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ChaosMen: Bentley & Vander (Raw)

Bentley & Vander (Raw) at ChaosMen

Bentley & Vander (Raw) at ChaosMen

Bentley & Vander (Raw) at ChaosMen

Bentley & Vander (Raw) at ChaosMen

Bentley & Vander (Raw) at ChaosMen

Bentley & Vander (Raw) at ChaosMen

Watch Bentley & Vander at

Happy Halloween!

For Monster Cock Week, I saved the two biggest cocks I had on hand for a titanic match!

Bentley’s cock is HUGE and I swore it was a dead ringer for Vander’s cock, But I think Vander has some size on him. I don’t know what Vander has been eating, but his dick seems even bigger these days. Mid-20’s growth spurt? When I lined the two of their cocks together, I think for the first time for Bentley, his cock wasn’t the biggest on set.

Not that Vander minded. He gets all piggy bottom and seeing a cock nearly his dimension, he totally wanted to try it on for size!

But first, it was time to get Bentley to suck dick. Now I don’t know what order his other videos are airing, and I aired this video out of order for the Marathon, but Bentley has yet to get a cock in his mouth.

This time out I was determined to get him to suck dick and even kiss! He gets right down to it, and I believe does a stellar job. Maybe he was imagining he could finally suck his own dick?

Vander was extra hard when he realized it was Bentley’s first time with a cock in his mouth. And it is no quickie blow job either. Bentley suck on his fat nob a long time. I am sure his jaws were aching!

I love that Vander’s cock is a bit bigger and Bentley finally has to worship a cock bigger than his own.

Vander does return the favor and sure enough Bentley’s cock reaches full mass, giving Vander a run for his money. The two end up on the floor sucking each other off, both looking like they have a baseball bat in their mouths.

Vander finally climbs on top of Bentley, slowly sliding his ginormous cock in his hole. It takes them a bit to find a rhythm but they get the hang of it.

Then it is up to the bed, and we get to witness one of the best parts of Vander as bottom. His dick is just bone hard from the boning! No soft bottom boy here!

So it was easy for Bentley to fuck the cum out of Vander and his cock shoots a might big load. Bentley follows up, breeding Vander like a pro.

Bentley then straddles Vander’s face and makes him clean up his cummy cock, while fingering his cummy hole!

Watch Bentley & Vander at

52 Responses to ChaosMen: Bentley & Vander (Raw)

  1. avatar moondoggy says:

    Hottest thing ever. Ever.

    • avatar moondoggy says:

      Hey, in other news, I just found out that Austin is bottoming raw for another company. I always find that interesting.

      Now back to Bentley and Vander. I think it’s actually too bad that they don’t repeat pairings here. If they did a full-length movie like Lucas and Dawson Down Under, I would buy it in a split second.

    • avatar Dustin says:

      There are so many Austins. Which one are you writing about?

    • avatar Dustin says:

      Yeah, I’d like to see a full length video of Vander and Bently too. :)

    • avatar Delirious D says:

      He was just Austin on CM, but I think Moondoggy’s talking about the scene he did for DrakeRock (as Austin Parker)

    • avatar CalRegularGuy says:


      (with a caveat – I haven’t watched this yet. CM has a tendency to get the optics right and then the action is a let-down)

    • avatar moondoggy says:

      Yes, Delirious, that’s right. I wasn’t sure I could say DrakeRock here, so I just generalized. His scene looks good because they paired him with someone who looks like a man, not the boyish guys that dominate CM. (Present update definitely excluded. I think Bentley and Vander were born with chest hair!!)

    • avatar moondoggy says:

      CalRegularGuy: Agreed! I am hoping for the best. But I’m more tolerant of visual-only heat than some guys here. Remember, I was the one who liked Tobin.

      Sorry for the insane number of replies, but if I can be cut slack for going overboard on any update, it would obviously be this one.

    • avatar von schlomo says:

      moondoggy +1

      PS I like Tobin too, a lot!

    • avatar Juan Diego says:

      This is top notch porn.

    • avatar CalRegularGuy says:

      I’m on the Tobin wagon as well.

    • avatar bigben says:

      Fucking hot alright.

  2. avatar manu says:

    This is close to perfection ! If Vander could gain 10 Ibs so his ass could go back to his normal “phat” state :p

  3. avatar dio says:

    as much as I like Bentley/Vander I sincerely hope the fucking in this scene is ON POINT.

