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CocksureMen: Ennio Guardi & Matthew Ross

Ennio Guardi & Matthew Ross at

Ennio Guardi & Matthew Ross at

Ennio Guardi & Matthew Ross at

Ennio Guardi & Matthew Ross at

Ennio Guardi & Matthew Ross at

Watch Ennio Guardi & Matthew Ross at

CocksureMen wrote:

The men of Prague are always exciting to watch. Ennio Guardi is an exotic looking hunk with a huge cock and tanned olive skin. We paired him with the angelic looking Matthew Ross and let the passion happen. Ennio’s dark tan and bulging biceps are amazing. Matt is the perfect match with his fair skin, muscled body and sweet smiling eyes. Both studs love to kiss and suck cock. They take their time going back and forth before settling into a hot 69 session. After that, Ennio greases up his pole and Matthew does the same to his hot hole. Matthew slides his hairy ass on top of Ennio’s thick uncut dick. Matthew then switches to all fours and Ennio pounds his ass doggy-style. The passionate boys work up a sweat in the missionary position timing their climaxes perfectly – simultaneously shooting their loads all over Matthew’s abs.

Watch Ennio Guardi & Matthew Ross at

20 Responses to CocksureMen: Ennio Guardi & Matthew Ross

  1. avatar von schlomo says:

    God, Ennio has to be one of the ugliest Bel Ami boys ever. With a face like that, who cares what the rest of him is like.

    I guess Matthew Ross is Czech or whatever…guilty by association. LOL He’s pretty cute, nice body and cock. Hopefully he’ll get an upgraded scene partner next time!

  2. avatar muffintop says:

    Matthew is hot, the other guy not so much. It’s definitely the face.

  3. avatar Daniel says:

    Ennio is an overgrown brute. A rare fail from the BA stable.

  4. avatar porndog says:

    In the opening pic, Matthew’s fresh cute face makes Ennio’s look tired and burned-out. But overall, the bodies are nice and Matthew looks good with legs in the air.

  5. avatar Ozjon says:

    Both guys are Czech, according to info on the William Higgins site. Matthew is known as Pavol Zbynek at Higgins. Some of Ennio’s other names are Paolo Verdi, Libor Kenda and Paulie.

  6. avatar fresero_abre_culos says:

    Look, “new” furniture!

  7. avatar Res1 says:

    Ennio may be ugly, but he has all of the beauty between his legs.

  8. avatar Fazz says:

    Ennio made it from Europe and Bel Ami, all the way to the US and to Cocksuremen……. How the “mighty” have fallen! LMFAO!

    • avatar tyler says:

      maybe he will be serviced by jake cruise next. lol

    • avatar Fazz says:

      It’s inevitable!

    • avatar darkthunder1983 says:

      Tyler, you must be psychic because it did happen! Anyway, people keep calling Ennio ugly but I like him… well, his old look when he first came to Bel Ami. Since then, my favoritism for him has slightly dropped due in part to how he’s let his body go. This isn’t the first American site he’s been on. He’s been with Boy Fun Collection, Power Men, Mark Wolff, Falcon Studios and several others. Recently, some of that bulk has gone down.

  9. avatar Tom says:

    The bottom is totally cute ansd sexy ! :-D
    … I do not like the top … especially the overdone ladybrows look creepy !

  10. avatar pubert says:

    Fe fi fo fug. I almost barfed at that ugly mug.

  11. avatar Bo69 says:

    Matthew (aka Pavol) was introduced on Higgins as rigidly straight and would not touch another man or kiss another man but would take it up the ass. That lasted about two episodes–he became an excellent cocksucker and ate cum regularly. Now he’s in several new movies and on Alpha Males and other sites as Matthew Ross (aka Mathew Ross), and I think he’s done another with Ennio, poor boy.

  12. avatar Helluva Bottom Carter says:

    That Matthew Ross is a definite cutie. I’d love to see him with some of the other better studs in the CSM stable.

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