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CorbinFisher: Marc Mounts Zeb

Marc Mounts Zeb at CorbinFisher

Marc Mounts Zeb at CorbinFisher

Marc Mounts Zeb at CorbinFisher

Marc Mounts Zeb at CorbinFisher

Marc Mounts Zeb at CorbinFisher

Marc Mounts Zeb at CorbinFisher

Marc Mounts Zeb at CorbinFisher

Watch Marc Mounts Zeb at CorbinFisher

It’s been a while since we’ve seen Marc – but we’re thrilled that he’s back. But maybe not as thrilled as Zeb, who got to pair up with Marc before anyone else!

These two had an instant chemistry. So instant, that I could hardly keep them off each other! From the second they got in bed, Marc and Zeb eagerly kissed and felt one another’s bodies. Marc couldn’t wait to get his lips on Zeb’s cock. Guess being away for so long had him anxious to get back into some hot action!

Zeb and Marc 69 each other. Marc gulps down Zeb’s stiff cock as Zeb swallows Marc’s cock. Zeb gets on his hands and knees. Marc teases Zeb’s ass with his dick, before lubing up and sliding his cock all the way in.

Marc pounds Zeb’s hole with his thick dick. Zeb moans like crazy as he gets fucked. Marc slaps Zeb’s ass. Marc climbs up higher, mounting Zeb. Marc uses his cock to drill all the way into Zeb’s tight hole.

Zeb grips the edge of the bed while Marc nails him. Marc pulls Zeb’s leg up and fucks him sideways. Several times, Zeb’s head snaps back, his eyes closed in ecstasy. Marc’s giving him the fuck of a lifetime!

Marc’s pumps away, his powerful muscles obviously giving him incredible stamina. He looks like he could easily fuck Zeb for hours. Zeb rolls onto his back, and tells Marc he’s going to come.

Zeb shoots a thick load onto his lean abs. Marc pulls out and dumps a huge load on Zeb’s cock and balls.

The guys shower up and talk about the hot sex they just had. Zeb and Marc rinse each other’s cum off and get ready to eat. They deserve it, they’ve definitely done their cardio for the day!

Watch Marc Mounts Zeb at CorbinFisher

41 Responses to CorbinFisher: Marc Mounts Zeb

  1. avatar jazz says:

    Well I LOVE anythign with Zeb so this is a YES for me! I’m still waiting for the day when Aiden fucks the hell out of Zeb though!

  2. avatar jinger says:

    I’m happy :) I loved Marc, it’s great to see him again, and Zeb

  3. avatar von schlomo says:

    YAY Marc is back!!! He’s so cute and sexy and really seems to be a sweet guy. Hopefully he comes back for a bunch more videos and getting his ass pounded, by Connor or Aiden (or both!). In the meantime, I’ll happily download him pounding Zeb and his sexy eyes w/o even looking at the pics.

  4. avatar jazz says:

    The last “glamour shot” pic of both of them with their legs up in the air makes my heart melt.

    • avatar Southbay says:

      That’s my favorite picture too. Just like what u said on your 1st comment I agree with you that anything with Zeb is a win for me. Boy is sexy as hell. He’s my future husband lol. That’s why I have him as my avatar

  5. avatar dio says:

    oh, wow Marc is back? That’s kind of a shock. LOL He looks the same – or, maybe, a bit more defined? Yum. I still HATE that shit on his chiny-chin-chin, though.

    Zeb is is just such a beautiful dood. <3

  6. avatar elmtree says:

    Nice pairing. Surprised, but happy to see Marc back.

  7. avatar jugde6 says:

    Nice pairing. I like both of them

  8. avatar brucesteggert says:

    As always, Zeb is super hot and handsome, and he’s become a great bottom. Clearly the most stunning guy on the site.

    I am very much liking him with Marc (or with anyone, or solo–lol). Good to see Marc back. Very cute couple.

    PS Yes, the “double hole” shot is a winner!

  9. avatar Juan Diego says:

    If the set of photographs that accompany each scene was the real scene, the video material of CF would not be so monotonous, so boring and predictable as is.

  10. avatar Beowulf says:

    I like Marc. The tattoos were a bit much but he’s sexy. He should be paired with Robbie or Jackson. Anything that increases ethnic diversity at CF is a yes.

  11. avatar Colby Parr says:

    Zeb is gorgeous. If only he would gain weight and clip his toenails.

  12. avatar Dorse says:

    Why do I get instantly hard whenever I see Zeb?? I think you guys know the plain truth! Want to see him again in a flip flop. Watching Zeb fuck is a beautiful thing indeed.

  13. avatar adowhat says:

    some nice visuals captured on the stairs.

