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Str8-To-Gay: Games Gone Wild (Johnny Rapid & Rosso Twins)

Games Gone Wild (Johnny Rapid & Rosso Twins) at

Games Gone Wild (Johnny Rapid & Rosso Twins) at

Games Gone Wild (Johnny Rapid & Rosso Twins) at

Games Gone Wild (Johnny Rapid & Rosso Twins) at

Games Gone Wild (Johnny Rapid & Rosso Twins) at

Johnny Rapid just wanted the twins to show him how to play a video game, but the twins have different ideas and never play fair!

Watch Johnny Rapid & The Rosso Twins at

24 Responses to Str8-To-Gay: Games Gone Wild (Johnny Rapid & Rosso Twins)

  1. avatar Rebel says:

    the twins are so not sexy….

  2. avatar Scottoh23 says:

    Your crazy man, the twins are double sexy!

  3. avatar Sushi says:

    Boy the twins used to be so natural and hot, but now they’re all ‘roided out (as witnessed by their terrible facial skin), and the one has the most terribly sculpted eyebrows. Blech.

    But Johnny is looking sweeter than EVER! It’s so nice to see him in a video where he actually gets to top, and isn’t beaten up or thrown around. Boy he looks beautiful here.

  4. avatar jinger says:

    Love Johnny, wanna see this video

  5. avatar adowhat says:

    rosso twins have been around a while. it’s time they start doing more with each other or they can retire. glad they got back to their shorter hair cuts.

    as for Johnny, i am in total love with him right now. he’s so hot, and like sushi said, it was nice to see him top or not be in dumb scene being beat up/thrown around.

  6. avatar DaddyYankee says:

    Rosso twins need to fuck each other, like Peter twins do.

  7. avatar CarlosEduarc says:

    Looks like Rosso Twins are whoring pretty much everywhere lately. (Maybe their father abandoned them)
    The straight one is pretty annoying when he start saying redundant things. But one thing he comented and i liked to hear was about Johnny’s dick curve.

  8. avatar Bo69 says:

    According to several blogs, US law prohibits them from fucking each other on camera. They have become very detached since they left Corbin Fisher where at least they were teamed with men who knew how to fuck and feed.

  9. avatar Johnny2x4 says:

    The Peter twins are hotter. Plus who’s gay and who’s “straight”?

    • avatar darkthunder1983 says:

      Good question. Luca has been said to be gay/bisexual while Liam is straight HOWEVER in their scenes from Channel 1 Releasing and Jock Studios, Liam is the one who always bottoms while Luca tops. Makes me wonder who’s really gay and who’s really straight.

  10. avatar Ryder25 says:

    The twins aren’t ugly, but they’re not handsome, either. They’re just average guys who get a lot of attention because they’re twins. Then, when you pair them with someone as stunning as Johnny, it just makes them look more ordinary. Johnny is one of the hottest kids in porn at the moment.

  11. avatar Daniel says:

    Don’t see all the fuss about Johnny and certainly not with the twins.

    • avatar darkthunder1983 says:

      To some of us it’s his appeal and the sympathy points for getting beaten around in his past videos help, too.

    • avatar jinger says:

      To me, Johnny is simply hot, a very pretty boy, very cute :P Hope to see much more of him

  12. avatar Southbay says:

    This looks hot. All three are sexy

  13. avatar twinkemopunk808 says:

    johnny is sexy nice to see him fuck!

  14. avatar Lance says:

    Johnny is basically Sex on Legs. Plus he is as cute a Fuck.

  15. avatar catatonic says:

    I love me the Rosso twins,

    But watching the next door lady’s ancient dog sniff his own poop is infinitely ore exciting than this video ever will be.

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