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Fratmen Sucks!: Jayden & Vincent

Watch Jayden & Vincent at Fratmen Sucks!

Watch Jayden & Vincent at Fratmen Sucks!

Fratmen Jayden meets Fratmen Vincent and make your fantasies come true…

Watch Jayden & Vincent at FratmenSucks

  • joshuabrian

    fake sex is fake


  • Fazz

    Fake sex is worse than BJs.

    • jazz


    • Daniel


  • brandon85

    Lol taking a page out of Cody Cummings book

  • mar.ble

    yeah … it’s faked. but despite this it’s way hotter than some real sex from other studios imho …

  • litper

    but the last two pics are very very hot. Made me instantly cum!

  • james497344

    I have no idea how this site’s still in business… it’s so boring and fake.

  • dio

    that is a very hot set of pics, doing a hot many things, of a hot set of guys, Jayden in particular.

    aside: could Vincent be the next guy to cross over to CF? He’s basically ‘messed around’ with nearly every guy in FM’s stable… so, why not go further? ;-)

    • swim400

      Jayden and vincent r 2 faves. However, this site really does suck.

  • Orion Hunter

    Ahhh, mind-fucking in lieu of real fucking.

    The Fratmen we all know and love…to hate – lol!!

  • hollydick

    Jayden (like Ashton) gotta go to CF or SC, but leave that boring site …

  • jazz

    Dear Vincient,

    PLEASE PLEASE go to SC or CF! I mean you seem to really enjoy engaging with men, why not take it to the next level?

    • jazz


  • TheSagaOf

    At this point, they’re being teases and this whole gimmick is getting tired. The intentional shots of men grinding their junk against their partners asses are slaps in the face. I’ll have nothing to do with this. For shame, Fratmen. For shame.

  • aussboy

    so, how do you know it is fake? these guys are hot….

    • moondoggy

      I’d like to know that, too. Fake sex, really? Have you guys seen the vid? That is quite surprising, but I do like Cinemax at night, so I won’t rule this out. Softcore is an unusual move, to be sure.

    • Jonny Marzetti

      I don;’ see what’s “fake” about it when there’s nothing claiming the guys actually fuck. It’s called Fratmen *Sucks*, and that they do. Sure would be nice if they really *did* fuck, though. And if it was BB, I’d be over there joining up right now instead of over here posting.

    • Jonny Marzetti

      Don’t know why my first reply here vaporized, but nowhere do I see any claim that there’s real fucking going on. The site is called “Sucks,” after all.

    • dio

      @aussboy, it’s not ‘fake’ per se, it’s just ‘foreplay humping’. There’s no penetration.

    • Bagoas

      I watched this video twice and am convinced there was actual penetration. Even without that, though, the prolonged kissing at the beginning was super erotic. These two guys are an incredible couple, the hottest ticket I have seen on FMS. Just being in the same room together generates incredible heat. I can’t get either of them out of my mind!!

    • dio

      @Bagoas, nah, it’s a total put on. Vincent’s never even hard enough to insert, and whenever we MIGHT be given a clear shot it goes all blurry/shaky cam. LOL And Jayden’s totally doing hot dog + buns (sliding his dick between Vincent’s ass cheeks). Come on, the only time you obscure a penetration shot is when you don’t want peeps to see that there is none! But, I will say Jayden’s HARD dick throughout this video + the passion between the two guys MAKES this scenes. It’s a hot scene.

  • Jonny Marzetti

    I wouldn’t subscribe to this site unless maybe they started doing some heavy duty cum-eating. Nonetheless, this set of pics looks damn hot. Just that first pic alone really got my juices flowing.

    • Jonny Marzetti

      I was trying to reply to aussboy but my post keeps vaporizing so let’s try here. I highly doubt that’s real fucking, but this site doesn’t claim to have fucking, so you can’t call it fake. They claim to have sucking, and they do.

    • Bagoas

      Based on pictures from the FMS site showing these two together, I subscribed. There is something about the site that I really like. The guys seem to relate to each other more affectionately than say on CF or SC. There’s a stylized gentleness to their contact that leaves a more lasting impression than mere sex. Plus, no other site has such attractive men. I may at some point tire of this site, but right now I am enthusiastic about it.

  • aussboy

    I have seen some other videos from this site and I assure you, there has been penetration. beside, they have the best looking guys, bar none and none of this is scripted. All the more erotic. However, each to their own.

    • dio

      people are not saying FM generally fakes or has faked the fucking they’ve featured. Just that there’s no REAL fucking in this scene to get off over.

    • dio

      more like literal bumping and grinding.

    • Jonny Marzetti

      “none of this is scripted”

      There’s no director? I find that highly unlikely. This stuff is almost always scripted to some degree, even if the guys are really into each other and do some, um, improvisation.

    • Bagoas

      To Auss boy: amen. I agree completely with you.

  • retew@crb

    Jayden… i like you…i m waiting for you…

  • thresk

    Faked sex and some dude shagging an unattractive girl. When did gay porn become reversion therapy?

    • Jonny Marzetti

      The reversion therapy remark reminds me of a new survey from the National Republican Committee where they are purportedly trying to figure out how to appeal to more young people and minorities. One of the questions is “What is Your Sexual Orientation?” and the choices — I kid you not — include Straight, Gay/Lesbian, Bisexual and In The Closet.”

    • myron


  • raihan delano

    Where your guitar who its that, i remember….jayden …i love you

  • raihan delano

    When…jayden repairing with AIDEN i see there goodlooking performance…

  • raihan delano

    These guys are real fuckinng…

  • raihan delano

    Please get me passport …my photo is black… no good…

  • raihan delano

    Raihan Delano the same Retew@Crb NO PROBLEM.