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SeanCody: Deron

Deron at SeanCody

Deron at SeanCody

Deron at SeanCody

Deron at SeanCody

Deron at SeanCody

Deron at SeanCody

Deron at SeanCody

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“I don’t think I’ve skipped a rock in years,” Deron said, his eyes wide like a child’s. “This is great!”

“You look like you would be a great swimmer with all those back muscles,” I said, laughing as he barely escaped an aggressive wave.

“Yeah, I was a lifeguard when I was younger,” he replied. “You know, just saving some lives… it was an interesting job.”

“Why’s that?”

“Sometimes moms and dads would break the rules while I was on duty,” he explained. “I had to yell at them more than I yelled at the kids!”

One thing was for sure, though… Deron loved to show off his body for the camera!

“I work hard for this!” he said. “I’m aspiring to be a bodybuilder, to show off this wide back!”

He does have an amazing, muscular back, and a beefy chest! And he’s definitely a happy guy who loves to have fun.

“I keep getting myself in awkward situations,” he said. “My friend recorded a video of me running around wearing a bikini. I got so much shit for it!”

“How did you fit your junk into a bikini?” I asked.

“It wasn’t easy!” he said.

Watch Deron at

79 Responses to SeanCody: Deron

  1. avatar samson says:

    He is HAWT!!!! Really hoping he appears in another scene very soon. I want to see that body in action.

    • avatar whitestealth says:

      Agreed. He is very hot. Attractive face, nice body, large cock. But he seems to straight to ever come back. There have been so many solos only lately, that this will likely continue the trend. Neverthless, kudos to SC for getting him to show up at all.

    • avatar elmtree says:

      Agree with both of you. However I do hope he surprises us and returns to put that cock to good use!

    • avatar Orion Hunter says:

      WTH does “but he seems to [sic] straight to ever come back” even mean??

      In some of these pics Deron sorta looks like a younger, somewhat leaner (except for those thighs) version of Dean Phoenix. So for me he’s a keeper.

    • avatar dio says:

      LOL, he will be back. Pretty much all the guys that come to these sites with the ambition to be a body-builder need $$$$ to bankroll such an endeavor, which is why they turn to gay porn in the first place. That’s if the write up is to be believed, anyway.

      that said: I think he’ll be baa-aack. More than once, too.

    • avatar SilverFoxes says:

      I like Deron. He kinda looks like Ryan Gosling. Hope he comes back, but SC has a very high rate of hot solos that never go beyond one-hit wonders. Here’s hoping though. Still, if Daniel doesn’t show up barebacking someone in the next week, I’m ending my subscription. Besides Deron, no one else but Daniel is worth staying for. And Deron probably won’t come back anyway….

  2. avatar Bradster says:

    He’s alright. Decent homely boy-next-door looking face. Good for a filler update. Not expecting to see him back.

  3. avatar VegasRich says:

    I love the smile and the chin dimple.

  4. avatar dio says:

    facially dooder looks fairly pretty in certain shots, but in other’s he’s got an average Joe face. Hmm. Body is ON POINT – esp. his chest, bulbous cock-head, and ass (srsly, where does SC find all these white guys w/ so much booty?!).

    i wonder who he’s gonna return to fuck…? ┐(´ー`)┌

  5. avatar Cubankid says:

    He’s nothing special but I do hope that he comes back.

  6. avatar jazz says:

    I want him in a flip-flop scene with Sheldon ASAP!!!! I’d love to see those two beautiful dicks together.

  7. avatar jazz says:

    P.S. Harper getting fucked by Tom in today’s C F S update = WINNER! I LOVE LOVE LOVE that we are seeing so much of Harper lately. Still waiting for his one on one pairing with Zeb!

    • avatar elmtree says:

      Ditto on the Harper love!

    • avatar Patrol says:

      Haven’t bought the Tom/Harper scene yet but do agree the previous Cameron/Harper PPD is very well-crafted. The first half, with its running-water-in-the-shower setting, is like the most sensual Fratmen duo Fratmen never made. I usually hate the use of mirrors in porn (and especially hate when someone cums on a mirror or a glass surface, I don’t know why) but I love how the mirror enhances the penetration shots here.

