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CockyBoys: Gabriel Clark Fucks Pierre Fitch

Gabriel Clark Fucks Pierre Fitch at

Gabriel Clark Fucks Pierre Fitch at

Gabriel Clark Fucks Pierre Fitch at

Gabriel Clark Fucks Pierre Fitch at

Ahhhh… Pierre Fitch! What a joy it is to watch that cocky fuck get plowed by my stud Gabriel. This time the guys wasted no time getting right to it. Pierre hadn’t bottomed for anyone since the last time we saw him bottom for us on Cockyboys and he was quite anxious to get a big cock up his holes again. He said he had seen how Gabriel devours his bottoms and he just couldn’t wait to be his next victim. So I put the two in the same room and the rest was history…. So hot!

Watch Gabriel Clark & Pierre Fitch at CockyBoys

22 Responses to CockyBoys: Gabriel Clark Fucks Pierre Fitch

  1. avatar Kenny says:


    Pierre is so fucking sexy.

  2. avatar dio says:

    Gabriel Clark… more than his pretty face, his body, or his dick… there’s just something about him that is soooooooooooooo fucking sexay.

    mmm, Pierre.

  3. avatar CarlosEduarc says:

    Pierre is Nasty. I think Pierre isn’t porn stuff nowadays.
    And Gabriel lost his appeal too early! And now he got a bear gut.

    • avatar Res1 says:

      I agree with you! Gabriel used to be BAD (hood terminology) during his YouLoveJack and early ND days. Now the thrill is gone. Don’t get me wrong, Gab is still good-looking, but too many features ruined his je ne sais quoi.

      Chile, he doesn’t have beer gut. The first pic is just a bad angle.

  4. avatar Guy says:

    I never understood the appeal of Pierre, and find him just repulsive now as he gets more and more tattoos.

  5. avatar Southbay says:

    Unlike most bitches who dont like tattoos on this blog. I actually don’t mind them. I have a few myself. Pierre is hot. And so is Gabriel. Anyone who has a tattoo in gay porn I already know there is going to be a hater no matter what complaining about it. Do me a favor and find something new to botch about.

  6. avatar Neo_ says:

    I will watch Pierre get fucked any day. I hope he does bareback one day.

  7. avatar Southbay says:

    @CarlosEduarc I’ll stop being a bitch about it when you do too. Stop being a fucking hypocrite with your above post. For the most part I’ll comment on only the scenes I like. I’m not a hater like you sorry

  8. avatar josh69 says:

    Sigh…still waiting for hot sexy Gabriel to be paired with someone who isn’t so damaged looking…Tattoo sleeves are never attractive on anyone…

  9. avatar Daniel says:

    Gabriel is starting to look like a dope fiend. :(

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