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DominicFord: Jimmy Fanz & Corey Martin

Jimmy Fanz & Corey Martin at

Jimmy Fanz & Corey Martin at

Jimmy Fanz & Corey Martin at

Watch Jimmy Fanz & Corey Martin at

Jimmy Fanz is new on the scene. He’s super adorable, and is usually a bottom. We wanted to see what he could do as a top. It’s so cute to see how nervous and tentative he was, but then he really got into it. He’s fucking the equally cute Corey Martin, who loved every minute of it.

Watch Jimmy Fanz & Corey Martin at

25 Responses to DominicFord: Jimmy Fanz & Corey Martin

  1. avatar TheSagaOf says:

    The hairier one on the right is an absolute gem. I can’t contain myself, he’s gorgeous! From the beautiful body to the delicious-looking cock.

  2. avatar dio says:

    i had NO IDEA Jimmy Fanz was CM Vander’s bro… that’s really interesting, because he does strike me as a more compact Vander, and I guess big dicks are in the genes. 8-d He’s a REALLY good performer, too, much like his bro. He is pretty much the only reason to watch his GR scenes. LOL

    Corey Martin is so freaking handsome and I LOVE his body!

  3. avatar jazz says:

    I had no idea that he was Vander’s brother either. I stopped reading those silly write ups over at CM a long time ago. He has a nice dick and looks great with his legs up in the air.

  4. Dominic Ford got these two hot dude?? . . . I’m proud. I fancy the hairy one, he is sexy.

  5. avatar pm21jj says:

    That Jimmy look exactly like Vander (but we can’t assume they are brothers)

  6. avatar CarlosEduarc says:

    I don’t like hairy guys. But Jimmy is an exception. His body hair isn’t ugly or disgusting.

    Anyway he is the kind of guy who is meant to bbe hairy and have stubble beard. I saw him with his face shaved bottoming to Gavin Waters and he looked awful.

    Jimmy must stay hairy always.

  7. avatar Sushi says:

    Jimmy has such a cute face. I don’t know what he’s done since Circle Jerk Boys, but he’s improved 1000%! I’m with you Carlos….I usualy hate hairy guys, but yum he looks nice here.

  8. avatar adowhat says:

    i’ll be third in echoing im not usually into really hairy guys…but jimmy is hot!

  9. avatar cassette88 says:

    Shaun from CM has matured well. :) Looking handsome.

    • avatar CalRegularGuy says:

      Thanks cassette88. Was thinking Corey looked familiar. I thought Shaun was hot back in the day.

  10. avatar CalRegularGuy says:

    Both gorgeous guys. Jimmy sure does look like Vander (especially in pic #14 – where he’s fucking Corey). Corey also looks familiar – like maybe from Chaosmen or something.

  11. avatar Ted says:

    This is great! Love Corey Martin, but now I feel like I’m a Fan of Fanz as well!

  12. avatar KingSize says:

    OMG That Corey dude is AMAZING!!!!!!

  13. avatar von schlomo says:

    Jimmy Fanz is adorable and perfect. Shaun has never looked better!

  14. avatar muffintop says:

    Jimmy is looking better than ever. Hot, hairy, and absolutely adorable!

  15. avatar humanoid says:

    Jimmy Fanz should be plowed in the ass senseless nonstop!!!!

  16. avatar jag2power says:

    Both guys are ruggedly handsome.

  17. avatar Daniel says:

    The guys are looking good here.

  18. avatar johnsobe says:

    Jimmy topping. Nice. Such a stud. And the hairy legs on both are sensational.

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