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SeanCody: Stu & Aidan

Stu & Aidan at SeanCody

Stu & Aidan at SeanCody

Stu & Aidan at SeanCody

Stu & Aidan at SeanCody

Stu & Aidan at SeanCody

Stu & Aidan at SeanCody

Stu & Aidan at SeanCody

Stu & Aidan at SeanCody

Watch Stu & Aidan at

I am really, really excited that Stu is back!

He’s just so adorable from head to toe, with a great muscular body, nice hairy legs, and a beautiful ass.

I wanted to make sure that his cock got a good working over. He seemed excited about it and for a newbie he wasn’t nervous at all.

Aidan was all about getting the “job” done!

“He is just so cute!” he said after they first met.

Aidan couldn’t keep his hands off Stu.

“His body feels great… he’s so warm. He’s really fun!”

“How does his dick taste?” I asked.

Aidan just nodded with a big grin.

After Stu blew a load all over his face, his smile was even bigger.

“His cum tastes sweet!” Aidan said sweaty and out of breath…

Watch Stu & Aidan at

122 Responses to SeanCody: Stu & Aidan

  1. avatar distinctive2013 says:

    My prayers to @GAYGOD have been answered. I LOVE LIFE.

  2. avatar Jerome says:

    I just cant get into oral only updates…why cant we replace one of the many useless solos with an oral vid?
    No comment on the pairing…

    • avatar CA says:

      I’m not an oral scene fan either…at all, but this was HOT! Hands down the hottest BJ scene in SC history…better than some hardcore scenes.

      Stu squirming around on the floor while Aidan eats him out is worth the full price of admission.

    • avatar asswipe says:

      I can get into oral only, Yet the new guy must be hot and the sucker must be skill and enjoy cum eating. I agree instead of solos great oral only scenes would be much better. Then the next scene from the new guy should be going all the way.

    • avatar moondoggy says:

      You can’t get into oral, but you want oral to replace solos? That is the classic “the food at this restaurant is terrible and the portions are too small” paradigm. I actually like solos better than oral if the guys have perfect bodies. If they’re doing a solo, you’re likely to see more of their bodies, though SC is known for front-only scenes. If the oral ended with a huge facial (like Josh Weston in Fleet Week), or if it was in a movie with a storyline (which almost never happens anymore), that’d be a different thing. That MAP scene with Trenton and Paddy would actually have been improved by mutual oral in place of a one-way fuck.

    • avatar pauld says:

      Thank you, moondoggy, I was also confused by that comment, which was contradictory.
      This whole scene looks blazing hot…it’s been AGES since CF set me off…they used to be so hot in the Cade, Jeff, Nick, Ben, TJ days. SC is better with actual men (usually), but not HOT. This looks masculine and smokin. That pic of Aiden with the cum on his scruff as he looks up at Stu is incredibly erotic–’bout made a mess lookin at it!

    • avatar Jerome says:

      I meant that i cant get into an oral only scene on the days when its supposed to be a full hardcore scene. I’d rather there be a hardcore scene, oral only scene, hardcore and then solo.

  3. avatar kana_sai says:

    it’s nice that he’s back, but call me when he bottoms.

  4. avatar Loa says:

    Hottest SC scene yet this 2013.

  5. avatar Chuliaka says:

    Wow. I think Stu will back for fucking!!
    please pair with Gavin

  6. avatar sir33 says:

    Oooooh. Stu?! For reals? A million wishes have been granted…. And a million nay sayers have been proven wrong. Think he’ll come back and actually fuck a dude???

  7. avatar Arglebargle says:

    Oh fuck yeah!

  8. avatar CA says:

    Speechless. I must say I am surprised to see him back. Just proves that SC is miles above every other site out there these days.

    CF introduces a whack dood with a chin strap and SC bring out the cutest boy next door in porn ever.

  9. avatar dio says:

    OK, you know what? Aiden is growing into his new build quite handsomely! I’m reeeeeeely digging the facial (and bawdy) hair in particular.

    wow… SC’s listening to feedback, and must have increased their offer to Stu to get him to come back. Awesome! I don’t even care that this is BJ-only, and will take it as a sign that SC is getting themselves all together! :-D

    • avatar whitestealth says:

      I noticed Aiden looked a bit better also. ( I mean since he got over built.) Maybe i was just the incredible light shining on him from STU!