  8. avatar jazz says:

    He kinda looks like a bulkier, more attractive version of Peter.

  9. avatar Daniel says:

    Nice chest. A little Christian Bale circa American Psycho.

    • avatar wuddup says:

      Yeah…personally not seeing Christian Bale (see avatar), though I’m sure you and all of your disciples will break their index fingers to disagree with me. At least you said something quasi-positive for once.

    • avatar Daniel says:

      Nothing to disagree with you there, and nothing to break index fingers over. I find it interesting that you continue to single me out on the board when there have been countless times when others have been equally vocal about their dislike for a model and you say nothing. I have also posted tons of positive comments in the past before – which you’d know if you were a true stalker. Which leads me to conclude there is no reason why I should reason with a sad, vindictive psycho netfreak like you and I should continue to ignore your posts. :-)

    • avatar wuddup says:

      99.9% of your comments are in the pejorative, which I’m sure is just a projection of your dissatisfaction with your own subpar life/appearance, but unfortunately doesn’t take away from the fact that you are a sterotypical, judgmental, superficial homosexual. And, yes, the irony is not wasted, yet I do not spend the better part of my life trolling porn sites for people’s physical appearances to critique, and then checking back every five minutes like you do to see if people responded to the hateful vitriol you post (speaking of psycho netfreak stalkers).

  10. avatar hollydick says:

    nice !
    maybe too much straight looking, so not sure he will come back !

  11. avatar †orrie says:

    Too stupid looking for my taste.

  12. avatar Fazz says:

    All American boy! Really handsome. :)

  13. avatar the last dodo says:

    Is he short? His legs look short. Face looks better in profile.

  14. avatar DaveAtom says:

    Finally a decent update. This one is HOT! He must top Daniel ASAP :)

    • avatar SilverFoxes says:

      I want Daniel and Deron to be exclusive tops. But still no sign of Daniel coming back, so that’s that. Flyin’ the SC coop….

    • avatar DaveAtom says:

      I want this guy topping either, but I could’t be bothered if Daniel bottoms… If he returns some day of course *crossing fingers*

  15. avatar Snowflake says:

    OMG!! What a hot motherfucker!!! :D If he’s back for a man-on-man scene, I won’t cancel my subscription. I’d love to see him in a flip flop with Daniel!

    But unfortunately I don’t really believe that either Deron or Daniel are coming back, so cancellation is probably inevitable. :/

    • avatar Jay says:

      Don’t cancel, they’re about to give you a secret discount.

    • avatar SilverFoxes says:

      Jay, what good is a discount if we’re not getting what we want? I like Deron and I hope he comes back for an oral then bareback, and I would like to believe that a Daniel fuckvid is coming, but I highly doubt both. So, I’m with Snowflake on this one: me and some buddies have agreed to cancel our subscription. A discount for something you don’t want is worthless.

      Still, Deron is cute. In a perfect world he and Daniel would come back to become super-Tops for SC. But clearly, that’s unlikely to happen. Instead, we’re going to get retreads of Alexander, Dalton, and Christian and – OH, GOD – Leon. No thanks. Time to go back to RandyBlue.

    • avatar elmtree says:

      SilverFoxes…god I how wee get many more “retreads” of Christian! As a matter of fact, he’d be a perfect bottom for Deron.

    • avatar SilverFoxes says:

      In his vid, Deron talks about wanting to be a personal trainer with his own line of training videos. Do you think this might dissuade him from coming back? Then again, Ajay is doing the Personal Trainer thing right now, so… hmmmm….

  16. avatar ahartford123 says:

    FINALLY, someone actually hot! I would love to see him come back, but given how SC has shown such hatred for fans the past 2 weeks I’m guessing he’s a one-time deal, sadly.

    Fingers crossed for the next video. Cautiously optimistic here. If I see Phillip or Dalton or Alexander again I’m going to punch someone in the face.

  17. avatar SilverFoxes says:

    Deron is pretty hot. Great Pecs…. Reminds me of Ryan Gosling and, yes, Dean Phoenix.

  18. avatar Info says:

    If I don’t see Deron in Tuesday’s update, I’m canceling my subscription. Just got back from lunch with the guys on my softball team and they’re on the same page.