  14. avatar knight says:

    I fucking love Zeb and don’t care what scene it is!

  15. avatar Bradster says:

    Awesome update!

  16. avatar jimmysydney says:

    Marc (the hottest guy EVER!) is back! Yay! Marc vs Cain is my favourite porn scene of all time.

    • avatar jimmysydney says:

      Although the Marc/Cain wrap-up shower scene was kinda awkward. Cain was chilled and kept a semi (bless him) but Marc seemed tense and embarrassed. This one looks heaps better.

  17. avatar Sushi says:

    Super excited that Marc is back!!!! He was always a favorite of mine, especially when he bottoms. I’m starting to come around on Zeb, especially when he bottoms! (anyone sensing s pattern here….LOL) Damn I hope Marc stays around for a long time. Along with the great suggestions mentioned abKentove, I would LOVE for a flip with him and Cameron! Or, a flip with Sean or Kent! OMG my mouth is watering already just thinking of the possibilities with Marc.

  18. avatar reader says:

    Zeb is so basic. Face and body.

    He has nice eyes but that’s about it.

    • avatar jazz says:

      I think I like him so much because he is so “basic” as you put it. He’s the boy next door that you’d love to fuck!

  19. avatar Paschal says:

    Totally lovin’ my Zeb.
    Zeb: make no changes, plez. Perfect just the way you are (which is sexy and masculine as hell). You be smokin’!

  20. avatar Moose2008 says:

    OKAY SERIOUSLY WTF! THEY ARE BOTH “NOT” 5’9″….if you’re gonna put up really hot guys then at least put down their REAL STATS! HOLY COCK!!! :/

  21. avatar Jonny Marzetti says:

    Agree with most that it’s great to see Marc back and that this is a hot pairing. Would be nice to see Zeb with a little more weight and muscle though.

  22. avatar Carl says:

    I totally like the 3rd pic of Zeb with that big smile/grin. He also has a dazzling smile. And he is soo stunning in looks, that had forgotten what a substantial cock he has too. Yum. Nice to see Marc back. I think it would be hard to hold one’s own when paired with the Zebster, but he did okay.

  23. avatar kd says:

    was really happy to see this pairing as I think both of these guys are hot. I am a big fan of Marc and was missing him. Scene was a bit of a disappointment though; I like to see really hot foreplay w/ sensuous kissing and cock sucking as well as rimming but there was very little of that in this one. I think Marc has an incredible body w/ a beautiful cock and magnificent ass that Zeb should have really worshiped but they got almost immediately into the fucking. There were some good shots of Marc’s ass pounding Zeb but not enough to satisfy me. Also I don’t know if it were just my download but it seemed like there was a “sound track” to this scene that did not match the action. One or both of these guys were pretty vocal throughout the scene but the vocals did not coincide w/ the action. It almost seemed like there was a spectator out of view watching the action and the vocals were coming from him.

  24. avatar clusterfuck says:

    Nice to see Marc back to compensate for the crap new models CF has showcased lately.

  25. avatar Patrol says:

    Good to see Marc again, with his wild smile and penchant for elaborate tattoos. There’s a new one: “Only God can judge me,” it says, a little defensively.

    I think the gods of porn would approve this update, so no worries. I like Marc fresh-faced and relatively tattoo-free when he was Joseph on SC, but I also like his buffer body on CF. This video is a little SC-ish too: the sex clocks in at under 14 minutes and with very little foreplay and BJ. Kind of agrees with @kd it leaves something to be desired.

    Marc looks almost the same as when we last saw him, which is good. Speaking of models from the past, I guess in typical CF fashion, we never got a formal goodbye from Josh.

  26. avatar twinkemopunk808 says:

    marc has got to be my fav cf model! so happy hes back- he is so sexy! is he filipino or mexican? when I look at him I always think that he looks like a hawaii boi

  27. avatar Carl says:

    Zeb is truly one of the most handsome men I ever seen. Love watching him fuck.

  28. avatar Jasmé says:


  29. avatar massachu says:

    Zeb is getting really good in front of the camera (or getting to like it as I’d like to think, lol). It’s a great fuck Marc gave him, perfect positions. I’d love to see Zeb pairing up with Cam (assuming after Cam taking care of his face skin) but there would not be much chemistry between them, so Aiden should be the one who gives it to Zeb next!

    • avatar Timrod says:

      I agree completely. Think Zeb has really gotten good too.

      I don’t know about you guys, but despite Zeb’s great beauty, he still gives off a straight vibe to me. So I think he’s actually gotten doubly good at man sex.

  30. Fourth pic from the last, on the promotional photos column, really made my heart melt, so sexy damn! But Marc is fugly.

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