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ExtraBigDicks: Sean Duran & Jacques LeVere (Hoe Alone)

Sean Duran & Jacques LeVere (Hoe Alone) at

Sean Duran & Jacques LeVere (Hoe Alone) at

Sean Duran & Jacques LeVere (Hoe Alone) at

Sean Duran & Jacques LeVere (Hoe Alone) at

Watch Sean Duran & Jacques LeVere (Hoe Alone) at

This week we welcome back hung, Frenchman Jacques LaVere to show off that big uncut cock. Helping him do just that is a new face to ExtraBigDicks, Sean Duran. The end of the year is drawing near and if you’re reading this; we weren’t sucked into a Mayan K-Hole of death and destruction and probably had to throw out tons of Apocalypse party supplies. Hopefully you didn’t go out and do something crazy figuring it would be a last Whore-ah! That being said, we asked these two to tell us about the craziest sex they’d had this year. Jacques had a steamy romp at a sex party with people everywhere. Those really ARE the best kind. The things these heteros will resort to is just appalling. Sean’s craziest moment was a bit more subdued. After breaking up with his boyfriend, Sean found himself at a bar which got him bent over in the grossest bathroom ever getting fucked silly by one of the dancers, a “Big Tipper” this one. Yet when it comes to Bigger being better, Sean doesn’t necessarily agree. For Sean, it’s the face, the personality and how he looks that really matter over having a really big dick.

Jacques gets up in the morning and makes it to the living room in his underwear that are tenting with his morning wood. He puts down his coffee and picks up a porn mag and can’t help but haul out his monster cock right there. He strokes that fat dick as his foreskin glides over his throbbing knob. Sean heads out of his room headed to work and catches Jacques with his hands full. “What are you doing here?” exclaims Jacques quickly trying to cover his cock. Sean sits down and offers some help. Music to Jacques ears as he immediately holds up his boner for Sean’s enjoyment. Sean is on his knees in seconds shoving that huge cock down this throat with ease. Jacques is in awe as he watches his cock glide deep into his roommate’s throat. Jacques can’t get enough of that mouth as he face fucks Sean as fast and as deep as he can. They then stand and rub their cocks together as they compare equipment. “Why don’t you fuck me with that?” says Sean who can’t stand to wait any longer for it. Jacques isn’t complaining as he bends him over the couch and crams that fat dick deep inside that smooth ass. Sean groans, loving every inch of that cock he’s taking. Jacques rails into that ass fast and hard as his balls slap against that ass he now owns. Jacques then pulls out and sits back to watch Sean ride that dick. “Grab my balls!” Jacques orders as Sean rides his fat cock with ease. Missionary is next as they land on the floor. Jacques sits on the chair as he holds Sean’s ass up in the air so he can pound it. His fat cock rams against Sean’s sweet spot, sending him over the edge as he shoots all over himself. Jacques then returns the favor, straddling Sean’s face and shooting his huge wad all over Sean’s face. Sean laps up as much cum as he can before wrapping his lips around Jacque’s cum-covered knob to get the rest.

Watch Sean Duran & Jacques LeVere (Hoe Alone) at

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  • Cubankid

    Does this idiot really have a tattoo on his head?? Ugh.

    The other guy is smoking hot though.

    • von schlomo

      Took the words right outta my mouth! What a moron!

    • elmtree

      I didn’t even notice the head tat. That is indeed a bit much. He’s still hot tho…

  • jag2power

    He could stand another tattoo. Otherwise, both are cute.

  • jazz

    Jacques (the top) is one of my new favs. He is so effin hot!

  • souse

    I love Sean but he has the worst taste when it comes to tatts

  • Southbay

    I love Jacques!

  • scottnyer

    Hot bodies. Sean looks hot in that red shirt. The tatts are a bit much but it adds to his dirty boy charm for me!

    • scottnyer

      oh and their dicks are fat!

    • Daniel