calvin video STAT!

  39. avatar hollydick says:

    I just have to say : waow, this is a hot dick !!!

  40. avatar jinger says:

    He looks a lot older than 20

  41. avatar Neo_ says:

    NICE. Is he gonna be a bottom or a top for his next scene? Hmm.

  42. avatar jazz says:

    @Neo – well he has a very nice dick so that probably means that SC will make him bottom.

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