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SeanCody: Harrison (Solo)

Harrison (Solo) at SeanCody

Harrison (Solo) at SeanCody

Harrison (Solo) at SeanCody

Harrison (Solo) at SeanCody

Harrison (Solo) at SeanCody

Watch Harrison (Solo) at

“So, you’re really blushing… do you always get bright red?”

“Yeah, a lot,” Harrison responsed. “For the most part I’m really shy, but when I’m horny or embarrassed I get all flustered!”

“And what are you now?”

“A little bit of both!”

You could definitely tell he was a bit flustered as he fumbled around taking his shorts off. But once they came off… well it was worth the wait!
Harrison. has a large, perky, bubble butt!

“Wow! Your ass is massive!”

“Thanks…” he responded as he turned bright red again.

As we got underway I couldn’t help but notice that Harrison was dripping a lot of precum… so much so that he was using it as lube.

“Um, that’s a lot of precum!”

“Yeah,” he laughed. “It’s really awkward when I start leaking in class. I get up and there is a huge wet spot on my pants!”

Harrison is in college trying to get the most out of life and taking advantage of what adventures come his way.

He has a tattoo which explains his philosoply.

“One life, one chance,” he explained as he showed it to us.”I got it as a reminder to always take risks, and never to settle!”

“That must be what brought you here today then?”

“That and a chance to play with my balls!” he replied.

Harrison’s balls were big and he liked to tug on them a lot. And when he came, he shot almost all the way to his face!

“Does it ever hit you in the mouth?”

“Once or twice… maybe three times,” he said. His cheeks instantly got red again!

Watch Harrison (Solo) at

52 Responses to SeanCody: Harrison (Solo)

  1. avatar CalRegularGuy says:

    Sexy. But this is the kind of guy who never returns. Again, would love it if these guys stopped shaving there pubes.

  2. avatar Sushi says:

    Bubble-butted muscle boy with a kinda small dick and kinda cute. I hope that’s a recipe for Harrison coming back to bottom. He certainly has his ass out a lot in this video….if that’s any preview of things to come.

  3. avatar CalRegularGuy says:

    Sexy. But this is the kind of guy who never returns. Again, would love it if these guys stopped shaving their pubes.

  4. avatar Schadenfreude says:

    Looks like Curtis in some pics. Too bad about the penis though.

  5. avatar Patrol says:

    Pretty nice! Precum + bubblebutt: Always good to see in a video.

    That’s some dramatic moaning for a solo.

    • avatar VegasRich says:

      He was emotive wasn’t he? If he could be like that with a guy, it would make for a really hot video.

    • avatar elmtree says:

      Wow, he is a moaner indeed…one can only imagine how loud he’d be with a cock deep inside him.

    • avatar Jonny Marzetti says:

      elmtree, that’s something I want to see! Damn, I hope this guy comes back for action, especially BB!

  6. avatar Nick Minaj says:

    This site really needs to spend more time producing quality sex updates, instead of continuously flooding us with solos. Anywayz, this guy reminds me of another Brodie type. In other words, I’m not seeing anything new here. Nice ass though.

  7. avatar Peach says:

    How tall is Harrison? too bodybuilder-ish and bloated for my taste. But unlike other bodybuilders, the lad is actually quite a looker, I have a feeling that he’ll be back soon. I’d like to see him completely manhandle Brodie and Brandon mmmmmmm that would be soooo erotic.

  8. avatar VegasRich says:

    Very nice and beefy just like I like them. I won’t hold out hope for his return though.

    • avatar landreau says:

      Yeah, he’s pretty close to perfect — the shave pubes don’t even bother me much — because there is some hair there (hate the waxed look). Great stocky built and ass to die for. Cute/handsome, but not a pretty boy, thankfully. Has a masculinity about him that almost guarantees we won’t see him in a guy on guy situaiton. Prove me wrong, SC.

  9. avatar Hendricks says:

    I like him, but he’s giving off this Brodie vibe that I don’t really like. We’ll see if he comes back

  10. avatar bmg says:

    Really hot. But wouldn’t have guessed he was college aged. For some reason, while scrolling through his pics, I thought he was 30. Still damn hot, though! Praying he comes back!

  11. avatar elmtree says:

    Nice ass…amazing actually. But too bulky for his height imo.

  12. avatar tandagay says:

    Yes very nice, but will never come back.

  13. avatar DaddyYankee says:

    Nice body, nice face, but small dick.

    • avatar moondoggy says:

      His dick is average at worst.

    • avatar pubert says:

      And why look at porn to see an “average” dick? This is why I’ve been watching more straight porn lately. At least the guys have nice, big dicks. Anyone can get into gay porn.

    • avatar landreau says:

      I love an average dick. It just looks “right.” I’m more about the size of the ass than the dick, but a donkey dick is a turn off — just too circus freak for my tastes. I agree that anyone can get into gay porn, but I don’t think a huge dick needs to be a prerequisite.

  14. avatar Mike says:

    Very nice ass. Would love to see someone—Calvin—fuck it.

  15. avatar pubert says:

    Fat and ugly. Next.

    • avatar tandagay says:

      Let’s have a look at you and see your definition of “in shape” if that guy is fat and ugly lord help the average looking people. Man you’re shallow!

  16. avatar HKguy says:

    They had me at “perky bubble butt”. Well he’s got a starter penis which only means one thing, power bottom!!! I hope he comes back, enough with these Solos get some of these new hotties into action!

  17. avatar pae26375 says:

    Homosexuals do little hairless.

  18. avatar Johnny2x4 says:

    Small dick…

  19. avatar dio says:

    hmm. The haircut makes his head look like it’s too small for his body. He cute though. Very adorable when he smiles, and sexass when he’s not, which is rare. I bet he’ll be back, and he will likely bottom – for Jeffery… x-D

  20. avatar porndog says:

    Would love to see this guy return. Any bets he comes back for a serviced video first?

  21. avatar jinger says:

    Not bad

  22. avatar trixM92 says:

    Everyone shut up and SING with me :

    “I like big butts and I cannot lie , you other queens can’t deny ……….”

  23. avatar adidas28 says:

    He is a prime piece of BEEEEEEEEEEEF. Please get him back. And, yeah, see about having that ass banged by Brodie or Brandon…

  24. avatar Billy.Sive says:

    nice guy, cute smile, and those thighs mmmm

  25. avatar jag2power says:

    Personally, I’m in love all over again. SC knows how to pick them (sometimes), but when the videographer is that close to the ass, why not a shot of the manhole? For heaven’s sake! I don’t understand, but Harrison gets my vote.

    (Unless he’s saving those pics for sometime in the future)

  26. avatar muffintop says:

    He’s a big, adorable lug isn’t he? Pretty cock and massive, meaty ass too. I’m not seeing the precum but if he’s a leaker, that’s hot! I’d actually like to see him with Marshall…

  27. avatar clusterfuck says:

    A less brutish Brodie.

  28. avatar von schlomo says:

    This one is hard to predict if he’ll be back…he’s just the type that SC loves to feature getting fucked, but yet he’s also that elusive solo guy.

  29. avatar TheSagaOf says:

    He’s alright. My jaw didn’t drop when I saw him or anything.

  30. avatar Daniel says:

    Looks overgrown and kinda stupid.

  31. avatar Timah says:

    Damn look at that ass. Please come back and bottom!

  32. avatar tandagay says:

    Fuck I love this guy! If he cums back I will re-subscribe for sure!

  33. avatar Mean Gene says:


  34. avatar porterwest57 says:

    Yummy and ruddy. Hope he comes back.

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