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FalconStudios: Buck Naked (Marcus Ruhl & Angelo)

Buck Naked (Marcus Ruhl & Angelo) at FalconStudios

Buck Naked (Marcus Ruhl & Angelo) at FalconStudios

Buck Naked (Marcus Ruhl & Angelo) at FalconStudios

Buck Naked (Marcus Ruhl & Angelo) at FalconStudios

Watch Marcus Ruhl & Angelo at FalconStudios

Angelo and Marcus Ruhl fill the screen with muscle after ripped muscle. As day breaks, they stand caressing each other. Their sweet kisses are soft and tender for such massive studs. Skin-tight boxer briefs hide little — you can trace the muscles from Angelo’s abs to his knees. You even see the veins in his cum gutters. Marcus strips Angelo’s briefs off to engulf his cock in a warm mouth. Lots of saliva makes a good seal, and Marcus’ mouth makes popping sounds every time Angelo’s cock comes out. Marcus’ magnificent ass demands to be held, and Angelo expertly kneads his glutes while driving his tongue repeatedly into the musky center. And, Angelo’s huge 9+ inches demands to be engulfed by Marcus’ wet hole. Light glints off Angelo’s huge biceps, jutting pecs and washboard abs as he plows hungrily into Marcus. When they switch to missionary position, you see the contrast of Angelo’s smooth torso and Marcus’ unwaxed one. The pummeling continues until they shoot sticky dual loads, cock-to-cock.

Watch Marcus Ruhl & Angelo at FalconStudios

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  • carey579

    For a huge guy, Marcus is a decent bottom. I hope the scene with Dale Cooper gets posted here. That is really hot. I enjoyed Angelo at Cassinelli Muscles but not much elsewhere.

  • Jay

    Angelo is truly statuesque. But he performs like every other European actor which leaves some things to be desired. That said, look at him though.

    • gaycockluvr

      Agreed on the Euro dudes. They are hot, but the scenes are just repetitive and boring.

  • Daniel


  • freater

    Bald guy is kinda hot. I can never really get into Marcus’s small penis.

  • pink spider

    Both guys insanely hot, and Falcon always has pretty looking scenes, but sadly the action is mediocre at best. Meanwhile I’m STILL waiting for the day when someone properly takes control of Marcus’ mighty ass and gives him an all out pounding. Those cakes are just going to waste. (Though in good news, Marcus has finally left This + the new raging stallion scene are a step in the right direction.)

    • carey579

      The problem with Marcus as a bottom is that he’s a huge guy so not many can give him a good pounding like Johnny Rapid gets in his scenes.

  • elmtree

    Angelo’s entire body, as well as Marcus’ ass, are both nearly flawless. Yum!

  • When they switch a missionary position cock to cock

  • kristompel

    Angelo aslo is/was a stripper in straight production PartyHardcore.

  • jinger

    I don’t do bald guys.