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ChaosMen: Carlos Garcia ‘Edge’

Carlos Garcia 'Edge' at ChaosMen

Carlos Garcia 'Edge' at ChaosMen

Carlos Garcia 'Edge' at ChaosMen

Carlos Garcia 'Edge' at ChaosMen

Carlos Garcia 'Edge' at ChaosMen

Watch Carlos Garcia & Bryan at

A very straight-forward Edge video.

Carlos Garcia was not really down for an oral video, but when he saw the Edge chair and asked about it, he decided he could do it. I didn’t have the heart to tell him that normally we do some “extras” to spice the video up. Once he mentioned he could do it, I wasn’t about to quibble to get him to do more.

Tied, blindfolded, and with hot girls getting banged on the headphones, that was enough to get him charged up. His cock springs to action with just a few gentle prods. Likely a mistake to have put him in such tiny briefs- not much room for him to hulk-out in, but I liked seeing him in that color and well, he looks pretty amazing in them.

He is fairly quiet until I bring out the Fleshjack. That got his attention, and true to an edging theme, I had to pull it off of him a couple times or risk a premature happy ending.

I did get him out of the chair to showcase and rim his ass. He was very tight-assed about showcasing his hole, but I pushed through. He has strong butt cheek muscles! I also milk his cock from behind, just like..well… being milked!

The Fleshjack was doing really well, and I don’t think I have ever used one to make a guy cum, so I decided to see if I could time it just right.

If you watch, he starts to unload, and I pull it off to finish him off, and give you some evidence! He must have shot a couple major squirts up into the toy, because it comes dripping out while I jerk the final half of his load out of his uncut cock.

Like I said, a very straight forward and not very fancy Edge, but super pleased that he even did an oral themed video. I think you will be too!

Watch Carlos Garcia & Bryan at

12 Responses to ChaosMen: Carlos Garcia ‘Edge’

  1. avatar SuperDuper says:

    Meh.. I’m still high on Ajay!

    • avatar elmtree says:

      I didn’t care much for the pairing, no internal, no creampie, no cum swallowing/licking…why bother with bb?

      But it was indeed a joy to see Ajay again!

    • avatar SuperDuper says:

      Lol indeeddd. I’m just excited to see what’s in store with that stud.

  2. avatar Raihan Delano says:

    Nope, so vile.

    • avatar endeeeff says:

      Vile? I think that’s a stretch. Granted, Carlos wasn’t super responsive (and we’ll probably not see him on CM again), but vile is a bit of a reach.

  3. avatar slipperyslope says:

    You couldn’t pay me to watch this video. Blech.

  4. avatar johnrt says:

    Shocking , another bad update. I just complained about Chaos downhill slide on the last update, good to see it can get worse. I’ll give it another week to see if there is any improvement, otherwise cancel. I always liked this site until this year. Overall 2013 has been bad. BO should go to quality over quantity of updates if he can’t deliver at least decent updates consistently. As an example who cares about a holiday marathon if the videos aren’t any good.

    • avatar Jonny Marzetti says:

      Chaos is finally living up to its name.

    • avatar CalRegularGuy says:

      +1 It seems to me that BO believes he doesn’t get much paying traffic to his site because people are thieving his videos and watching them for free on tube sites. For me, most of the content on CM is simply not worth paying for. And the once a week sex scene typically contains a reluctant, disinterested “straight” guy who is not willing to do the job he was presumably paid for.

      I suspect BO is spread too thin to really direct the action scenes and get the most out of his talent. How many sexy guys have come and gone this year without ever getting called back for a real sex scene. He’s too busy with the solos, mediocre “serviced” and lame “Peep” videos.

  5. avatar Colby Parr says:

    Why does he have to be so difficult? He’s so attractive. I really hope Bryan is bluffing and Carlos come back to do an action scene.

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