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BrokeStraightBoys: Adam Baer (Solo)

Adam Baer (Solo) at Broke Straight Boys

Adam Baer (Solo) at Broke Straight Boys

Adam Baer (Solo) at Broke Straight Boys

Adam Baer (Solo) at Broke Straight Boys

Adam Baer (Solo) at Broke Straight Boys

Watch Adam Baer at

What’s the deal with Texas? That state has some crazy-assed politicians (check out some articles by the late Molly Ivins), but Lone Star State men?! Sexy! Sexy! And more sexy!

Take newbie Adam Baer. The 18-year-old hails from “Big D,” Dallas; he’s here for the typical reason. Looking to for extra greenbacks to buy a truck. He was a swimmer and bowler (!) in high-school. Breast stroke was his thing, and when he takes off his shirt he certainly has a swimmer’s build: lean and lithe. His build also comes from other activities. Not that, you nasty thinking gentlemen (and gentle ladies)! :-)

“I do the insanity workout. It’s pretty insane. And I run four days a week.”

He tries to keep jerking off to a minimum, although he started the practice when he was 14.

When he lounges on the bed it’s hard not to stare at his thunderous, and glorious, thighs. He slowly jerks off and blood starts to flow to that straight dick.

Adam looks real cute as his excitement increases, Quiet sighs and eyes flutter a bit. It’s like he forgets anyone is watching, which makes the whole video even more thrilling.

When he gets on his knees, he plays with his chest a bit. Wonder if the lad has sensitive nips?

He sits back down, this time putting his back on the headboard. His toes curl and he rubs his hands on stomach. When asked to show his manhole Adam does with no complaints. He pulls on a butt cheek, but we’re going to need a return trip to have that bun treated right.

The strokes increase in pace and intensity. When his pelvis points up, cream shoots from the cut meat pole. A good portion of the jizz lands right below his belly button. Adam is so sexed up he keeps jerking after he’s busted all over himself.

So? What say you? Should he return?

Watch Adam Baer at

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  • adowhat

    I like him. He’s cute and has the start of a nice body. Very nice cock, balls and hole. So for BsB he is hot. :-) I do hope he comes back and him Johnny Forza can have a flip flop fuck Fest haha yeah right..

  • dio

    not much w/ his clothes on, but he’s pretty hot booty-out naked. I’d love to see him getting fuxxored by Johnny Forza

  • Cubankid

    Johnny Forza set the bar do high, I don’t think any guy at least on this site will be able to top it.

    • Cubankid


    • dio

      Johnny Forza is pretty much an anomaly, for BSB. More guys like him would be awesome, but it’s highly unlikely.

  • Skater22

    Wow I comment only when I find a guy EXTREMELY hot. And this guy is hot! I will seriously go wild if him and Johnny Forza do a scene!! I will subscribe again to the site if that happens. Plus I will do anything to mess around with this guy haha

  • Auggy

    Cute. I agree with everyone else, Johnny and Adam need a match-up.

  • bloody mary


  • Daniel


  • AlexBJ93

    So hot! Love to see him with Johnny or Kodi.