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SeanCody: Ashton (II)

Ashton II at SeanCody

Ashton II at SeanCody

Ashton II at SeanCody

Ashton II at SeanCody

Ashton II at SeanCody

Ashton II at SeanCody

Ashton II at SeanCody

Watch Ashton at

Ashton has had some very interesting experiences in his life.

“I used to be a pirate!”

“Wait…” I said. ‘“A pirate?” I was confused.

“Yeah when I was younger I was a pirate,” he explained. “My family and I were like a traveling circus. My dad would dress me up in a pirate costume! I had a little wooden sword and everything.”

Everything about Ashton is entertaining — his personality, his jokes, and his life stories. Being in the same room with him just puts a smile on your face.

“I was in the Marines, I was a pirate, a skateboarder, and a student… I was gay for a while too!”

He tried to get that one by without me noticing!

“Yeah in high school I used to swing back and forth!”

“Like a swing!”

He laughed. “I guess so, like a swing. I just liked each equally. They brought different things to the table!”

“So what’s on your table now?”

“Right now,” he said, pausing for a moment… “Well it’s been a while since I’ve been with a guy. I guess that’s why I’m here!”

One thing I figured out right away is that Ashton loves to be watched. And he loves to keep things interesting.

“I like to get creative when I jerk off,” he said. “Sometimes I aim for my mouth… it adds a little bit more to the experience.”

“What do you do when it gets in your mouth?”

“Swallow!” he said. “Spitting is for quitters!”

He just kept on surprising us!

Watch Ashton at

93 Responses to SeanCody: Ashton (II)

  1. avatar marcus carls says:

    HOly motherf–. Serious body. Serious cum shot.

    • avatar ahartford123 says:

      Agreed! Move over, Brandon. Ashton looks great, and I’m so happy the write-up is hinting that he’s coming back and openly bisexual.

    • avatar Cubankid says:

      Brandon has nothing to worry about lmao.

    • avatar dio says:

      @Cubankid, rite? The reaction to this guy (and Aiden, tbh) is like hyperbole OVERLOAD. I can’t.

    • avatar ahartford123 says:

      I like Brandon, don’t get me wrong, but lately he’s been relying too much on just looking pretty. He hasn’t had as great a performance as when he was paired with Jeffrey, IMHO, and that was even before BB started on the site. I like Brandon, but think he’s holding himself back.

    • avatar jinger says:

      Yeah, it’s time for Brandon to get fucked.

    • avatar ahartford123 says:

      @jinger Amen!

  2. avatar ChicagoBoyRN says:

    Oh my lordy, lordy, lordy….I hope he stays for some m2m bareback action!!!

  3. avatar the last dodo says:


  4. avatar DaveAtom says:

    I prefer other kind of guys, not my taste in particular. Looks like great body and cumshot though… he can definitely bottom to Marshall (one who need to come back)

    • avatar ahartford123 says:

      Marshall definitely needs to come back. A Marshall x Ashton pairing would be hot!

    • avatar dio says:

      kinda with you, here. I can appreciate his demigod status, but he’s just not getting me going, tbh. I feel like I’m missing something. x-D

    • avatar DaveAtom says:

      yes, for me is too cutesy, over the top… is fine, not going nuts but above average :)

  5. avatar Einreb1984ofSouthSF says:

    +1…………he looks like calvin in one of the pictures! (side shot;#5)..He’s a keeper! Let’s see him get fucked & creampied…………

  6. avatar samson says:

    No facials please. I want to see this guy swallow every drop of someone’s load.

  7. avatar Southbay says:

    What a beautiful dick. Can’t wait to see it in action. Nice cum shots too. Lol at his finger tattoo

  8. avatar jockyboy says:

    10/10 very gorgeous face! Hope he’ll be back getting fucked!

  9. avatar elmtree says:

    Yummy cock, nice load, nice body, gay leaning, and a swallower. Get this guy back pronto!

  10. avatar †orrie says:

    Very hot! And that dick… OH MY!

    • avatar SuperDuper says:

      LOL Hmmm, who do you want to see him paired up with Torrie? :D

      And I feel the same way as you do for sure. I hope he’s in the next update but maybe that’s too soon. :D

    • avatar †orrie says:

      @SuperDuper Hmmm… I’d love to see him in a flip with Brandon, Aidan and Joshua :D Though, I have a feeling we’re gonna see him top Curtis pretty soon.

      Oh, and SC please keep Pierce away from him goddamn!

    • avatar shaman36 says:

      I want to see him paired with curtis, marshall, and calvin oh man this guys is oozing sexy. And def. keep him away from pierce.

  11. avatar Neobamboom says:


  12. avatar mikey kun says:

    wow he’s a hottie, he looks a freak in the bed.

