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SeanCody: Calvin Fucks Cole

Cole & Calvin at SeanCody

Cole & Calvin at SeanCody

Cole & Calvin at SeanCody

Cole & Calvin at SeanCody

Cole & Calvin at SeanCody

Cole & Calvin at SeanCody

Watch Cole & Calvin at SeanCody

Cole was very open about the fact that he loves to be “man handled!”

So, it wasn’t a surprise when Cole “submitted” instantly to Calvin. You can just tell when a guy can’t wait to put a huge dick in his mouth and Cole was no exception. The second Calvin pulled his shorts off, Cole looked up at him with a smile and went straight down on his cock. Cole had a bit of trouble taking it all in at first but Calvin did not let up and made him take it.

After that, Cole’s ass was ready for a fucking. Calvin slid his dick into Cole’s hairy hole and did not let up. Calvin could tell that Cole definitely enjoyed being man handled and even pulled out some moves that I hadn’t seen before! He railed into him as he held his head down with his foot! Cole took every inch of Calvin’s cock and loved every minute of it!

Watch Cole & Calvin at SeanCody

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  • adowhat

    while calvin is wearing thin for me, this does look hot. it’s nice to have a gay bttm take a good fucking. Where’s Ethan? He needs to top this one pronto.

  • Nick Minaj

    For some reason this Cole kid looks better here than in his solo. I could have done without Calvin all this update does nothing for me. Sometimes theres something new in the SC updates, but there always is something old along with it.

  • adamdays23

    Hot scene Sean Cody, Cole great bottom. 4 stars. Cole please bottom for Ethan, Jake, or Jess. Sean Cody please try another DP scene, fuckfest, live shows, touch less cum shot, and a lot more behind the scenes. Also please try another set like a beach, boat, office, or something new. Can’t wait to see whats in Sean Cody future.

  • elmtree

    While I certainly appreciate the fact Cole is a gay, power bottom who willingly took all Calvin threw at him, this vid did have some disappointing aspects. Namely, Cole was soft during most of the fucking and failed to cum while getting fucked. And, when he did cum, it was literally two drops of cum. Finally, what self respecting gay power bottow wouldn’t swallow?

    Ok, a little critical I know, but had big expectations for this so, overall, somewhat of a let down.

    • dio

      it’s actually VERY likely SC had Cole shoot multiple scenes in one day, and this scene was at the ‘tail end’ when he was basically tapped of come.

    • moondoggy

      No, elmtree, that’s not a little critical (if by that you mean a little unfair) at all. If all we wanted in porn is beautiful bodies, we could settle for jacking off to a Calvin Klein underwear box. What good is it if the guys can’t perform? I thought this looked amazing, but I hate everything you said about it and am glad you saved my time. If you can’t keep an erection in your porn scene, chances are I can’t keep one watching it.

    • elmtree

      Good points moondoggy…

  • jazz

    While not perfect, I think this is a very hot video based mostly on the pairing. We all now SC is lacking in the directing department…things like mutual blow jobs/rimming should just be standard. But oh well. For me, SC can’t really go wrong with Calvin and Cole was hungry for the dick so it all seemed to work out.

  • DaddyYankee

    Very hot, but I’m fed up with Calvin. He needs a long period of rest.

  • dio

    like I said before: Thank you, based god. :’D Calvin is so hot and Cole is so cute and enthusiastic. Very hot pairing. SC wins the week, and likely rest of the month.

  • CALVIN i fucking LOVEEEEE you! i would die a happy person if i were to meet you and spend just one night with you! I LOVE YOU CALVIN <3 CALVIN <3 CALVIN <3 CALVIN <3 CALVIN <3 CALVIN <3 CALVIN <3 CALVIN <3 CALVIN

    btw the only reason i'm watching this is for CALVIN. Next time could you pair him with someone on his league…. which goes by the name BRANDON, pweaseee????

  • darkthunder1983

    Damn, that was fast! And I’m happy as fuck that it’s Calvin in the video!!!

  • lee-dong

    yep SC its time to get back on track and get the hotties like fratmen!

  • vitner

    Does anybody know Calvin’s real name??? I saw him last Friday when I was working at NBC in NY. I think he works there too, but I’m not sure.

  • porndog

    Calvin’s presence alone makes this something I’d like to see. And I’m glad Cole got him for his first scene partner. This looks pretty hot, but as usual, SC leaves out some key elements like rimming and cum eating (to name a few) for some self-imposed limit on video time.

