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RandyBlue: Welcome To LA: Justin Owen (Fucks His Fleshjack) (Episode 1)

Justin Owen (Fucks His Fleshjack) at RandyBlue

Justin Owen (Fucks His Fleshjack) at RandyBlue

Justin Owen (Fucks His Fleshjack) at RandyBlue

Justin Owen (Fucks His Fleshjack) at RandyBlue

Justin Owen (Fucks His Fleshjack) at RandyBlue

Justin Owen (Fucks His Fleshjack) at RandyBlue

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Justin Owen is waiting for his friend to pick him up. He is starting to sweat in the hot L.A. sun, and he checks his phone to see if he is late. Finally his friend arrives and picks him up. When they get back to the house, Justin admits that he is fucking horny and needs to jack off before they hang out. He pulls out his dick right then and there in the car to show him how hard he is. He gets out of the car and announces that it is a great day to jack off. He walks up the steps to the bedroom, and his loose jeans show off the crack of his ass. Once he gets inside, he starts to tease his friend. He knows his friend wants to watch. So why not put on a show. He strips naked and shows off his smooth skin and movie star features. He starts playing with his cock, and before long, he gets down on the bed and starts fucking a FleshJack. He lifts his legs up and puts a finger in. His finger fucks his hole as he fucks the FleshJack. He flips over and fucks his hole some more. Finally he gets up on his knees and asks his friend if he wants to see him come. He then blows a load all over the floor and licks up the last drops on the head of his hard dick. He flops back, drenched in sweat. Beneath his gorgeous features, lies a dirty little fucker that cannot wait to show you more. Keep an eye out for this one. He is going to blow your mind.

Watch Justin Owen at

45 Responses to RandyBlue: Welcome To LA: Justin Owen (Fucks His Fleshjack) (Episode 1)

  1. avatar EJ says:

    Now that he’s blonder, he reminds me more than just a little bit of Kevin Warhol from Bel Ami, minus Kevin’s neck tattoo. In his previous sites he didn’t seem to stand out as being quite as nice as he looks now today.

    • avatar Sushi says:

      Yeah I’m surprised how hot he looks today. He reminds me of Michael Angarano a bit too, which is hot. It’s ridiculous that he keeps doing solos and topping though. Get a dick inside him already!

  2. avatar jinger says:

    His hole looks wider than last time I saw him. Anyway, enough solos, let’s fuck this guy.

  3. avatar londonguy says:

    He has hair like Harry styles. His dick is real hard.

    • avatar carey579 says:

      Yes he needs to change his hairstyle.

      What bothers me about this scene is that it is supposed to be kinky? When straight porn has Pandas fucking young girls we get this :C

    • avatar myron says:

      When straight porn has Pandas fucking young girls we get this :C
      Yea…. I’m happy with vanilla non-bestiality porn.

  4. avatar Cubankid says:

    Ok well I guess it’s time for me to finally renew my subscription. I just hope he bottoms, like he did with Dylan Lucas.

  5. avatar freater says:

    This one is begging to be gang fucked by 7 guys for his next scene. Then it’ll be a decent update.

    • avatar clusterfuck says:

      Begging to be gang fucked by 7 guys?!? That hole looks like it was just gang fucked by 7 guys – and that was just the warmup!

      Also, I have the same jockstrap. I fill it out better, tho.

    • avatar Neobamboom says:

      I replied to the wrong person. that johnrt reply was meant for you.

    • avatar moondoggy says:

      @Neobamboom: Please, please lord, let it be so!! Funny though that no one is giving him credit for being able to give a load or two or three.

  6. avatar johnrt says:

    Hot. I joined dl because he was there, but they update very infrequently. Although I think he’s been in 4 of the last 5. Not a good site. I’m glad he’s at RB, would be better if he was at SC or CF. I may join RB now for a month.

    • avatar Neobamboom says:

      He actually seems like a type of guy that would do such a thing off cam.
      “Cum dump looking to take several loads” would be his CL title.

  7. avatar Southbay says:

    Damn he’s hella cute! Can’t wait to see him getting fucked

  8. avatar adidas28 says:

    He looks beee-yoooo-teee-ful here.

  9. avatar Cubankid says:

    Lance Alexander first duo scene will be with Sean Zevran.

    • avatar gaycockluvr says:

      It’s about time we get to see Lance in some action again. RB is soooooo slow with their updates. Also, why do studios have these solos with guys that have already been on other sites. It’s pointless.

    • avatar Cubankid says:

      I agree on all points especially about RB being slow with updates. I think they do solos for site jumpers like, Justin and Lance, just in case one isn’t familiar with their previous work. But I can’t wait to see Sean stuff Lance , I’m so in love with both, and I’m a sucker for a hot interracial scene.

    • avatar gaycockluvr says:

      I’m so not a fan of Sean and all of that forehead. :( I want more Robert Craig!

    • avatar Terry says:


      Amen to more Robert!

    • avatar Cubankid says:

      @gaycockluvr, but I like Sean and his Rihanna size forehead, I never been a fan of Robert even when he was with SC. I don’t know I could just never get into him.

  10. avatar jasoncrew01 says:

    I find it strange that a guy who’s never bottomed on camera has such a wide asshole, especially in an update where it doesn’t even get touched.

    • avatar jasoncrew01 says:

      Seems I was wrong, he did bottom once. Point still stands though, that’s the hole of a guy who gets fucked on the reg (or someone who literally just got fucked).

  11. avatar endeeeff says:

    I hate that Peter Brady haircut, but he does have a nice fat cock. Too bad it’s wasted with a Fleshjack.

  12. avatar Dorse says:

    What a total cutie. A great body. And that killer smile.

    It may be time to reenlist!

  13. avatar zombieland says:


  14. avatar Terry says:

    Wow. So does this mean that DL is beyond dead now? Justin’s the second model they had that has moved to RB. Next the site-jumper, Austin Merrick will be on his way here, too.

  15. avatar CA says:

    Nice! I hope he hangs around a lot, he’s adorable. I’m pulling for a re-match with Lance Alexander and him bottoming this time.

  16. avatar elmtree says:

    Damn…he looks hot here!

  17. avatar adowhat says:

    Every update he is more hot, more sexy. Umph!

  18. avatar adidas28 says:

    I read that he’s doing a scene with Diego Sans.


  19. avatar bloody mary says:

    He’s really cute. and hot. and pretty.

  20. avatar zero6699 says:

    I like RB more and more, they have lots of hot guys.

  21. avatar Raihan Delano says:

    Wwooooooww so cute and beutiful

  22. avatar 007james says:

    He’s Delcious! I want to be pile driven with Justin Owen on my Left and Mick Lovell on my right…. just fuckin’ all night. ahhhhhh yeaaaah.

  23. avatar jag2power says:

    Damn, one could just slide right on in.

  24. avatar Boyo says:

    A beautiful young thing!

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