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SeanCody: Brandon & Jamie

Brandon & Jamie at SeanCody

Brandon & Jamie at SeanCody

Brandon & Jamie at SeanCody

Brandon & Jamie at SeanCody

Brandon & Jamie at SeanCody

Watch Brandon & Jamie at

Sean Cody wrote:

Sometimes you have to take it a little slower with some guys than you do with others. Brandon for instance, was somewhat shy and nervous during his first video. But he’s got a ridiculously hot body and I couldn’t wait to see him get sucked off by another guy!

“What’s happening to you today?” I asked.

“Umm, I’m going to be serviced with a rim job and a blow job.”

“Have you ever gotten a rim job before?”

“No,” he quickly replied.

“Have you ever put anything up your butt before?”


“Not even a finger?” I asked.

“…a little bit of a finger, but not like fully.”

There were going to be a few “firsts” going on for Brandon and there was no one better to do them than Jamie. They are both 21, have incredible bodies, and well… we all know Jamie knows what he is doing when it comes to dick!

Brandon got more and more aggressive as they both got more into it. It was almost as if he could tell that Jamie loves getting man handled… Brandon grabbed on to Jamie’s head and really fed him his cock as deep as he could…

Watch Brandon & Jamie at

80 Responses to SeanCody: Brandon & Jamie

  1. avatar dio says:

    oh, hey! Brandon with his weird, goofy-OK-ish-good-looks and EPIC body came back. LOL

    so like, is this sudden influx of BJ-only vids SC’s answer to CM’s ‘Serviced’ vids?

  2. avatar King Henry VIII says:

    OK seriiuosly this is HOT I LOVE FLOPPY HAIRED FRATERNITY BOY look that BRANDON has grrrrr and JAMIE can do no wrong the only thing missing was BYRON making this a 3-way suckfest now that is HOT!!!!!!! ;) LOVE BRANDON & JAMIE!!!!!! ;)

  3. avatar King Henry VIII says:

    like I said F’N HOT IMO!!!!! ;)

  4. avatar NJS says:


    If Jaimie is not fucking. I do not need to see it. Jaime should always be fucking. ALWAYS! This is such a waste

  5. avatar jazz says:

    Brandon is SCORCHING HOT!!!! OMG, this was hot even for an oral only video. Did anyone else notice that he was VERY in to that rim job. Me thinks our little sexy Brandon wants a dick up his ass and I can only hope that SC fulfills his wish and lets Jess top Brandon! THAT WOULD BE EPIC!!!!

  6. avatar Kelo says:

    JFC! Is SC keeping Jamie hostage or something? I’m a huge Jamie fan but he’s in a video every other week. Please don’t let him turn into the SC version of Travis (though it might already be too late)

  7. avatar Kevin W says:

    I love this! Even though it’s just a blow job, it’s definitely hot.

  8. avatar armour says:

    Hot, but not as hot as if brandon was replaced by grant and his big cock. And whats the point of jerking your own cock in an oral? Should let Jamie suck Brandon or at least jerk him off till climax

    • avatar Kevin W says:

      I totally agree with you. Except it would have been hotter if it was Grant and Brandon…but then again both are newbies

  9. avatar KingSize says:

    ….I think I just came….I love SC….

  10. avatar Neobamboom says:

    I wonder when Jamie will officially come out of the closet.


    • avatar anoir says:

      I also say “why is jamie not naked and stroking his cock while sucking off that cutie”

    • avatar Kelo says:

      They don’t even try to push the “straight” angle with him anymore.

    • avatar darkthunder1983 says:

      Maybe he’s waiting for his brother to come out first.

    • avatar anoir says:

      i just watched this, and jamie doesn’t really know how to suck cock…he is very mechanical….my love/hate with SC continues.

  11. avatar fresero_abre_culos says:

    BOOORIIING! Action would of been a better way to see this two hot guys.