    • avatar Jay says:

      Bitch, you were one of the loudest out there complaining about Aiden. Now he looks good? Couldn’t you tell he was bulking up before trimming the body mass he had to build to get bigger?

      And SC listening to feedback? I don’t recall anyone asking for Stu to come back for some major update.

      It seems like when the update is liked by the hive mind people heap praises on it and when they simply don’t like it SC is on a downward spiral. Well which is it?

    • avatar dio says:

      @Jay, yeah – I’m no fan of Aiden, I’ve made that clear as precum. But I’m objective enough to know when he looks good and bad (to me), and he looks more appealing HERE than he’s ever looked, IMO. As for Stu… LMAO – you must not follow SC updates closely on here, then? Because out of all the new solo’s, Stu’s been at the top of many peeps’ ‘most wanted (back)’ lists.

      what hive mind are you talking about? My opinion has always been objective, and my own. Whether or not it gels w/ the greater community is of no consiquence, to me. You did try, tho. And SC has BEEN sucking for WEEKS with dud solo’s and bringing back passable performers for passable performances. Stu has BEEN wanted back, and now that he’s returned I see that as a good sign. Sorry? LOL

  10. avatar jockyboy says:

    Definitely great to see Stu back for more! He looks so hot! Hopefully he returns for actual fucking–top or bottom, doesn’t matter to me!

    They really need to stop bringing back Aidan, however. He looks like a serial killer with the facial hair. And he looks so scary in the second photo

  11. avatar DaddyYankee says:

    I’m happy Stu is back but I really can’t get into oral videos. SC could replace solos with orals. By the way, Stu is very hot and I hope this is only an appetizer waiting for more.

  12. avatar FeydRautha says:

    1. Aidan blows Taylor Lautner’s cousin. And keeps his shorts on. Meh.
    2. Aidan’s looking a little less “swoll” here, so that’s good to see.
    3. Stu could give Pavel a run for his money in a hairiest ass-crack contest.
    4. Feeling really indifferent about Stu. Couldn’t care less if he comes back.

    • avatar Cubankid says:

      I think Jarek has a pretty hairy ass crack to lol.

    • avatar FeydRautha says:

      I wish there were some way to nab all the gay ones from these sites and put them together on one mega-site. I mean, I’d love to see a flip-flop between Aidan and, say, Duncan Black. Or Aidan and CF’s Quinn (III, of course).

    • avatar dio says:

      1. Taylor Lautner wishes he was as cute as Stu
      2. yep.
      3. not really… Pavel’s ass-hair is soooo long it literally curls, which is gross, at least Stu’s ass hair looks groomed. LOL
      4. LOL, okay, Fey.

    • avatar FeydRautha says:

      Jarek’s repulsive (and incessant) lip-snarling probably kept me from noticing…

    • avatar FeydRautha says:

      Fey? That’s the best you can do, di-odoriferous? How ’bout HighTopFeyd?

    • avatar Mike says:

      A hairless torso and fur pants…that’s quite a combo Stu has working.

    • avatar dio says:

      you are such a mess, Fey. LOL

  13. avatar Cubankid says:

    STU!!!!! and aidan * sigh*. This is Stu’s first scene so I’m not going to be to hard, I just wish they had did more. I would have loved if Stu fucked Aidan just so I can see how good he is as a top. Anyways I love Stu so I will defiantly be checking this one out, I just hope that the video is as hot as the pictures are.

  14. avatar zapper158 says:

    Yawn….bj videos…

  15. avatar samtomez says:

    OMG, Stu is back! Damn, he is so cute. I’m so jealous of Aidan, lol.

  16. avatar hollydick says:

    happy to see Stu is back ! such a flawless & handsome guy..
    oral scene, what a waste of time,
    hope Stu will come back for a fuck scene☺

  17. avatar Bradster says:

    Amazing update. These two are seriously hot.

