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Men Of U.K.: The Analyst (Paddy O’Brian & Theo Reid)

The Analyst (Paddy O'Brian & Theo Reid) at Men of UK

The Analyst (Paddy O'Brian & Theo Reid) at Men of UK

The Analyst (Paddy O'Brian & Theo Reid) at Men of UK

The Analyst (Paddy O'Brian & Theo Reid) at Men of UK

The Analyst (Paddy O'Brian & Theo Reid) at Men of UK

Watch Paddy O’Brian & Theo Reid at

Paddy O’Brian is an analyst who gets turned on by revelations from a client named Theo Reid. Interest oral positions and finger banging happen before Paddy thrusts his boner deep inside Theo’s horny ass.

Watch Paddy O’Brian & Theo Reid at

19 Responses to Men Of U.K.: The Analyst (Paddy O’Brian & Theo Reid)

  1. avatar freater says:

    Theo looks crazy hot in the first pic. And then downhill from there.

  2. avatar Sushi says:

    Now that Daddy is getting fucked, I’m always clicking on the links and scrolling down now, hoping to see him bottom. Too bad he isn’t here, but at least it’s an option now.

    • avatar Sushi says:

      Shit, obviously Paddy was changed to DADDY and I didn’t catch it. Damn.

    • avatar SuperDuper says:

      Lmao I laughed at the first comment. Thought you were calling Paddy daddy. :-P

      But yeah, I’m waiting for him to get a good pounding.

    • avatar CA says:

      Has he bottomed more than the one time they made such a big deal about his “first time”?

    • avatar kana_sai says:

      @CA Yeah he did, albeit “shortly”, with Gabriel Clark.

    • avatar Sushi says:

      Yeah, it was better than Topher doing it.

      But OMFG….have you see the latest from Corbin Fisher???? Smith Creampies Harper. I could barely last 2 minutes. Definitely my new #1 video ever!

    • avatar kana_sai says:

      @Sushi Yeah THAT WAS HAWT. I needed to spill a few loads to that video alone. Smith got hotter!

    • avatar moondoggy says:

      Sushi, that was exactly my reaction too. It’s weird — I love him as a top, but when I saw him bottom the one time (I don’t remember which one), it looked so incredible that it was like turning on a light in a darkened room. Naturally I’d prefer to see him bareback (pun on naturally intended), but either way, watching him bottom now is way more exciting than watching him top again.

    • avatar carey579 says:

      Who is ‘Daddy’?

      Anyway I just downloaded and watched ’82 VS 22′ from MyFirstDaddy and its the best old man/twink porn ever!

    • avatar Sushi says:

      carey579, “Paddy” got changed to Daddy by my phone’s spell check. Anyone who has read my comments knows I can’t stand these old dudes in porn, so def not into “Daddy’s.”

  3. avatar swim400 says:

    Got my Paddy fix.

  4. avatar Raihan Delano says:

    Its Real :-) wtf _”;”_ ok

  5. avatar TheSagaOf says:

    I’m digging it. I’d sit on Paddy and his thick dick any day.

  6. avatar manu says:

    NOt digging this bottom guy at all.
    Versatile Paddy is more interesting!

  7. avatar An21 says:

    I love Paddy and would love to pull a Johnny Hazzard/Isaac Jones on him (wow was that video hot). However it kinda went down when I heard him speak in that Thomas Brand Video. He sounds like Heidi Klum.

    “daddy”.. LOL

  8. avatar DaveAtom says:

    Paddy is just perfect! I want to see him bottoming (or in a flip flop, better) to Woody Fox!!!

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