  12. avatar samtomez says:

    OMG Brandon is back! He’s such a hottie. Jamie is a lucky SOB, I’m so jealous! LOL

    • avatar tyler says:

      that was my exact thoughts. also i think it’s hot having Jamie clothed. Jeans photograph sexy when the other guy is totally naked. And what an other guy! Woof Brandon. Lucky Jamie is right.

    • avatar elmtree says:

      Gotta agree. Brandon looks amazing in this vid and, yes, Jamie is beyond lucky. Why the hell did Jamie let all that good cum go to waste…damn!

    • Very right with the close on. Brandon looked great I wanted him to just fuck Jamie right there.

  13. avatar porndog says:

    I’m happy that Brandon came back at all. SC doesn’t do these often, so I can be patient to see more. As it is, this looks hot for a serviced video. What a beautiful specimen Brandon is!

    • avatar I Am Jake says:

      Often? You mean historically versus lately? Because lately, it’s become pretty common. Read the other comments here, dude.

    • avatar von schlomo says:

      yes, historically, as in, SC has produced over a thousand videos and oral only vids number in the single digits

  14. avatar muffintop says:

    Eh, nothing special.

    • avatar elmtree says:

      Having just gotten around to watching the vid, I have to agree with you. While Brandon is flawlessly hot, Jamie is not uo to the task here. He is either uninterested in giving a good bj or doesn’t know how to give a good bj. Either way, quite disappointing.

      Hope Brandon comes back for more…soon!

  15. avatar Res1 says:

    WTF is wrong with Jamie’s toenail? *Barfs*

    I wouldn’t download it for free…

  16. avatar Jonny Marzetti says:

    Brandon looks fantastic from his fratboy hair (description courtesy of king Henry) down to his feet. He exudes sexuality. Unless CF finally does some no-effin-games ACM barebacking in the next couple weeks I’m ditching them for SC. As hot as this scene looks, I can only imagine what it would be like with fucking!

  17. avatar Mike says:

    I think Brandon is gorgeous; that ass is spectacular. But this vid was curiously uninteresting. From the lead in, I thought for sure SC would have Jamie finger-bang Brandon—like Ajay did Boyd—but nope.

    Jamie blowing Byron was very hot; Byron was very into it. And Jamie took Byron’s load in his mouth. But Brandon jacks to orgasm, while Jamie breathes on his balls. No kissing. No cum eating. And Jamie looks hesitant/nervous when he usually just takes charge. I think there was some disconnect between these guys.

    I hope Brandon comes back to get fucked—soon. (Byron, too!)

  18. avatar littlebird says:

    SC > Everything else right now

  19. avatar topher says:

    When a gay hardcore porn site posts updates, I expect hardcore action sex. Solo, and Servicing videos (especially when the guy being serviced gets HIMSELFoff) do nothing for me. If I wanted to see that, there are sites like Fratmen. Whether Jamie likes it or not, his talent is being THE power bottom at SC. I don’t want to see him servicing, or topping anyone. Any video with Jamie, where he isn’t bottoming is a waste of videotape.

    • avatar I Am Jake says:

      It’s cheap and as you can see from the queens creaming in their panties above (see little bird and mike right above), SC can get away with it cuz queens are easy to please….

    • avatar baz says:

      topher, you are bang on. If I ruled the world, I’d outlaw solos and servicing vids.

  20. avatar Torrie says:

    I don’t remember Brandon at all. When was his solo? I like his dick so he’s okay, I guess lol

    And I’m sick and tired of Jamie. He’s like the most overexposed SC model ever and he isn’t even that great.

    • avatar jazz says:

      Torrie-we are on the same page. We both LOVE Jess and we both tired of Jaime’s flaming “wanna be straight” ass.

  21. avatar moondoggy says:

    Wow. So much to like. The CMNM fantasy is used splendidly here.

  22. avatar WeaponX says:

    Oh man, while I’m excited to see Brandon again, after these oral videos the guys have never returned… I hope I’m totally wrong.

