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MenAtPlay: On Site (Landon Conrad & Dan Broughton)

On Site (Landon Conrad & Dan Broughton) on MenAtPlay

On Site (Landon Conrad & Dan Broughton) on MenAtPlay

On Site (Landon Conrad & Dan Broughton) on MenAtPlay

On Site (Landon Conrad & Dan Broughton) on MenAtPlay

On Site (Landon Conrad & Dan Broughton) on MenAtPlay

Watch Landon Conrad & Dan Broughton on MenAtPlay

Landon Conrad makes his long awaited return to MenAtPlay this week alongside newbie Brit Lad Dan Broughton who reports for his first day back at the construction site. While Danny comes in to change Landon watches the young builder discretely as he strips out of his work gear.

But when its time for Danny to leave Landon asks him to hang around a bit longer. And after lusting over the hot young builder all day Landon finally gets his hands on him – and his lips around his big uncut dick. Landon devours every inch of the handsome lad, first deep throating his dick, before flipping him over and burying his tongue in his tight ass, eating him out hungrily in preparation for a hard pounding over his desk. The whole time keeping his suit perfectly done up while he fucks the naked boy and gives his dutiful employee a face-full of hot cum.

Watch Landon Conrad & Dan Broughton on MenAtPlay

21 Responses to MenAtPlay: On Site (Landon Conrad & Dan Broughton)

  1. avatar dio says:

    seriously, how is it that Dan Broughton looks really gorgeous on here but in his latter EL scenes he looks a junkie mess?

    anyway, glad to see him away from EL. I hope to see more of him @ greener pastures, and with genuinely HOT guys! I want a scene with Marco Rubi, Jay Roberts, and Dato Foland plz.

    • avatar richie says:

      I get what you mean. Is it his slightly longer hair maybe?

    • avatar Sushi says:

      OMG I was thinking the same damn thing!! He’s fucking gorgeous here, and when I looked at him the other vids? Yuck. Damn I hope he keeps this look and gets a decent looking top to fuck him next time. I can’t stand Landon.

    • avatar von schlomo says:

      I dl’ed for Dan as I can’t stand Landon Conrad or suits.

  2. avatar richie says:

    Oh fuck yes for getting Dan Broughton on a different site.

  3. avatar swim400 says:

    his ink is just too distracting and he is such a hot guy.

  4. avatar elmtree says:

    Dan looks really hot here!

  5. avatar Habanero says:

    Dan Dan Dan… Please be my man. :D

  6. avatar Bradster says:

    Dan’s beautiful. Other guy not so much.

  7. avatar Sure_Thing says:

    Fuck, the bottom is hot!

  8. avatar Yoshida says:

    My fucking god. Dan is perfect in the cover photo.

  9. avatar Raihan Delano says:

    I like when his lips ( Landon Conrad ) around his big uncut dick..amazing

  10. avatar TheSagaOf says:

    Fucking perfect.

  11. avatar samson says:

    Dan is very handsome but his body is tragic. He’s too skinny for a performer his age and he has the beginning of a spare tire abdomen. You guys have been duped.

  12. avatar Dz says:

    I love LANDON and it’s a real waste that he’s mostly covered up for the whole vid. I guess some people really love the “man in a suit” thing, but once things get going–I say, get him out of it!

    • avatar Billy Blogs says:

      Shame they didn’t put a sack over his head. Dan so outclasses Landon who should have been put out to grass a long while ago

  13. avatar Erry says:

    Finally, a new Landon scene.

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