  4. avatar elmtree says:

    Finally a worthy vid from CM. Two delicious cocks, two of CM’s hottest including Vander (yum!). I’m good with this.

    Side note…did Bentley actually cum? If so, not much.

  5. avatar swim400 says:

    Hottest fuck in a long time on Chaos. Excellent.

  6. avatar james497344 says:

    Wow, from the first picture alone I can tell this will be spectacular. :D

    • avatar james497344 says:

      Only thing missing is a flip-flop.

    • avatar moondoggy says:

      I’m glad they didn’t flip. Vander is wonderful no matter what he does, but he clearly has his preferences, and I think this setup is as much his fantasy as it is mine.

  7. avatar Cubankid says:

    I love me some Vander.

  8. avatar CA says:

    Hmmm….this looks hot. I might need to check out CM for a month or two.

  9. avatar jazz says:

    Bentley was much hotter when he was clean-shaven. I wanna see him fuck Delaney.

  10. avatar scottnyer says:

    Bentley looks so much better each time. He’s lost weight and looks slim, but has muscle tone. He let his body hair grow in and the facial scruff… so hot.

    Vander is always hot.

  11. avatar Jonny Marzetti says:

    I know I’m probably in the minority here, but IMO Bentley looked much better with less body hair and without the facial hair. Other than that this scene looks very hot, but all the fur is a big minus for me.

    For those who care about such things: I can’t tell for sure because I’m not subscribing, but I’m guessing the apparent ATM described at the end is faked since it’s Vander. CM has had the real thing before, but whenever Vander was (supposedly) doing it there was always some interruption or camera sleight-of-hand — often very subtle — suggesting off-camera “intervention.”

    • avatar jazz says:

      Well you know who has been featuring authentic ATM lately? C F S! Reed literally jumped off of Chandler’s pole TWICE and eagerly sucked it! Continuos camera shots, no changing.

    • avatar CalRegularGuy says:

      @ Jonny I observed the same thing about Vander – not sure what that’s about. I only remember Allen doing a true ATM, was there anybody else?

      I’ll let you know after I watch this.

    • avatar Jonny Marzetti says:

      @Jazz Haven’t downloaded that one (yet anyway), but Trey and Chadler is another example where CF did ATM that was not only the real deal, but in-your-face real. So kudos to them for this trend!

      @CalRegularGuy Thanks in advance! I know Carmine did real ATM on CM. The other guy I was thinking of was Allen, but maybe there is another one I’m forgetting…

    • Jonny, Not sure why you always attack me for this but, as I have said on here before, the ATM in my videos is real. Always has been. There are plenty of vids that show it clearly. If they happen to have a cut near it, it was simply a place they decided to cut to a different angle or something.

      I requested Bryan specifically do no cut scenes as an answer to this, and I think he has made attempts to do that. Even before I did so, however, you can clearly watch ATM. The Darius, Curtis, Vander three-way is a good example.

      Its cool if I’m just not someones type, but do not misrepresent my performance please. It is real.

  12. avatar Daniel says:

    Erm Bentley is not “HUGE”. Vander is bigger. And hotter. And sexier. And just better.

  13. avatar JOHN says:

    what?! Bentley not “huge”?! Cmon, mayb e Vander is bigger BUT Bentley is definitely HUGE. This is the hottest pairing ever!! Go CM! More more more MONSTER C–K WEEK!

  14. avatar Auggy says:

    Bentley and Vander make a sexy and handsome couple.

  15. avatar Helluva Bottom Carter says:

    Good ol’ reliable sexy Vander.

  16. avatar Carl says:

    Two very hot studs!

  17. avatar TheSagaOf says:

    Either Bentley is really fugly or Vander is just so fucking good looking (as always) that he makes Bentley look like crap in comparison.

  18. avatar Schadenfreude says:

    Beefy guys with thick cocks. What’s not to like? CM wins over everyone

  19. avatar Orion Hunter says:

    The second pic with them passionately kissing with their boxer briefs at their knees and their dicks at the ready (especially Vander’s) is. . .whew!!

    It’s only 9 a.m. but I’m already in need of another shower!!

  20. avatar gaisle says:

    im in love with BENTLY


  21. avatar Neo_ says:

    Does this studio ever get any black dudes?

  22. avatar dcl says:

    Exactly what I love about CM.

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