  13. avatar darkthunder1983 says:

    God almighty this man is fine!!! Please let him come back for more action!!!

  14. avatar Snowflake says:

    Holy shyte!!! What a hot stud!!

    Bring him back asap!!! I hope he’ll get a chance to swallow Aidan’s load! And I could totally see him in a flip flip with Calvin. They indeed look similar!

    Kudos to Sean for finding another hottie!

  15. avatar bigben says:

    WOW. Seriously, where does SC find them? Hot bodies and hot dicks. For me, it’s been Dane, Gareth, Gregory, Marshall and Ashton this year. But bring this one back asap PLEASE.

    • avatar whitestealth says:

      Come to think of it, where is Dane? Haven’t seen him in a while. Hope is not one of those that will not be coming back. Minus the beard would be nice…

      I’ll have to look up Ashton.

    • avatar bigben says:

      Yes, Dane needs to come back and do a few more scenes too (depending on his availability of course). But yes, less hair on Dane’s face and more hair downstairs would be really hott. And to put it out there, a threesome with Dane, Marshall & Ashton would be something ;D Shit, maybe even add Aidan to make it an awesome foursome.

  16. avatar hollydick says:

    I’m in love ☺
    such a hottie !! he’s got it all ♥
    flip flop with Calvin subito…

  17. avatar Einreb1984ofSouthSF says:

    SC, let him fuck Daniel please! People keep on commenting here that Calvin/Marshall are gone. I don’t know about Brandon, maybe he’ll be back this Labor Day weekend….lol

  18. avatar Snowflake says:

    Why don’t we flood SC mailbox with requests for Calvin’s and Marshall’s return? After all it can’t do any harm, can it? But remember to quote your subscription number in the email or else they won’t even read your message.

    • avatar moondoggy says:

      I can see Marshall, but Calvin to me is not that superior to anyone else they’ve used, especially some of the “older” guys who never make it into the bb vids. If I’m going to flood inboxes, it’d more likely be for them.

      Ashton is hot for sure, and it’s interesting how many comments he got just for a solo.

    • avatar ahartford123 says:

      One of the alums I’d like to see back is Billy. There are a ton of models I’d like to see return over Calvin and his “constipated while fucking” face.

    • avatar dio says:

      @moondoggy, you have GOT to be kidding about Calvin? He is ‘epic performer’ personified, on top of that SICK body, winning personality, and pretty face.

    • avatar the last dodo says:

      @ahartford, agreed re Calvin. While I like his looks and personality, I just can’t get past his “sex face.” Small complaint, but off-putting enough. But to each his own!

    • avatar shaman36 says:

      @ahartford123 what the heck lol what other face do you make when your getting pleasured?!?! he can’t help it if he’s really aroused unlike some performers who fake it like crazy. and @dio already to the words out my mouth for that comment @moondoggy made.

  19. avatar Aries16 says:


  20. avatar greennails says:

    His whole body is screaming for SEX SEX SEX. oh my… I can’t even…

  21. avatar Janet says:


  22. avatar TrixM92 says:

    Since its already been established that he likes guys , there is NO reason that he shouldn’t return . He said he’s here for guy/guy action so I’m guessing he got no problems with bareback , so next update , I wanna see this guy in a hot flip-flop!

    • avatar moondoggy says:

      +1 to everything except that I don’t actually care about flip-flops. It almost never seems to me that watching a bottom top is hotter than merely watching him bottom.

    • avatar Jonny Marzetti says:

      Agree. Cute and ready for action. We’re waiting for sizzling action with Ashton, SC! And make him prove how much he likes to swallow.

  23. avatar Daniel says:

    Here is SC’s Johnny Forza. Delicious.

    • avatar SuperDuper says:

      This guy is wayyyy better than Johnny Forza IMO. He’s not disgusted by guys and he’s actually more appealing for me than him. SC has been having a nice string of guys in their solos. I ESPECIALLY want this guy to come back now though. XD

  24. avatar jag2power says:

    My Lord!! It must be Sunday because I feel like shoutin!!

    This is one outstanding asset that SC has obtain and they better bring this beauty back. Just wish solos had a requirement that the hole must be exposed.

    Y’all we got a winner heh!!

    • avatar jag2power says:

      PS: Pair him with Joshua

    • avatar hollydick says:

      Joshua or Aidan

    • avatar ahartford123 says:

      Joshua or Aidan….or Troy, or William, or Marshall, or Dane, or Daniel, or Brandon, or Jarek, or….

    • avatar dio says:

      can we please leave Aiden off the list? I’ve seen about all I care to of him, tbh. But, Joshua can come back, fo sho.

    • avatar Jonny Marzetti says:

      @dio I agree with you about Aidan, though I don’t know if we have the same reasons.

