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BelAmiOnline: Kris Evans & Sascha Chaykin

Kris Evans & Sascha Chaykin at

Kris Evans & Sascha Chaykin at

Kris Evans & Sascha Chaykin at

Kris Evans & Sascha Chaykin at

Sascha & Kris make the best of a rainy day in Brasil by making their own fun. Shot by Luke Hamil.

Watch Kris Evans & Sascha Chaykin at BelAmiOnline

23 Responses to BelAmiOnline: Kris Evans & Sascha Chaykin

  1. avatar FTLRSW says:

    Nice cock on the top

  2. avatar jazz says:

    Bel Ami PLEASE pay Kris whatever $$$ he’s asking to do BB!!!

  3. avatar jinger says:

    Outrageous, Sascha’s not good enough for Kris.

    • avatar darkthunder1983 says:

      Oh, jinger. You just hurt my heart. LOL

      I kid. More Sascha for me but, honestly, his brother Roman has been making me a little fond of him even though he’s no longer on the site. But my two favorites on BA whom I would give my left leg to have as real BF’s are between Tommy Hansen and Jason Knightley (Daniel Valent, Johnny Rhitts, Ruslan Brodovich and Lukas Ridgeston can be our houseboys).

  4. avatar Cubankid says:

    Love Kris Evans.

  5. avatar bob80 says:

    These are very good looking men.

  6. avatar dio says:

    Kris Evans looks better with longer hair, IMO

  7. avatar DaddyYankee says:

    Kris is amazing but why doesn’t he have bareback sex?

    • avatar elmtree says:

      “…why doesn’t he have bareback sex”

      He obviously chooses not to which I respect his decision. Its not for everyone and I totally disagree with those who say go away if he won’t do bb. I’m content with your comment, “Kris is amazing”. He’s amazing even with a condom imo.

    • avatar swim400 says:

      i’ll take Kris any way he wants. love love him.

    • avatar dio says:

      as long as he’s fucking doods, I don;t really care. He’s so hot.

      i don’t think it’s that big of a deal BA doesn’t do BB regularly – they do so much with come, whether it’s facials or come eating, and all their performers bring respectable loads, so it’s like… who cares? LOL

    • avatar DaddyYankee says:

      I also respect his decision if it’s his decision, this is the point. We don’t know why he doesn’t have bareback sex. I’m only curious to know the reason.

    • avatar darkthunder1983 says:


      I agree with you. Kris didn’t do much for me at first but over time I have grown to love him. If he or SC’s Ethan don’t want to do BB, then there is nothing we can do. As long as they fuck or are getting fuck, I am totally fine.

    • avatar agenttexas says:

      bareback isn’t for everyone

  8. avatar kevinj says:

    Kris Evans keeps getting hotter and hotter as he gets older. Would be great to see him with paired up with Jim Kerouac.

  9. avatar darkthunder1983 says:

    I have to say: I love Luke when his ass stays behind the damn camera unseen or when he shows something like a hand or so.

  10. avatar petervu says:

    Kris is so beautiful and I enjoy him every scene. His cum always huge. Never be average or lower than that :D

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