  18. avatar DaveAtom says:

    Gorgeous!!! Amazing!!! Extraordinaire!!! Stu is in da haus!!!!! <3

    There's a little hope for Sheldon to return =)

  19. avatar muffintop says:

    People sure are getting excited over this one-sided oral-only update. Stu is cute and all but *yawn*.

  20. avatar PornJock says:

    Hallelujah! What a very pleasant surprise! Stu is so cute and has the perfect body. And not only does he have hairy legs but a hot furry butt to go right along with it! Hopefully, this isn’t a one-off and he does more. It looks like there wasn’t even any kissing in this one – I haven’t watched it yet – but maybe they’re having him take baby steps.

  21. avatar Southbay says:

    Yay Stu is back!! He’s so damn hot. Fingers crossed he goes on to do more in the future.

  22. avatar PornJock says:

    And Aidan is handsome and reminds me of Jesse Metcalfe.

  23. avatar Sushi says:

    Stu is definitely a cutie, but he’s trimmed back his pubes way too much since his first video…..and it’s a real shame his ass his so hairy. Aiden, on the other hand, is so roided out now that he looks like a beast. Compare this current face to the one he started with in August–and it’s almost like two different people. Not to mention all the steroid zits (a la Cameron from CF).

    And really, I just hate these bj only vids too–especially when the one doing the sucking can’t even be bothered to take his pants off. That’s a real SC specialty, and it’s a specialty that’s really crap.

    Bring back Stu–but for some bottoming.

    • avatar whitestealth says:

      I noticced the trimmed pubes on STU too. BUT he’s back! And I suspect he may return again. Pubes can always grow out. Ltet’s not be too hard on him, or we’ll scare him away.

    • avatar Sushi says:

      Oh, I definitely want to see him again! He’s a doll. I just want to see more pubes—and more bottoming!

    • avatar CalRegularGuy says:

      + 1 With you on the ridiculous grooming, a
      nd puffy/roided Aidan has completely ruined himself.

  24. avatar Nick Minaj says:

    I’m sorry, but this Stu kid is not all that to me. I didn’t even remember him, but I kept seeing his name being brought up in posts. So, I’ve been interested in having my memory refreshed, although, not enough to look him up. I’ve seen better come and go through this site. Not understanding the praise. And Aiden..(drops mic) I won’t even waste time. The end.

    • avatar Mike says:

      That’s just about what I think.

    • avatar Pinky says:

      LMAO! I’m with you on not remembering who Stu was either. I can see how some would find him attractive, the boy is cute enough, has a great body, and an adorable personality. However he def wasn’t a return that I was eagerly anticipating. Aidan is the new Pierce, way too many scenes, way too often.

  25. avatar Nucleosynthesis says:

    the new jamie?

    • avatar swim400 says:

      Jamie can’t b replaced. no way no how

    • avatar sweetspot says:

      Agree with you, swim400. Jamie can’t be replaced. I’m really angry with the asshole who outed his real name and home location. According to what someone wrote on another blog, that’s what caused him to leave. He deserves his privacy and we all are the less for losing him. Has anyone heard anything else?

  26. avatar Hottoddy says:

    You pray that Stu would come back and this is what you get. Hopefully he’ll be back again for a flip-flop with Ethan.

    • avatar whitestealth says:

      Ethan is done and gone, I think. Won’t do BB. And anyway, he was wasting that giant appendage by bottoming most of the time.

    • avatar swim400 says:

      I was hoping and wishing and asking 4 Ethan to return. Also Jeffery.

  27. avatar VegasRich says:

    So now maybe we can get some respite from all the people crying for Stu’s return.

    • avatar distinctive2013 says:

      Well, not I will be crying for Stu’s return where he reciprocates head and engages in some hot butt sex.
      The dude is really charming. I adore his dimples and his cute awkward laugh. Plus, he seems really genuine and endearing. And that body is to die for. He could very well end up doing some insanely off the charts videos if they pair him with the right people. And if he is willing.

