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CorbinFisher: Cain Fucks Chandler (Fucking Chandler)

Fucking Chandler at CorbinFisher

Fucking Chandler at CorbinFisher

Fucking Chandler at CorbinFisher

Fucking Chandler at CorbinFisher

Fucking Chandler at CorbinFisher

Fucking Chandler at CorbinFisher

Fucking Chandler at CorbinFisher

Watch Cain & Chandler at

Chandler and his huge dick find themselves on the receiving end of another huge cock, when one of our resident muscle gods, Cain, fucks him!

Chandler star rose quickly once he debuted on CF. Of course, his looks and his cock have something to do with that. However, he’s also a genuinely nice guy and very considerate of the people he’s partnered with. Which, with that big of a weapon, he kind of has to be considerate!

Cain’s no slouch in the hung-like-a-horse department, either! After they kiss, Cain gets his first look at Chandler equipment. “I can’t even fit it in my mouth!” he laughs. Somehow, he manages it, though. Cain pulls out his own cock and strokes them together.

Chandler takes Cain’s uncut cock into his mouth and sucks it for all he’s worth. It gags him a little, but he keeps going down for more. Cain slaps Chandler’s tongue with his cock. “You’re hungry for a fuckin’ aren’t ya?” Cain asks.

Cain moves into a 69 position, so he can suck on Chandler’s cock again. He shoves his dick down Chandler’s throat. Chandler slides his tongue to Cain’s ass and rims him. Cain spits on Chandler’s ass and fingers it.

With Chandler’s legs over his head, Cain piledrives his cock into Chandler’s ass. He turns around to plug Chandler from the front and kiss him as he rams his uncut dick into his ass. Chandler grabs the edge of the bed as Cain thrusts deeper.

Cain spreads Chandler’s legs wide and hammers his hole. Chandler moans loudly as he gets pounded. Cain smacks Chandler’s ass, then flips over to have Chandler ride his cock.

Chandler climbs on top of Cain and slides down on his dick. Cain drills up into Chandler mercilessly. Chandler lies on his side. Cain shoves his dick back into that tight ass. Chandler begs him not to stop fucking him that way. Chandler blasts his load all over his chest and face!

Cain pulls out and shoots his own load on top of Chandler’s cock and stomach. Looks like Chandler enjoys getting fucked as much as he likes fucking!

Watch Cain & Chandler at

45 Responses to CorbinFisher: Cain Fucks Chandler (Fucking Chandler)

  1. avatar EveArden says:

    I’ll interested, so I will watch it. But the presence of the black socks does not impress.

  2. avatar jugde6 says:

    I think I´m gonna love that video. Good update Mr. Fisher

  3. avatar Southbay says:

    Yes I was waiting for Chandler to get fucked. He’s sexy to me!

  4. avatar rihannas gay son says:

    Chandler reminds me of Nolan from Revenge on ABC hahaha he’s hot

  5. avatar Tom says:

    Very cute … I like Cain a lot. But they make a good pairing ! :-D

  6. avatar CarlosEduarc says:

    For me that’s pure shit. No! Yuks. Chandler is nasty, Cain lacks in a lot of things to make him super hot for me.

  7. avatar FeydRautha says:

    Well, at least, there are cumshots this time…

  8. avatar jinger says:

    Not interested in Chandler

  9. avatar topher says:

    I don’t see why Chandler bottoming is any cause for celebration. I’ve never liked him, because he has the face and body (big dick aside) of a female impersonator. Cain fucking Cameron would be something I’d like to see, instead of this lame pairing.

  10. avatar Nick Minaj says:

    Well I happen to like Chandler, and I think he looks damn hot getting fucked.

    • avatar darkthunder1983 says:

      Nick, I’m with you and I agree with Bi Boy1986; Cain used to be interesting to me but, in my opinion, he’s become like Dawson and has been reduced to a one-trick pony of topping when I knew he can bottom as well.