    • shaman36

      yess calvin is the reason why i still have some hope for SC

  • Phillip

    I kinda wish there would be more swallowing of loads in Sean Cody, but beggers can’t be chooser. I’m content with this update, as it has the ever-lovely Calvin. And what’s great is that he’s the top… and doing GREAT at topping if I say so myself.

  • Southbay

    Always love Calvin! The boy loves to fuck and get fucked! Cole looks nice here too. Love the pics of his gaping hole

  • Daniel

    Cole looks good here. Calvin looks like he’s trying really hard to be a “good” top.

  • Sushi

    God I wish Cole were better looking. Like that quote from Planet of the Apes, “you’re just so damned ugly!”

  • 007james

    yeah boy suck on calvin’s big schlong! … he pushes his face down on the bed for a good fucking. Hot!

    • Agree… the best part is when Calvin put his foot on Cole’s face, it’s priceless. I could lick, munch, and tickle Calvin’s foot anyday of the week.

  • jinger

    I like Calvin

  • quinton23


    • Southbay

      Get your fuckin eyes check you dumbass! Because what you said clearly ain’t the case

    • shaman36

      seriously how can you say that after watching this scene the guy is plenty manly and can handle his own. and if you think thats ugly i dont want to see your “type” of pretty.

    • @quinton23 Boooo Calvin Hater, he’s the hottest guy in porn right now!

  • scottnyer

    ok. that seemed intense. Calvin looked like he was relentless and really went to town. I mean, there probably was some breaks and cuts but it looked pretty tough. I’d be tuckered out topping like that. I think it takes a lot of energy / stamina to top like that for such a long time.

    That said. It was really good.

    • Helluva Bottom Carter

      Yeah, Calvin really delivered as a top this time. I mean, he’s a natural bottom but he’s very believable as versatile. Unlike someone like Jamie, who’s SO good at bottoming, it’s a bit silly to see him do something else.

      Love the foot-keeping-the-head-down-while-fucking action.

  • Bradster

    I can’t remember Cole from his solo video, but after watching this update I’m totally in love with him. That guy is pure perfection.

  • FFVIIMidgar

    I effing love Calvin! He’s beautiful and makes an AMAZING top!

  • Neo_

    Calvin fucked the shit out of that dude. He’s good on both ends. I could fuck with Calvin all night.

  • KURT10677

    I have never seen Calvin fucking as hard as he was in this update, and Cole actually looked better in this duo than he did in his solo. He kinda has that geeky boy next door type.

    • darkthunder1983

      And THAT’S what makes him so cute to me! I wanna knock the beakers off the science lab table, throw him on top of it and show those lab rabbits how it’s done!!!

  • shaman36

    oh man calvin you make the world go round and everything better always a good update when hes in the mix. A+

  • Aries16

    <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 < 3 <3 <3 <3 CALVIN IS SEX SEX PURE FUCKING SEX!!!! LOVE HIS MAMOTH ANACONDA COCK AND HIS BUBBLICIOUS RUMP ROAST ASS!!!!!!

    MY GOD I WISH I CAN HAVE A ONE NIGHT STAND SO BAD WITH HIM AND HE CAN TREAT ME JUST LIKE HE DID COLE… WHIVH BY THE COLE IS HOT CUTE BOTTOM MORE OF HIM AND WITH ETHAN JAREK LIEV OMG I WANT ALL OF THEM IN ME , but back to CALVIN in this he is solidly the best SC model so far trumping out Harley, Brandon, Patrick, Jake, so much sex appeal and hotness and sensualism and GOD what a fucking amazing body all around he is so close to ETHAN JAREK THIS VIDEO IS HOT HOW HE PLOWS and that ass loked like maria calas singing do re mi …. beautiful just gorgeous fun sex!!!!

  • xjdphoenix

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    • Aries16

      You are the cutest bottom after Jaime and u r just perfect with an awesome ass, you r porn material and now you need to let SC to pair with you ETHAN LIEV JAREK HAL AND MARK….. Legit you have the hottest back side and perfect toned body with a good cock keep up the work and copy and paste this to sc or let him know to read this I guarantee you you will come back and also I forgot Brandon and Jeff hahahaha maybe well meet in California somewhere hahaha