    • avatar distinctive2013 says:

      now*, – not “not” LOL

    • avatar CA says:

      Nah, now that people have begged for his return, they will clamor for Stu to top, Stu to stop topping so much, Stu to bottom, Stu to stop bottoming too much. Then be done with him and ask SC to stop using him. It’s actually a really sick and sad process of the rise and fall of these guys on this blog. Luckily they tend to get more support from the loyal subscribers on the site it seems.

  28. avatar Ero says:

    Stu fans are gonna FREAK!! Can’t say I’m as excited though, cute as Stu is. :/

  29. avatar bigben says:

    Maybe there is hope for Sheldon’s return…

  30. avatar island guy says:

    Stu is truly adorable — both in appearance and personality. He is very cute; has a spectacular body; and has a beautiful dick. Stu’s facial of Aidan was marvelous with his thick, big load of cum. (You could tell that his orgasm was very intense.) Stu also enjoyed his first rimming, giving it a grade of “A”. Hope Stu returns again. And I lIke Aidan’s new facial hair.

    By the way, I don’t mind oral only scenes. Of course, it is nice if the newbie returns for a fuck scene.

  31. avatar rakastettu says:

    Normally I don’t pay attention to the oral-only vids, but DAMN, this looks hot!!

  32. avatar whitestealth says:

    Daniel and Ashton did oral vids first, and I suspect this is what is happening with STU.

    For myself, I almost dropped my cellphone when I pulled up SC on my browser! Had to go right away and look at it on the large screen on my desktop. And then upload it to my big flatscreen TV, of course! LOL

  33. avatar jinger says:

    I was missing the bj updates.
    Stu is cute.
    If I had Aidan’s pretty face I’d take better care of my skin, he looks scruffy here, is he trying to look older?

  34. avatar cameronhawks119 says:

    This is nice but I wanna see Coleman more! Sean Cody should call Coleman back !! We wanna see that Coleman is fucked by Brandon or Jarek or Joshua or…!! That will be HOTTEST scene in 2013 if realized !!!!! Right?

  35. avatar Ike says:

    Stubble pubes. Bleech. Another one ruined.

  36. avatar SCFan says:

    If the Sean Cody folks are reading this, please take note: many of us love these types of scenes. I’d take an “oral only” scene with a hot guy over a fuck scene with mediocre guys any day. The Stu & Aidan and Coleman & Aidan scenes are some of the hottest I’ve seen, and rank among my all time favorites. I’d take those any day over some of the recent fuck scenes, like Rich & Miles, which I didn’t even bother to watch. Feeling up and blowing a really hot, muscular guy is a fantasy, and I’d rather see multiple “oral only” scenes featuring Stu, even if he never goes any farther, than another fuck scene with mediocre guys. My only request with these types of videos is that the guys who get to go to town on them pay attention to these guys’ entire bodies. I’d like to see more ass and pec grabbing, nipple licking, etc. Which reminds me, I still don’t think Coleman’s ass has been adequately grabbed. Please bring him back soon.

    • avatar clusterfuck says:


      Gimme oral only with hot guys than the works with mediocre ones.

      I wish Stu had multiple ejaculations like they do for the fuck vids sometimes.

      Aidan wasted too much of Stu’s sperm.

    • avatar shock55 says:

      Totally agree: hot guys and oral only definitely beats nasty guys fucking. The only addition I think is needed is that if it’s oral only, the receiver shouldn’t have to finish himself off. At least give us that!

  37. avatar Star_Seeker says:

    I’m not one to complain aboutover-using a model, but I’m getting a little tired of Aidan. The fact the this is an oral-only scene doesn’t help either…

  38. avatar Patrol says:

    Even though Aidan is Stu’s scene partner, the real spectacle is Stu making love to the camera. He is the rare model who looks great in every frame. And what a delicious cumshot (too bad it’s self-induced instead of a result of Aidan’s stimulation)!

  39. avatar james08908 says:

    wow…what an amazing piece of fuzzy arse….flip-flop with Brandon? Seancody listening… a days Seancody prefers ignoring friend’s request. Everything makes sense now as to how Seancody studios run after Devon Hunter(aka Seancody-Ryan) exposed them.

