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SeanCody: Nathan (III)

Nathan III at SeanCody

Nathan III at SeanCody

Nathan III at SeanCody

Nathan III at SeanCody

Nathan III at SeanCody

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Sean Cody wrote:

Nathan has the most crystal blue eyes I have ever seen!

He has just turned 21 but seems to be a lot more mature than most 21 year olds. He is incredibly handsome too — like a cross between a hot business man and a movie star.

“Tell me what your dream job would be?” I asked.

“My dream job? That would probably be DJ-ing all around the world and producing my own music,” he quickly replied. “Getting paid to party, pretty much… I’m in the works in that right now. It’s coming up.”

I could sense his excitement about it all but frankly I was more interested in seeing him work up a sweat and get naked. He was not at all nervous as he started working his cock. And when he came, I swear it was a stream of cum that would not end!

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43 Responses to SeanCody: Nathan (III)

  1. avatar Torrie says:

    21?? Seriously??

    • avatar Neobamboom says:

      What Im woderin is whether the guys below me are serious.

      This guy looks so generic nothing special

    • avatar Ted says:

      I don’t know, fantasy is one thing, but we need to kill the bull in porn. No more “barely 18″ crap, no more “straight guy” crap (what I mean is that as tag lines, or being seen as bonuses has got to go)

      The guy is cute in my book, but only with his clothes on… when he takes them off he is totally boring. Cute, but never for me because of that. (well, maybe not never, but he’d have to be a heck of a charmer to get my attention)

    • avatar Torrie says:

      @Ted Totally, man. This guy doesn’t look porn material.

      Out of all the new guys, I’m only looking forward to Brandon’s return.

  2. avatar Fazz says:

    My definition of perfect looking man!
    I’m awestruck by his eyes and the rest of him as well.

    For some reason I find my self lacking the proper words to describe his man, I think I might actually be speechless for once.

    10/10 ҉

    • avatar yag says:

      Beautiful squinty eyes and voluminous cumshot. But he is far from perfect. There are some rather nasty spots on his chest best seen in the pic where he is leaning against the wall.

  3. avatar GAZZAQ says:

    Nice looking lad fit but no different from the rest bring on the clones. Next…

  4. avatar muffintop says:

    Sweet, cute, handsome, hot. I’d be surprised if he returns.

  5. avatar Orochimaru says:

    OMG FUCKING HOT! I’m a new member.

  6. avatar Chuliaka says:

    Hot as fuck

  7. avatar Sushi says:

    Cute, with a nice–though overly shaved–body. I love that squinty-eyed look he’s got. Seems like a top though, if he does come back.

  8. avatar Aries16 says:

    I AM
    oh please please bring this Gorgeous Guy Back what sensual hotness

  9. avatar alias74 says:

    Those eyes…..DAMN!

  10. avatar mitsaso says:

    Okay, let’s face it… his body’s nothing special, his ass looks almost saggy in that one pic, but OH MY GOD his face… he has the most adorable smile ever!!!

    I’m smitten.

  11. avatar jugde6 says:

    Holy Mother of God!!!!!!!!!!!!, what a beautiful angel.
    Sure he stopped by S.C, on his day off from heaven

  12. avatar ToraTora says:

    Nathan looks like Ethan in a way doesnt he?

  13. avatar jag2power says:

    Gee he looks happy. Now, bend over. I never did see his hole, so it’s not “hard” to comment.

  14. avatar jazz says:

    Meh. CF’s Zeb still wins the award for “Best Eyes”.

  15. avatar Daniel says:

    Cute. Can’t wait to see him get fucked.

  16. avatar elmtree says:

    He’s not perfect but I do like something about him. And the boy can certainly shoot a nice load. Suddenly I’m very thirsty!

  17. avatar pubert says:

    He’d look better with more body hair and some tan lines. What is it with guys shaving their body hair these days? Even a couple regular guys I work with do this. Such a turn off.

  18. avatar Mike says:

    I don’t see anything special here. I enjoyed the cum shots: the first was like Silly String, the second a scattergun.

  19. avatar RodneyC says:

    erm, I think some people need to realize the difference between a relatively flat rear and a saggy one. This my friends, is not saggy.

    • avatar mitsaso says:

      I know I called his ass saggy, but maybe it was just a specific unflattering pic.
      I just wanted to emphasize how good his face looks, so much that it makes his body inconsequential.

      Frankly, this guy should quit porn and marry me! :P

  20. avatar dio says:

    handsome face, but meh body. Actually, very disappointing body.

  21. avatar porndog says:

    Comments so far range from speechless to awestruck. I have to agree with all the positive comments. This guy is gorgeous with a capital “G”! He has a beautiful face, and a naturally fit body; not a worked-out gym bunny type, just very nice. I wish he didn’t trim his pubes so short, but otherwise, he’s perfect.

    I hope we see more of him. So far, recent solos don’t have me anticipating any returns. We’ll have to see about this one (I’ll be shocked if Gabriel returns).

  22. avatar anoir says:

    hairless body, except for the lower butt cheeks…SC must have run out of Nair.

  23. avatar Helluva Bottom Carter says:

    Slightly presidential, no?

    He and Allen need to do a scene together. Battle of the Bright Eyes!

  24. avatar armour says:

    When I first saw the pictures I thought above average. But pics don’t do this guy justice. Very hot in the video, nice personality, good performance, nice cock. Body is good too but not top notch like the recent SC models, but hardly a letdown.

  25. avatar hollydick says:

    adorable face ! and eyes !
    hot dick ! hot ass and sexy feet !
    would him to come back and fuck….

  26. avatar Zee Brat says:

    Lol, the creepy frozen smile of the first few photos made me giggle.

  27. avatar WeaponX says:

    Overall a winner, cute face, good body, his smile reminds me of someone I know that I kind of liked, LOL, so it’s a definite yes. Now the return rate here is abysmal, so I don’t want to get my hopes (and other things) up

  28. avatar Ashtom says:

    He looks older when he smiles but over all not bad. Over the average fo sho.

  29. avatar fresero_abre_culos says:

    not bad, not bad.

  30. avatar Bradster says:

    Very cute guy. Love to see more of him.

  31. avatar Colby Parr says:

    This man is flawless.

  32. avatar EmpireState says:

    Very pretty face for a guy. Not sure why he’s clenching his ass so much though. Taco Bell?

  33. avatar Orochimaru says:

    I like Nathan so much ,but I’m afraid he won’t cum back.

  34. avatar Orochimaru says:

    Orochimaru kusanagi is my name on facebook.

  35. avatar Jonny Marzetti says:

    Only Sean Cody could find three Nathans. He must like their hot dogs. This guy is so-so…he’s sure no Brandon.

  36. avatar Arglebargle says:

    You can pose him in virtually any position, and even comes with a refillable cum dispenser. Probably really nice in real life, but looks like a Ken doll in the pictures. And I wish they’d quit shaving their pubes. Makes ‘em look like they’re just getting over a case of crabs.

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