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RandyBlue: Chris Porter & Derek Atlas

Chris Porter & Derek Atlas at RandyBlue

Chris Porter & Derek Atlas at RandyBlue

Chris Porter & Derek Atlas at RandyBlue

Chris Porter & Derek Atlas at RandyBlue

Chris Porter & Derek Atlas at RandyBlue

Watch Chris Porter & Derek Atlas at

Chris Porter and Derek Atlas don’t waste any time. No sooner did their sexy muscle hunk bodies hit the bed than Derek’s face was deep in Chris’ famous bubble butt. Derek Atlas loves to eat ass and with the two perfect globes that Chris is carrying around with him who could resist. But that was just the beginning. These two have such an untamed passion that when Derek leans in for a kiss you can feel it in your bones. And when Chris wraps his tattooed paw around Derek’s balls while he deep throats his enormous meat pole I defy your mouth to not water. Pretty soon Derek uses every inch of his jock muscle to pound Chris’ hungry hole. Derek likes it rough and you can see him pull on Chris’ hair, holding his arms behind him and totally using him as if Chris was his own personal sex toy. This just gets Chris all the more horny until he shoots his thick creamy load all over himself.

Watch Chris Porter & Derek Atlas at

16 Responses to RandyBlue: Chris Porter & Derek Atlas

  1. avatar HKguy says:

    Hot love them both, but I really want to see Derek bottom! I heard he did a scene with bryce, I hope its a flip! That would be epic!

  2. avatar CarlosEduarc says:

    Derek is a man of guts! He is really desperate for money.

    The bad points: Lame ass RB has don’t even care with who they will pair Derek with. Chris Porter is the most nasty, disgusting fug of RB cast. So we can realise that this scene is just a 20min cut of 3 hours trying to get good shots of Derek.

    Why would someone like to watch that shit?

  3. avatar Czar says:

    At least they’re using a condom. Derek ain’t stupid enough to bareback.

  4. avatar asswipe says:

    At least they shouldn’t be using a condom. RB isn’t smart enough to go bareback.

  5. avatar landreau says:

    I’m grateful that RB doesn’t go bareback. I know there’s a fine line between supporting porn and supporting bareback porn, but it’s one I will never cross. Otherwise, this is a mismatch. Really, the bottom has no place on this site. Bland, boring, forgetable. Bring in the hot solo guys!

    • avatar asswipe says:

      But Chris Porter has already done quite a few scenes at RB. So If what you say “….Really, the bottom has no place on this site…” I guess RB doesn’t agree. I do agree with your”…Bring in the hot solo guys!…” but I want them to be brought on in duo scenes. That may be what you meant as well.

  6. avatar elmtree says:

    I actually like this pairing. A muscle top fucking a twinkish power bottom…what’s not to like?

  7. avatar porndog says:

    I’m always happy to see Derek. He really is beautiful

  8. avatar humanoid says:

    nasty-looking right arm on chris porter.

  9. avatar AlfonsoR85 says:

    OMG. This Derek is sooo hot.

  10. avatar Daniel says:

    Derek needs to be fucked hard by a big cock.

  11. avatar james08908 says:

    Handsome men…pretty icy cold scenes

  12. avatar gaisle says:

    It’s a good thing I switch to SeanCody from RB, nothing change in the studio ever since, if the studio do BAREBACK that’s another story, sign me up ASAP

  13. avatar Spongey says:

    This was a bit boring. Chris has a cute face and all but his body is lacking. It appears he lost some of that muscle weight he put on. I prefer Derek but with beefier models. I think this was just a bad pairing altogether.

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