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Falcon Studios: He’s Got The Moves (Ray Diaz & Connor Kline)

He's Got The Moves (Ray Diaz & Connor Kline) at FalconStudios

He's Got The Moves (Ray Diaz & Connor Kline) at FalconStudios

He's Got The Moves (Ray Diaz & Connor Kline) at FalconStudios

He's Got The Moves (Ray Diaz & Connor Kline) at FalconStudios

He's Got The Moves (Ray Diaz & Connor Kline) at FalconStudios

Watch Ray Diaz & Connor Kline at FalconStudios

Moving day. Connor Kline has worked up a serious sweat, so he peels off his damp, skin-tight t-shirt to mop up perspiration from his muscular torso. Connor’s smooth chest sets off washboard abs and a treasure trail you don’t need to be a hiker to follow. Ray Diaz is transfixed by the sight. Connor likes the attention and flashes his bush, then rubs his shirt in Ray’s face. You can almost hear Ray’s cock go ‘boing’ in his jeans. He sticks his tongue out, making contact with Connor’s moist flesh, and laps his way to an armpit. Ray yanks Connor’s shorts off and engulfs his cock in a warm mouth. Connor loves getting sucked but he wants Ray naked, so he pulls him to his feet and helps him ditch the duds, allowing Ray’s slim, toned body to breathe. Ray targets the smoking hot center of Connor’s first class ass. His mouth works overtime: licking, sucking, probing. The air crackles with sexual electricity as Connor turns Ray around and spears his hairy ass from behind. Ray ends up on the floor in a shoulder stand as Connor drills him from above. His balls churning, Ray squirts streams of jism onto his chest and beyond, while getting his cock and balls basted with Connor’s spooge.

Watch Ray Diaz & Connor Kline at FalconStudios

24 Responses to Falcon Studios: He’s Got The Moves (Ray Diaz & Connor Kline)

  1. avatar dio says:

    god, that first pic… he’s just so… malformed-looking. >_<

    • avatar elmtree says:

      Now how did I know this first post was going to be you and that your comment would only be about your favorite porn star? LOL :)

    • avatar elmtree says:

      Oh look, they got rid of Pierce, or whatever his name is now. Are you happy Dio? :)

    • avatar dio says:

      ever since I seen Ray Diaz in the MavMen scene I was smitten. I think he is just fucking adorable, hot, and a grrrreat performer!

      love Connor Kline, nd that ass of his is just really awesome-looking.

      @elmtree, quite, actually. Allows me to focus on the doods in this scene! and not the deterrent. ^___^

    • avatar carey579 says:

      Connor Kline’s tattoos are just ridiculous!

    • avatar Terry says:


      Really? I’ve always liked Ray since I saw him in that NDS video with Campbel Stevens/Jake Wilder.

    • avatar russe says:

      This from another message board as to Sean Cody’s comments are off:
      Comments have been stopped because some troll blabbed Coleman’s real name and place of business on the three-way board. I’d have stopped them too, as model privacy is a primary concern.
      WB needs to do a much better job at moderating the content of their boards. Heaven help anyone who dares disagree with ‘Dio’, ‘Sushi’, ‘Clusterfuck’, etc. And you know that none of these old girls are actually paying for the sites they routinely trash.

    • avatar dio says:

      @Terry, huh?

    • avatar swim400 says:

      tattoos r horrible and distracting

    • avatar clusterfuck says:

      What an honor to be mentioned alongside Dio and Sushi! I don’t post as much as some would like – and I haven’t even tried gifs yet – so it’s wonderful to have your work noticed! A shout-out to all the other contributors here on Waybig – I am only a moon that shines in the sun of your tireless contributions. Let’s all continue to work towards a gay porn world filled with hot horny studs with no holes unbarred! And finally, together we can rid the world of polio – fuck Jenny McCarthy!

  2. avatar Orion Hunter says:

    Ray Diaz is a sexii little muthafucka (I usually hate these glammed up shots w/ the fake cum, but that last pic spiked my jeans).

  3. avatar Sushi says:

    I think they both look happy in the first picture. At least there are some gay performers with real smiles on their faces. Makes me dislike the gfp ones even more.

  4. avatar Terry says:

    I guess Connor’s losing his love for bottoming. Either way, I like him topping more but then it could be because Ray’s a bigger bottom.

  5. avatar 09755 says:

    Ray looks super hot with all that natural body hair he has. I watched the video though at the camera work is terrible. The video just focuses on the asses and dicks the entire time and ignores their totally hot bodies.

    Also, why is Connor always so weirdly manscaped? He’d be so hot if he left it natural.

  6. avatar Raihan Delano says:

    Lick legs, ass , and delicious

  7. avatar cuteguyzack03 says:

    Love the hairy nipples on ray…so hot!!!

  8. avatar jinger says:

    Bottom is cute

  9. avatar Daniel says:

    Connor definitely needs to top more.

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