    • avatar Snowflake says:

      I dont think we should read too much into Devon Hunter’s words. To me, that guy’s actions tag him as highly disturbed. Do you know that last year he held a ceremony during which he mareied HIMSELF?! I mean, WTF? R there any limits to this guy’s weirdness and attention seeking??

      BTW, it’s great to see Stu back!! I wasn’t expecting to see him ever again. I’m sick and tired of Aidan, though. He’s used too frequently!

    • avatar FeydRautha says:

      His story has since been corroborated by several models that have broke from SC.

    • avatar darkthunder1983 says:


      FeydRautha is right. Most recently it was their former model Brice aka Connor Kline. He said that they had issues with his “Born This Way” tattoo and that he was not paired with even one gay guy. He said he was one guy’s “first… everything” which info was pointing to Joshua which means he isn’t as gay as I thought he was. Kind of sent me back to Cole. Cole kept saying he was gay but he was busted out as not being gay and said that he was so that he would “appeal to my audience”.

    • avatar Snowflake says:

      It’s not my intention to defend SC, as there are too many different voices speaking to his disadvantage in terms of treatment of models. What I wanted to say was that of all people, Devon Hunter’s opinions seem to me the least reliable and much overblown, to sa the least.

    • avatar FeydRautha says:

      Cole/JD Phoenix isn’t “straight.” I think he’s going the cray-cray Spencer Fox (who recently broke up with his tranny “wife”) route. I think Cole thought he was going to go far with SC, but that failed to happen and the negative criticism flipped some switch in him. He was attacked for being gay, so he’s straight now or else he was always straight. Same thing is happening to Jake Lyons (though he’s got even more issues). These guys’ sexualities are totally fucked-up. Many of them don’t know what they are…

  40. avatar danicolombia89 says:

    me parece bien pero tienen mas potencial para otro tipo de escena …

  41. avatar CumSlut22 says:

    Now SC, that’s how you start 2013 :D. Maybe an only oral scene, but Stu is the cutest thing ever. Hope he comes back now regularly, he is so fucking hot.

  42. avatar humanoid says:

    Aidan is ugly

  43. avatar TheSagaOf says:

    Can’t stand Aidan, but Stu is a prize.

  44. avatar Peach says:

    Stuey is a cutey, I don’t like Aidan blechhh (he looks better with a beard on though).

    • avatar sweetspot says:

      I think he is doing the beard thing to hide how much drugs and/or chemicals have bloated his face and neck. The last I saw him, his head and neck looked like a beach ball. If you look carefully at the beard, you see it is trying to give him a jaw line which he lost when he bulked up like a Macy*s parade balloon. Below it you can still see his triple chin. His blue eyes are still stunning, and his personality is still shining through. I really like him as a person but hate his new appearance.

  45. avatar fyrefly says:

    aiden is soooo sexy. i hate videos where the guy I like is the giver only…aiden’s gorgeous body and sexy face should of been the focus. the other guy is forgettable.

  46. avatar Jonny Marzetti says:

    Stu’s damn fuzzy ass ruined the rimming. Please, TRIMMING BEFORE RIMMING! (But no pube-trimming, if you please.) Also, as clusterfuck points out, too much of Stu’s sperm got spilled instead of eaten. Those problems turned what would have otherwise been a very hot scene into “just OK.”

  47. avatar aweshit says:

    I find it funny when WB Sean Cody reviewers… all 120 (give or take) complain about how they “see” SC’s exclusives come back for more and more films. Clearly it shows that all the other thousands and thousands of SC subscribers enjoy these models and want to see more.. i.e pierce, aidan, jarek, just to name a few. it’s clearly not your comments they’re looking at .. its probably the volume of downloaded scenes per model and emails sent directly to SC where they decide what viewers unlike some of you want to see. Not some porn review blog with such little amount of decent reviews. saying someones ugly or what seems to be a fav on here fug.. which just sounds totally ridiculous and immature.. is NOT a review.. its just you wishin you want something you can’t have. so shallow people are now days.

  48. avatar Daniel says:

    WTF is happening to Aidan’s face? It’s like a swollen balloon.

    Stu’s cute.