  23. avatar lennylenny says:

    I’m willing to agree that Brandon is hot, but put me down in the “tired of Jamie” category. More to the point, if I’m going to be paying for SC, it would be nice if most of the vids didn’t fall into one of the following categories:
    -Solos featuring weird alien looking dudes
    -Pairings of a less-than-totally-hot guy, and some other guy I might have liked once but have since seen a million times.
    -“service” vids like this one.

  24. avatar Fazz says:


  25. avatar kinezo says:

    delicious body

  26. avatar jag2power says:

    Yes x 1000!

  27. avatar clusterfuck says:

    Shame Jamie doesn’t eat the cum after all that oral servicing.

  28. avatar Ashtom says:

    I dun like Brandon facially (and his hairs gross) but the pics look hot n promisin but again theres no penetration. Oh well, ill take my time to decide on watchin this one.

  29. avatar humanoid says:

    brandon is adorable, he should be fucked senseless by some huge cocks and squeal in ecstasy!!!

  30. avatar Daniel says:

    Damn, how hot is Brandon!

  31. avatar jinger says:

    I love Jamie <3

  32. avatar Timah says:

    Look at that sweet ass, lovely.

  33. avatar Nick Minaj says:

    Everybody may as well get over this Brandon kid. Like WeaponX mentioned oral scenes at SC=this is all hell you’re getting from this model. This has always been the case when it comes to oral vids at SC with new models, except for rare cases like Harley.

    I’m on the list of those being over Jamie, was never really a fan from jump. What happened to getting that hot flexible Asian Dale I think his name was back? I’m not understanding how the hell do you screw up not getting a model like him back, he was gay..And there I answered my own question, he was GAY, or should I say he admitted he was gay. This is SC we’re talking about, what the hell was I thinking.

    • avatar jazz says:

      Nick I think we are the same person. I agree with your sentiments exactly!

    • avatar Nick Minaj says:

      Haha perhaps..Well we probably are the same person in the minds of folks who don’t like or disagree with our posts.

      Btw, Jaz is a nickname I was called in high school by friends..(eerie noises) haha.

    • avatar jazz says:

      LOL even more support for my claim :-)

  34. avatar blech90210 says:

    Brandon looks like a bottom in the making. Get him to top once, just to see how he does but let him be a bottom for the rest of his porn career, short-lived or otherwise.

  35. avatar Sushi says:

    Well I hope we are all right in thinking that Brandon will be back and bottoming!! But why mention the pinkie up the ass and then not follow through with a finger here?? Total lost opportunity. Kinda over Jamie, but at least he’s got a cute face. There has been so much big-dicked fug here lately!

    But Lordy Brandon’s body is rockin’……let’s just hope our prayers are answered and that cherry is popped–SOON!

  36. avatar Bradster says:

    Loved this video. Both of these guys are HOT. They have great chemistry. I hope the next video will be a flip/flop with these two.

  37. avatar Nate says:

    If these serviced videos is what it takes to ease some of the hotties that we might not ever have seen do more than a solo into doing more finally I am more than fine with it. Brandon is very cute, and jaime as always gives 100% even if he is fully clothed. Thumbs up for me hopefully Brandon had a good enough time to keep wanting to explore and actually try fucking

  38. avatar Info says:

    Brodie started out with a bj video. Brandon might be back.

    Will never get tired of Jamie.

  39. avatar brandon85 says:

    Too bad Brandon didn’t get fucked. Jaime has a great starter cock

  40. avatar EmpireState says:

    One guy in clothing, huh? I still L.O.V.E. it!

  41. avatar Hunter says:

    Like i said man i could watch jamie eat as much dick as he wants and could never get tired of him, He has something about him that just can get a dick hard–he makes you want to top

  42. avatar Ryder25 says:

    I’m not buying the str8 act for 2 seconds. The way Brandon reached back and pulled Jamie’s face into his ass. NO WAY a straight guy would even think about doing that. This boy is an experienced homo. He’s still hot, tho. I’d love to see him get plowed by Jess or Brodie.

  43. avatar Arglebargle says:

    Hot, but a total waste of Jamie. Brandon should have been topping him for two, maybe three hours.

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