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ChaosMen: Solomon ‘Edge’

Solomon 'Edge' at ChaosMen

Solomon 'Edge' at ChaosMen

Solomon 'Edge' at ChaosMen

Solomon 'Edge' at ChaosMen

Watch Solomon & Ransom at ChaosMen

This Edge video is an exploration of Pain Management…as requested by Solomon himself!

Not for the faint of heart!

Solomon was set to do a Serviced video, but when I showed him the Edge chair, and explained how we try to push limits and explore fetishes, he started spilling out what his favorite things to do in bed were. If you missed it, he talks about his fetish in the beginning of his solo.

The fantasy sequences are all Solomon’s ideas. He wanted to go buy a teeth/mouth guard for some full-on punching to the face, but both Ransom and I balked at it. I think he wanted to come away from the shoot with a black eye. We stuck to standard props like a riding crop, and some spanking and hitting in his meaty areas. Not sure what goes on in Solomon’s head, but he loved every minute of doing this video. The dude heals fast too, ‘cuz by the time we go to do his cumshot, there isn’t in a red mark on him.

Solomon is beautiful but a little cocky. I mentioned that I think he pushes people’s buttons so he can get a rise out of them. He loves a good smack-down! This video allows him to go full-tilt in exploring the fetish. He left the video VERY satisfied, though ironically, he thought we could have gone harder with him!

If you always wanted to play rough with a straight cocky boy, this Edge video will satisfy. If you don’t “get” rough play, then likely you might wince a couple times.

Regardless, this is a standout Edge video!

Watch Solomon & Ransom at ChaosMen

29 Responses to ChaosMen: Solomon ‘Edge’

  1. avatar jinger says:

    Solomon looks mighty fine

  2. avatar manu says:

    Lame – Vander is the best for “serviced” videos , don’t know why they hire him so scarcely .

  3. avatar frenchie says:

    Not as sexy as I thought it would be. Solomon is into getting hurt, not serviced.

  4. avatar PornJock says:

    Well this an edge video not a serviced video so the emphasis is going to be different. While it may not be everyone’s cup of tea, you have to give them props for doing something different and pushing limits. I haven’t seen it yet though, but I would rather just see Solomon get on to some real hardcore action cause the guy looks so good.

    Ransom will be used a lot because he’s friend’s with Bryan and apparently helps around the studio a lot as per Bryan’s blogging. But yes, some variety in the guys who do the servicing would be nice, and for me, that includes Bryan himself.

    • avatar manu says:

      Serviced/Edge is the same for me , Look at “Tobin Edge”, Vander does all the work it’s an amazing video :)

  5. avatar jag2power says:

    Solomon is fine! He is into S&M but can hardly take a butt plug. Well, isn’t that special. I say, show him some real pain and bust that sweet hairy butt cherry of his in a way that leaves a mark.

  6. avatar adowhat says:

    solomon is a hot little biscuit! cant wait for more

  7. avatar Alex S says:

    Solomon is hot but, I doubt he’ll be back. He wasn’t hard throughout most of it, didn’t seem into it and I swear they faked the cum shot. Bryan rarely films cum shots that way and Ransom rarely takes a cum shot fully in his mouth…if ever. I’d love to see Solomon come back and be paired with Taylor or someone equally as hot but, I not going to hold out much hope.

  8. avatar von schlomo says:

    I didn’t see anything in his ass in the preview stills/caps so I was getting a little worried, but I see he took something in the preview video. I was going to be pissed if something didn’t go up his butt, especially since Bryan was all up-selling him being into pain.

    I have not seen the video, so I can’t talk too much about it’s overall Edge artistry, but Bryan might have really missed a golden opportunity to have Ransom wear some little 4oz. MMA gloves (for those that don’t know, UFC/MMA fighters wear much, much, much smaller and lighter gloves than traditional boxers do. They mostly just protect the fingers and hand but do very little to cushion the punch to the face, and other areas) and do little split second cut-aways, which Edge videos are famous for, showing Solomon taking shots to the body and face. Ransom even looks like an MMA fighter. I dunno, maybe it would have been too shocking to the erotic rhythm of most porn wankers. I get into “different” forms of porn and MMA, so it sounds like a very interesting idea.

    Solomon is VERY hot looking and I hope he comes back, but even the sexy Vander might have been wasted on this dude if he was mostly limp and did a fake comeshot. :(

    • avatar porndog says:

      As usual we think alike. I was thinking Solomon should explore MMA fighting where he could get beat up to his heart’s content.

  9. avatar Bradster says:

    He looks hotter with the blindfold on.

  10. avatar Ryder25 says:

    SO disappointing. I was waiting to see what they would do with Solomon since he’s one of the hottest guys to come along in a while. And of course, Chaos fucked it up by using Ransom again. UGGGGHHH. He is such a horrible performer. I thought for sure the Solomon video would make me want to rejoin Chaos, but I’m not paying $.02 to see Ransom in anything. Yuck.

  11. avatar porndog says:

    Glad to see Solomon in an Edge video, but pain (not the good kind) is not my cup of tea. I’ll watch it anyway and report if there’s anything interesting. Bryan didn’t mention whether Solomon would return, but I kinda doubt it. He appears to be into more extreme sports.

  12. avatar Jay says:

    Solomon takes a couple punches in this video. I’d have enjoyed a couple more slaps to his face, but whatever.

  13. avatar Rictor says:

    Funny how he was able to take all the “abuse” from Ransom but he had trouble taking up the ass. The outtakes shows him yelling out his safeword PINEAPPLE repeatedly when Ransom was grinding a rather smallish butt toy inside him.

    • avatar porndog says:

      Too bad. I thought he would be the perfect candidate for where they abuse supposedly str8 guys in many ways; all of which look painful and very humiliating. Solomon would be a kid in a candy store. But if he can’t take it up the ass like a man…

    • avatar Jonny Marzetti says:

      PINEAPPLE? Wouldn’t the intruding object get removed quicker with a single-syllable word? I think they should switch to ANTHROPOMORPHOLOGICAL.

  14. avatar solomon says:

    You guys kill me with your comments. And yes I am going to blogbon my own video. I actually was only supposedly to do a solo and requested this video I felt extremely comfortable with Bryan after my solo for never having touched another male however Bryan let me work at my own pace. Other companies such as Sc tried hiring me scared me off. Bryan was all too professional and wayyy to flattering. Personally I never truelly felt sexy until I came to his studio.

  15. avatar solomon says:

    Honestly I left feeling satisfied… but wanting wayyyyy more. I’m trying to convince Bryan with a new edge idea so stay tuned.

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