  49. avatar jimzy says:

    I always enjoy the blow jobs…Jamie is definitely the king of first timers most notably with Byron and then Jake (on the leather couch)…prefer a massage table for better 360 camera coverage. Love, love Stu’s furry ass and would feel right at home with my tongue probing his perfect hole…and would prefer a full frontal bush. This guy is some cutey! what a find.

    Rather than Aiden taking steroids, IMO, he’s drinking too much beer and his genes are setting in with age… hence the puffiness in his face and the weight gain…then, OMG!, his wasting Stu’s cum is completely criminal especially watching it soaking into that overused and getting funky gray wool couch…looks like they did send the gray pillow to the cleaners from the last update, but the new pillow doesn’t work.

    • avatar FeydRautha says:

      “Rather than Aiden taking steroids, IMO, he’s drinking too much beer and his genes are setting in with age…”

      I’ve seen beer gut/physiques and Aidan’s isn’t it. He isn’t putting on weight in fat and it’s certainly not concentrated in his mid-section. This dramatic change happened in three months’ time. There’s also the “bacne” (also present on Ashton). This is classic ‘roid abuse.

      I’m beginning to think it’s endemic to SC. Brandon’s looking bigger than he used to. I’ve always been suspicious of Ashton. Pierce slowly started getting bigger during his SC stint; he’s since gone back to his normal size.

    • avatar jimzy says:

      you could be right but what i can’t figure out is why somebody would bulk up to puffy and ugly instead of staying trim and sexy for the camera…i can see athletic competition would tempt to get performance for that extra lift of weights or better long distance endurance… don’t steroids eventually make your dick go limp? i guessed genes and beer for that reason. I think it’s a personal choice –I hate to think SC encourages steroids for their audience that like bulk. Kurt became so big and I figured that was steroids and he isn’t on SC anymore. Kurt was so good! Then tough guy sexy Fuller bulked up and disappeared too. yuck!

    • avatar jimzy says:

      you are right about Brandon, but for his last video he trimmed back down. He was beginning to look like a stunt double

  50. avatar Rio Dong Janeiro says:


  51. avatar jasoncrew01 says:

    I’ll be shocked if he comes back for a hardcore scene. I’ll be floored if he bottoms.

  52. avatar elmtree says:

    Well, after 100 posts I decided to give this vid a chance. First of all, let me say I’m happy to see Stu back. He’s adorable and sexy at the same time. Having said this I gotta say some of the comments in the above 100 posts are a little over the top such as:
    –this was HOT! Hands down the hottest BJ scene in SC history…better than some hardcore scenes–Amazing update
    –Gorgeous!!! Amazing!!! Extraordinaire!!!

    Seriously?? While the rimming was very nice, the oral was very average, the best part being the cock cleaning after Stu has to jack himself off to cum. And that’s the true travesty of this scene. No oral scene can be considered the “hottest BJ scene” when the guy getting serviced has to jack himself to cum, especially when he’s being serviced by an actual gay guy.

  53. avatar Timah says:

    Oral scenes don’t really do anything for me, but Stu is Hot.

  54. avatar the last dodo says:

    Stu is a pleasure to watch. Would love to see him paired up with Brandon down the road but that’d be too good to be true.

  55. avatar greennails says:

    Wow aidan looks hot.

  56. avatar j_ppoh says:

    Stu is cute!

  57. avatar DaddyYankee says:

    I want Stu back as soon as possibile. Top, bottom, doesn’t matter, I wanna see him.

  58. avatar shock55 says:

    Just got done watching it. Yeah, Stu is amazingly hot, and the video is great. Have to say though that it could be way better. If Aidan had finished him off, I think it would have been much, much better. The way it is now, I don’t think I can even cum to it honestly.

  59. avatar Kenji says:

    Stu is so cute and hot! I hope he returns!!!!

  60. avatar itavaldego says:

    Is Stu gay or straight? Is it suggested in Stu’s solo video interview that he’s straight? Because English is not my mother tongue, so can understand a little. What’s the meaning “ass guy”?

  61. avatar Neo_ says:

    ORAL only?? Booooo!
    Next time I see an update with Stu he better be fucking, or getting fucked!

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