    • avatar ahartford123 says:

      I’m not the biggest Aidan fan, but that cumshot with Landon was insane. Imagine all of that being swallowed up by Ashton!!

    • avatar Jonny Marzetti says:

      @ahartford123 Good point — especially on SC where too many of the otherwise-hot guys don’t produce pornworthy cumshots. Based on what we see here, I’d also like to see Ashton on the giving end of a mouth-loading (or anal sloppy seconds) as well.

    • avatar dio says:

      Jonny Marzetti, like what?

      ahartford123, Aiden’s come has the exact.same consistency as Marshall’s when he gave Brandon the facial (which was hotter, IMO, just from Brandon’s expression alone!): watery, except Aiden’s looks a bit more like skim milk, or something. Anyway, it wasn’t hot, tbh. All these obnoxious, watery come shots are REALLY ruining scenes, for me. -_-

  25. avatar Sushi says:

    Fantastic body, and a seeming great attitude for returning and doing it all. His face is OK, but gets a lot better when he smiles. Nice compromise between a baby twink and the old men they’ve been posting lately.

  26. avatar SuperDuper says:

    Awesome guy for sure. Hot body, gorgeous smile, and he seems like he’ll be an entertaining guy to watch when it comes to action. I’m sure hell be back.. No if, or buts about ti. I hope he gets paired with someone that’s equally enthusiastic in a scene. Calvin would be perfect, and even Joshua.

    Anyway, SC has been having some really good finds these past few months.At this point, if any more of them come back, I’ll pretty much be a happy camper. Hopefully the next update has a new guy in it as well. :D

    Oh, and that write up made me laugh. I guess when a guy cums, they’re aiming for his mouth, and he’s gonna gulp it down. LOL :D

  27. avatar whitestealth says:

    ABSOLUTELY BREATHTAKING!! Don’t know how SC finds them. Ashton has a beautiful face, body (what an ass!) and everything else. On TOP of that, he is bi, and SWALLOWS!! The complete package. Boy, am I glad I signed up at SC since they started the BB thing last year. And now in HD! SC is even surpassing BA, now, IMO. (Although I have yet to get the glasses to allow watching some BA vids in 3D.)

    Lets get Ashton back ASAP!!!

  28. avatar illbewatever says:

    i’ll take 2. have them oiled and sent to my chambers !

  29. avatar asianhunk_69 says:

    Oh good Lord, that cock is jaw-dropping! He needs to do more than just a solo!

  30. avatar tandagay says:

    I am in love!!!!!!!! I wish they would let him keep all his piercings in, especially his nipple ring. Fuck this guy is so hot!!!

  31. avatar dio says:

    when I signed into SC I was like ‘meh…. more gay meat. This guy looks familiar, tho…’ There’s something very derivative-European/Wiliam Higgins about him, and the acne scars remind me of Jordan (which isn’t good) and are not doing it. He’s also got a big dick, but I’m not here for small heads… I likes me a curvaceous dick, w/ a bulbous mushroom-head!

    he’s OK, but nothing special… SC’s going HARD to push the guy as the ‘OMFG, business!’, tho. LOL

    • avatar dio says:

      after reading all the posts on here I’m fascinated by how I’m not as enamored w/ this guy as everyone else is… LOL I mean he’s got a fine booty, and enough dick to satisfy the likes of †orrie (;-P), and a very model-esque looks, and yet… I’m hung up on acne scares, and his familiar/derivative-ness. Hmm.

    • avatar wingfield says:

      I was surprised to see so many over the top comments for this guy as well. He’s a good looking guy, very SC but I wouldn’t give him more than an 8/10. But I do always appreciate the gay/bi guys.

    • avatar dio says:

      well, his body is a 10/10 hands down, face is an 8/10 w/ the outside shots, easily, but inside w/ the studio lighting drops to a 6ish/10. But who knows? He could be a performer that rivals the likes of Curtis/Calvin, which can easily/drastically change my view, or he could be a dud… we’ll see. I’m not writing him off, but I ain’t stanning for him (yet…) either. He’s very obviously gay (just looking at him I can tell. LOL He prob. gogo dances at clubs), but I guess he can pass for straight, which is why SC’s playing the ‘bibi birdie’ card w/ him, to appeal to those that are strictly here for straight guys going at it.

      also, his lips look like they’ve been ‘enhanced’…

    • avatar whitestealth says:

      Well, dio, I have never understood the attraction for Calvin OR Curtis. So each to his own, I guess. I did notice the body acne when I looked at the vid, but this is easily corrected. An ugly or so so face is not. And yes, he does not have a curved dick, or a big head, but the best I have seen in that category is D.O. at Falcon and Jean Daniel at BA. Very few of them around. And the way he tastes his cum! He has real possibilities.

