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BlakeMason: Tom Evans (Straight Boy Wanks One Out)

Tom Evans (Straight Boy Wanks One Out) at BlakeMason

Tom Evans (Straight Boy Wanks One Out) at BlakeMason

Tom Evans (Straight Boy Wanks One Out) at BlakeMason

Tom Evans (Straight Boy Wanks One Out) at BlakeMason

Watch Tom Evans at BlakeMason

Cute student tom is a confident boy who seems to love the idea of boosting his confidence even more by wanking on video. Although he’s straight, he admits that he’s kissed another guy for a dare before, but never shared cock. After seeing him stroking that slim 7 inch dick and squirting his cum over those abs we hope he might become a little more experimental!

Watch Tom Evans at BlakeMason

21 Responses to BlakeMason: Tom Evans (Straight Boy Wanks One Out)

  1. avatar dio says:

    those tattoos are not happening, and the hair could be tamed… otherwise he’s not bad (giving me slight Jamie Bell teas…) I’d love to see him fucked.

    • avatar dio says:

      there’s someone else he looks like, but it escapes me.

    • avatar carey579 says:

      Too pale and tattooed for me.

      Where is Jack? He was like the hottest top on BlakeMason and one of the hottest in gayporn even.

  2. avatar jazz says:

    He looked better BEFORE he took his clothes off.

  3. avatar pubert says:

    Hideous hair. Looks like he hasn’t washed nor combed it for a week. I wouldn’t even go outside to check the mail looking like that.

  4. avatar adowhat says:

    Yeah the hair…messy looks good on the top, but the sides are way too long. Idc about tattoos, but they are interested. Clean him up and he wouldn’t be that bad to watch..

  5. avatar swim400 says:

    this is a pass

  6. avatar Orion Hunter says:

    Kinda feelin’ his bed-head/tousled look. Like his sweet, roundish face and the touch of mischief in his eyes and smile. Like his facial scruff. I couldn’t care less about his tats. Luv the light fuzziness of his legs and pubes and his ‘toned-but-not-gym-worked’ body.

    I do not expect (nor do I particularly want) interchangeable clones or rigid homogeneity in my porn, so I applaud and celebrate the guys who buck the shaving-waxing-plucking-shaping trends and gym-rat and/or tanning salon-slave mentality. So I wouldn’t mind seeing a little more of John Henry Spooner…

    • avatar Orion Hunter says:

      “John Henry Spooner” should be “Tom Evans.” Trying to do too much at the same time, with too many windows, tabs and sites going to keep track of everything properly – lol!!!!

  7. avatar J Pew Pew says:

    Pencil dick.

  8. avatar clusterfuck says:

    The tats are OK but the diarrhea-friendly underwear is unforgivable.

  9. avatar Arglebargle says:

    Bummer about the tats. Otherwise he’s a real cutie.

  10. avatar silkfire says:

    Nice lad but he has flaws. Agree on that he looks better with clothes on.
    I don’t like his hair. His dick is too thin. His toe nails look squashed. And he’s too hairy. Tats are okay, except for that hickie on his hip.

    • avatar bananas15 says:

      “…he’s too hairy”.

      LOL. Um, are we looking at the same update? What hair??

  11. avatar tomtomson says:

    Totally a guy i could fall for minus the cut dick….

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