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ChaosMen: Jet (Solo)

Jet (Solo) at ChaosMen

Jet (Solo) at ChaosMen

Jet (Solo) at ChaosMen

Jet (Solo) at ChaosMen

Jet (Solo) at ChaosMen

Jet (Solo) at ChaosMen

Jet (Solo) at ChaosMen

Watch Jet (Solo) at

Jet is best friends with Solomon. They had not seen each other in a while, and when they finally touch-based, Solomon told him he was doing guy-on-guy porn. Jet said he was hooked up with a company too, and when they discussed what each was getting paid, Solomon was like, “Dude, you need to come work at ChaosMen!” So I guess I am still on the upper end of pay.

Jet was super excited to come work for me, mostly cuz Solomon gave me a ringing endorsement. And he did have fun. Loved doing the solo with the computer and the toy.

He is way into it and even fingers his ass for us.

He is down for oral, and pretty sure he will eventually do full on work.

He did fib about his age (contrary to what viewers believe I do in fact post their legal age) so you might notice a discrepancy between what he says. Not many models say they are a different age when I ask, but I think he was a little worried he might be “too old” or maybe looks younger.

His solo is awesome and his Serviced video next week is amazing too. Glad to have him as part of the team!

Watch Jet (Solo) at

24 Responses to ChaosMen: Jet (Solo)

  1. avatar Southbay says:

    I recognized him right off the bat. That’s Scott from Straight Rent Boys. What happened to the nipple rings. Those were so hot. Anyways he’s super sexy. I hope he does come back for full on work. Beautiful looking hole too

    • avatar CalRegularGuy says:

      I was thinking his nipples looked like they were pierced. Would have been hot to see them left in. Agreed on the beautiful hole. Looking forward to seeing him on action.

  2. avatar tomtomson says:

    very hot!!!! (minus the dick)

  3. avatar CalRegularGuy says:

    He’s definitely sexy. He actually looks like he could be Solomon’s brother.

  4. avatar PornJock says:

    This guy looks like Clyde from a couple of weeks back just not as built. He’s cute and toned and has the potential to pack on muscle. Maybe he should work out with his best bud Solomon or better yet they could suck and fuck each other! Pretty interesting how two straight best friends independently end up working for amateur gay porn studios at the same time. Hmm…

  5. avatar PornJock says:

    Fleshjack should be paying Bryan for all of the exposure they’re getting, or maybe they already are? That’s my guess the way the toys are popping up in both solo and fuck videos. I also don’t think I care for the new set-up of solos where the guys are seated and visibly watching blurred out straight porn on a computer monitor. I guess Bryan finds it realistic but I say leave it off-screen or keep the situation but have them get off to watching other ChaosMen films!

  6. avatar Paschal says:

    Cute. Nice smile. Wanna see him fuck Trent.

  7. avatar AlfonsoR85 says:

    The guy is not bad but seeing him watching straight porn on a computer monitor is a turn off for me. I mean, at least use your imagination lol.

  8. avatar Rebel says:

    very well hung. I like him… and hi cums like fountain…

  9. avatar PornJock says:

    OMG! In the 17th pic down Jet is sitting on someone else!!! Maybe getting fucked??? How did that get in there???

  10. avatar muffintop says:

    I like him. Cute, fit, nice cock, body hair. Of course now that Bryan has mentioned he’s friends with Solomon people are going to want to see them together :/

  11. avatar elmtree says:

    Not bad. Interestingly enough, my fav pic is actually the first one where he is fully clothed.

  12. avatar EmpireState says:

    Good looking dude.

  13. avatar jag2power says:

    Would love to juice up his hole.

  14. avatar cepsluvr says:

    Cute, nice body, great smile, good dick. I’d keep him…

  15. avatar hollydick says:

    hot ! he’s got it all ! love to see more … :)

  16. avatar asswipe says:

    He will be good as a bottom.

  17. avatar Billy.Sive says:

    kinda cute, regular guy as usual in this site

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