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BaitBuddies: Drake Jaden (Bait) & Leon Knight (Str8)

Drake Jaden (Bait) & Leon Knight (Str8) on

Drake Jaden (Bait) & Leon Knight (Str8) on

Drake Jaden (Bait) & Leon Knight (Str8) on

Drake Jaden (Bait) & Leon Knight (Str8) on

Watch Drake Jaden (Bait) & Leon Knight (Str8) at BaitBuddies

Yes, our ‘New Year Baby’ is back with his 8 cock and rockin’ bod and just a little more hair on his chest which seems to be the trend, and that includes the pubes too – we like it. Caruso nicknamed Drake Jaden, this weeks Bait, ‘Baby New Year’ because it’s his second New Year appearance on Last time it didn’t go so well as the straight guy chickened out at the last minute and Drake had to go it solo. But, Jake is one compact hottie with a fabulous body and he never disappoints. Caruso tells Jake that our Straight guy, Leon is real good looking and has a big, thick cock, to which Drake replies ‘I can feel my butt hole twitching already’. So, in comes Leon who just turned 20 and is a cute as they come. Watch Drakes eyes, they barely move from looking at one part of Leon or the other during the entire video shoot. Leon is a self proclaimed unbeatable poker player whose other hobbies include partying and fucking girls. We obviously won’t be asking him about the last book he read. But, who cares, once he strips down and we get to look at his hot naturally beautiful body and literally perfect thick 8 inch cock, what’s on his mind is of no concern. Both guys compare their hard cocks and the verdict is that Leon’s is thicker and Drake’s a smidgen longer. Nobody could complain about either.

We’re ready for the shoot and Oh no! the girl didn’t show – what to do now??? Well, Caruso tells Leon that we can’t get another girl on short notice and that he’ll be paid a premium if does something sexual with Drake. Leon is not happy with this, but Caruso convinces him that he’s not gay if he does it for money, so he eventually says he’ll give it a try. At this point Drake doesn’t waste a minute. He’s got that beautiful 8 inch pink piece of meat down his throat before Leon can change his mind. Leon is getting into it right away, but before long it’s time for him to take his first taste of cock. He does very well as a cocksucker and the look on Drake’s flushing face reflects that fact. Next Caruso has them do a little frottage or sword fight, so Drake holds his cock tight against Leon’s and strokes them together. The look on Leon’s face tells the story – anyone whose done this knows what a wonderful feeling that is. As Drake is manipulating both cocks together he quickly grabs the back of Leon’s head with his free hand and firmly pulls him in for his first man kiss. Leon barely has time to react and when he does he tries to pull away – but Drake holds his head and finally Leon surrenders to the erotic experience and becomes a participating partner in this very deep kiss and Caruso loses no time in making sure it’s captured close up and personal on video. Next Caruso gets Drake down on all fours and has Leon penetrate his hole. The stud sinks all 8 inches into Drake in one motion. Drake is loving it and Leon can’t fuck the dude hard enough. Next is the power fuck and Jake gets down with his back on the floor and his butt wedged against the couch. Leon sits on the couch right under Jake’s butt and shoves that big fucker back into Drake’s twitching hole and jackhammers the cum out Jake which spurts all over himself including his face. Leon is ready to go and stands up over Drake and jacks off his own big load all over Jake hitting him with globs in his face. Watch Jake stick out his tongue and take a little taste while ‘nobody is watching’. With a video this hot Caruso plans to make ‘Baby New Year’ a tradition at…only 364 more days to go!

Watch Drake Jaden (Bait) & Leon Knight (Str8) at BaitBuddies

16 Responses to BaitBuddies: Drake Jaden (Bait) & Leon Knight (Str8)

  1. avatar Tom says:

    OMG this is definitely unappealing.
    That straight guy looks like he wants to throw up all the time. I say no !
    I really don t need straight guys in gay porn to be happy.

  2. avatar wkybuilt4 says:

    the straight guy looks like a queen and the gay guy looks disgusting.

  3. avatar zemyazem says:


    • avatar EmpireState says:

      Ok, Drake may not be everyone’s gay cup of tea, but I LOVE his size. Personally, I like my guys bigger and since Drake’s a small dude, nearly everyone he fucks towers over him, so it’s vicarious porn for me. In one of the Suite 703’s, he fucks some 6’7″ guy and it’s awesome.

    • avatar zemyazem says:

      AND SO WHAT…………??


    • avatar asswipe says:

      Yeah the whole size thing isn’t the issue here…it’s believability and this scene has not a frame of it.

  4. avatar Tom says:

    Malicious gossip galore … no surprise.
    Expressing dislike in a classy way seems to be a tall order !

  5. avatar Ryder25 says:

    The ‘straight’ guy looks gayer than the gay guy. Hahaha. Those eyebrows alone brand him as a queen.

  6. avatar Timah says:

    That first pic is hilarious, you would think he was on fear factor forced to eat a roach.

  7. avatar Ike says:

    OK. It’s 2012. Can we now finally admit how shaved heads make men look absolutely ridiculous no matter how bald they are and that it doesn’t “cover up” anything? No better example of a beautiful man looking like a 70 year old with that shaved head.

  8. avatar Tom says:

    Adieu aesthetics Hitlers !

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