    • avatar dio says:

      @whitestealth, you cannot really deny Curtis/Calvin’s… effectiveness, tho. LOL They were popular @ SC waaaaaaay before SC had to lower their standards in order to fill out their stable with guys willing to do BB. Just sayin’! Maybe, if he grows his hair out? I dunno.

  32. avatar porndog says:

    OMG!!! He certainly puts me in the mind of Calvin in some pics, and I thing the whole aura thing is similar as well. He looks like a lotta fun and if Calvin is gone, he may fill the void, altho nobody can replace Calvin. But Ashton’s gawjus! I like everything about him. So glad I re-subbed.

  33. avatar jazz says:

    Every once in a while you don’t mind seeing a solo update. This guy is HOT, there’s no denying that. I’m also glad that SC let us know up front in the write up that he’ll be back AND swallowing cum! Would be nice if this guy could creampie Brandon’s beautiful ass and then get fucked by Jarek and Marshall and Calvin, and the list goes on and on.

  34. avatar Rico says:

    Why not do it all at one time? I miss the group “fuckfests” SC did back in the day. This guy is the best thing to hit SC in a very long time–and I think his tenure as a SC exclusive will be enduring.

  35. avatar KingSize says:

    SC has just been taking a dump on CF with their freshman! Holy mother of god another hot one!!!!!!!!

    • avatar dio says:

      eh, he’s no Jamison, and I’d rate him as ‘on par’ with Dane (or whatever that guy’s name is?), tbh. I think what’s getting old w/ me is the hair a lot of these guys rock… Gimme a head with hair. Long, beautiful hair. Shining, gleaming. Streaming, flaxen, waxen. Give me down to there hair… etc. Also, this guy seems to be wearing a shitton of concealer/foundation (like Jordan does!), which I guess is to cover up his bad skin… :-x

    • avatar asianhunk_69 says:

      Sean Cody has beaten CorbinFisher numerous times. I wonder how CorbinFisher will rebound with this new find.

  36. avatar CA says:

    Yeah, I see all of your points Dio. Absolutely a 10/10 body-wise. However, the face is severely lacking–even beyond the acne issues. I tend to be flexible on face though in my porn models, so long as they are good in action, which is TBD. Let’s be honest, if he was gorgeous, he wouldn’t be in porn. I like the idea of him so far I guess is my opinion.

    • avatar dio says:

      tell it! I’m willing to see what he’s like in a ‘sexual situation’ with another guy, before I make him ‘return to sender!’ in a matter of speaking. ;-)

  37. avatar Hendricks says:

    I wanna know more about what he’s done with a guy.

  38. avatar HKguy says:

    I cannot find anything I don’t like about this guy! He better be back!

  39. avatar jinger says:

    Nice hunk.

  40. avatar Dz says:

    Awesome body but not really my type. Quite dislike his kind of dick (tapering to a small head).

  41. avatar shaman36 says:

    ohhh mama mia what a hunk. i don’t understand some of the reasoning why he’s not A+ i think you can overlook some of those small flaws over his greats. oh man please have him come back and paired with calvin, curtis, or even levi. that would be a great scene.

  42. avatar dio says:

    i wonder why our pal ‘TrueWards’ didn’t warn us of the impending landfall of tropical storm Ashton, and all the damp destruction he would cause…. to everyone’s shorts? ;-P Instead, all he did was ‘announce’ that Calvin, Curtis, Marshall, and most likely Ethan were gone… Mmm!, smells like someone’s cooking FISH up in hurr! ;-o

  43. avatar kokes says:

    dear ashton,
    would you come over to my place and fuck me forever?

  44. avatar pubert says:

    No one else noticed that the head of his dick is way too small and pointy? Proportions are way off.

    • avatar dio says:

      yeah, I did mention that, somewhat. Not feelin’ it.

    • avatar asianhunk_69 says:

      I think his cockhead is OK. Each cock is a different experience.

    • avatar darkthunder1983 says:

      Everyone can’t have a mushroom this site’s Jeffrey II or like Tony de Sergio. As long as it doesn’t look like my Great Dane chewed it up, I’m perfectly fine.

  45. avatar Tchelo says:

    Beautiful body, dick and had same sex experiences able to do gay porn. He is perfect.

  46. avatar Orion Hunter says:

    Wow!! The hyperbole is thick for this one.

    Cute (not exceptional) dood. Nice dick. Bangin’ body and ass. Same can be said for dozens – if not hundreds – of others, so in the world of porn (and irl too) that makes Ashton more ordinary than extraordinary imo. All that said, I surely wouldn’t kick him outta bed for hogging the comforter though.

    Aside: It’s a shame that something that should be the norm and actually EXPECTED on a “gay” blog and in “gay” porn (that the model has had or is interested in having m/m sex) is occasion for near-astonished celebration.

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