  11. avatar Bi Boy1986 says:

    God I have been waiting so long to see Chandler get fuck. This makes me so happy. I think that he is sooo sexy. would shag him in a heart beat. To all the nay-sayer, Chandler is hot, he has a big cock, he know how to use his big cock, he know how to take it, and he seems genuinely happy about doing porn. MORE CHANDLER!!!! (only down side, I which they had found another lad to fuck him, Cain is too small)

  12. avatar jazz says:

    This update should’ve been Chandler fucking Cameron!

  13. avatar Res1 says:

    I love me some Cain, but he needs to slow down on the iron.

  14. avatar Peach says:

    I don’t like Chandler aka Camila Parker Bowles (lol off with my head!)

  15. avatar Peach says:

    I don’t like Chandler aka Camilla Parker Bowles (lol off with my head!)

  16. avatar Daniel says:

    Chandler’s face is a joke.

  17. avatar Colby Parr says:

    II will never tire of Cain.

  18. avatar elmtree says:

    This looks like a pretty good update. I’ll certainly give it a look.

  19. avatar twinkemopunk808 says:

    i think chandler is sexy! cute face and sweet long hair- that big cock is hot too !!wish he got to stick it in cain for a bit

  20. avatar Jonny Marzetti says:

    I like his wavy mop of hair and his pleasant smile, but truth be told Chandler is very average-looking at best,

  21. avatar kinezo says:

    still cant decide whether i like chandlers face or not….he’s definitely not porn worthy without that gorgeous cock

  22. avatar darkthunder1983 says:

    While I am surprised that Chandler came back, I am in no way surprised that Cain is the one to pop Chandler’s cherry.

  23. avatar porndog says:

    Looks like a hot one. I wasn’t too excited about Chandler, but he sure looks good with a dick in the ass. Having Cain as his partner certainly makes this one look inviting. And Chandler’s cock is a nice piece of meat. Not bad at all.

  24. avatar cuban223 says:

    So what is like the cherry popper? He has been breaking guys in for like 2 years now.

  25. avatar cuban223 says:

    So what is Cain like the cherry popper? He has been breaking guys in for like 2 years now.

  26. avatar KingSize says:

    Chandler is not hot. I dont get the excitment. Average face, below average body, if he didn have a big dick he wouldnt even be here.

  27. avatar asswipe says:

    Something seems odd here regarding “Chandler”. I am sure a good portion of the reason he got brought on is due to his big dick…and don’t get me wrong I like big dicks…Yet taking that into account he has been in so few scenes to date and now bottoming…Seems like a recipe to me…So either it’s a new concept they are testing out at CF or it’s Bon Voyage “Chandler” maybe not this scene but soon.

  28. avatar ChicagoBoyRN says:

    Any video with Cain in it is HOT HOT HOT!!!

  29. avatar Sushi says:

    Chandler is goofy looking, but not really hot. And why do they let Cain keep those black footy socks on all the time?

  30. avatar DGrayson says:

    His name is Chandler. One does not simply get past that.
    Also, naked+black socks is a great way to kill an erection. Thanks Cain.

  31. avatar gsgrz says:

    I don’t know what y’all are talking about. Black ankle socks on a guy is so hot. CF needs more of that

  32. avatar trex says:

    After watching this very hot scene only an idiot would be talking about Cain’s socks. Almost nothing as hot as watching a really hung guy bottom. Chandler looks great getting fucked by Cain–he is very vocal and hard the whole time. Cain does a great job rimming him and then dominating him like only Cain can. Chandler’s cum shot is nothing short of amazing, as he shoots himself in the face. What a difference two days make for the quality of the latest Corbin Fisher update.

  33. avatar rakastettu says:

    Why the hell can’t Cain ever take those socks off??

    • avatar Peach says:

      He has seven toes on his left foot, their public display not socially acceptable and widely believed as the sign of witchcraft.

  34. avatar Jonny Marzetti says:

    @Peach Aha! Is it a Romanian gypsy curse?

  35. avatar Devin Sixx says:

    My Cain is BACK !! he’s so FUCKIN’ HOT ! but he needs a new haircut !

  36. avatar daws001 says:

    Cain is so insanely hot. That body! Chandler isn’t really my type but I’ve liked the scenes I’ve seen him in.

  37. avatar filtereye says:

    chandler should bottom more often

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