    Do you hear us, Sean Cody?? DERON ON TUESDAY OR WE’RE OUT OF HERE!

  19. avatar Christopher says:


  20. avatar samson says:

    People who say they will cancel if Models A, B, or C don’t appear, are full of it. How do you actually know if those models won’t appear within the next 2 couples scenes? Face facts, guys, SC has you by the short and curlies.

  21. avatar Info says:

    I’m starting to get worried.

    We haven’t seen Deron since last night’s update.

  22. avatar Sushi says:

    Very nice update. Of course, that means since most of us like him he won’t be back.

  23. avatar jinger says:

    Stupid face, nice body, adequate cock, decent butt. He doesn’t seem good enough for Sean Cody, I hope he doesn’t come back, we already have lots of hot guys waiting to come back after the solos, like Sheldon, and I’d rather see Sheldon come back than this guy.

  24. avatar Snowflake says:

    Deron won’t be back on Tuesday for sure, cause models never return immediately after their solo. But Tuesday update had better be worth holding on to, cause at the moment CFSelect with their Harper invasion beats the crap out of SC.

    • avatar SilverFoxes says:

      Hi, Snowflake…. I think INFO was just being funny about Deron coming back for the Tuesday update. Regarding the Tuesday update, I’m not even going to check. Better action going on right now on other sites…

  25. avatar Info says:

    It’s looking more and more like Deron is never coming back. :(

    This is another Daniel/Brandon situation.

    • avatar SilverFoxes says:

      LOL, Info. Brandon came back. Over and over again. Daniel, just once. Although, it would be nice if Daniel followed Brandon’s “career track.”

    • avatar Info says:

      Brandon hasn’t been in an update since his video with Brodie. That was on August 29th. Obviously Brandon has decided gay porn is not for him anymore.

      It has been over a month for Daniel. I don’t even remember what he looks like anymore. I’m guessing he returned to modeling.

    • avatar SilverFoxes says:

      I guess it’s conceivable that Deron could come back. In fact, I’m willing to bet his training videos would sell like hot cakes if everyone knew he used to piledrive guys on SC. I love his pecs….

    • avatar Info says:

      That ship has sailed, SilverFoxes.

      Now I’m just nervous about Thursday’s solo. He’s giving me “one and done” vibes.

  26. avatar custard says:

    Me likey. Come back and take your pick of bottoms. Maybe he can mount Marshall. Two muscle boys. Funky spelling of the name, however.

  27. avatar snailboy says:

    Hot, but the first few pictures all I could think about was Don Flamenco from NES Punch-Out…

  28. avatar tandagay says:

    He looks like Reese rideout

  29. avatar adidas28 says:

    He might not come across it in some of the still shots here, but in his video, this guy is GORGEOUS. Maybe he’s more telegenic than photogenic; but, seriously, this dude is majorly hot in his video.

    Good work, SC. Now bring him back.

  30. avatar samtomez says:

    He looks off in some of the pics, but overall I still think he’s cute. The pic of him lying on the red carpet is cum inducing.

  31. avatar Patrol says:

    Very attractive guy. I do see the resemblance to an early-period, fresh-faced Reese Rideout. Since I love solos, I would prefer him as a one-hit wonder; or he comes back for full-blown hardcore scenes. No BJ-only with Jesse or Curtis please. My only complaint is there is only one solo instead of the usual two.

  32. avatar CalRegularGuy says:

    Whats not to love. This guy is hot. Unfortunately it is usually this exact sort of guy who never returns (a few exceptions notwithstanding – e.g Marshall).

  33. avatar darkthunder1983 says:

    Hate the name but love the guy! He’s a plus-plus!

  34. avatar jinger says:

    Shit got serious, Corbin Fisher just came up with a new guy, Andy, the cutest they’ve had in ages. A LOT cuter than this idiot-looking guy. Get your shit together, Sean Cody.

  35. avatar swim400 says:

    I really do wonder if we will see him again. And there r those damn tats but not as distracting as todays SC update. Where is Daniel?

  36. avatar simonessmann says:

    can’t wait to have DEVON back with a guy : beeing sucked, fucked and creampied… but let’s not dream too much…

  37. avatar swim400 says:

    He would b good w/Coner.

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