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ChaosMen: Avery & Shiloh (Serviced)

Avery & Shiloh (Serviced) at ChaosMen

Avery & Shiloh (Serviced) at ChaosMen

Avery & Shiloh (Serviced) at ChaosMen

Avery & Shiloh (Serviced) at ChaosMen

Avery & Shiloh (Serviced) at ChaosMen

Watch Avery & Shiloh at

Wow! I knew Shiloh could suck dick, but I had not put him with a dude where he specifically had to “service to completion” another guy. I think Kristopher always has great dirty-boy energy when he sucks cock, but Shiloh gives him a run for the money.

Avery said he had had his cock sucked by a guy before, so he wasn’t gonna be nervous about it. He just worried that he couldn’t cum from a blow job. I hadn’t seen the full-range of Shiloh’s skills, but after only a few minutes, I knew I wouldn’t have to be giving Shiloh private cock-sucking lessons..dammit!

Shiloh hungrily goes after Avery’s cock and has him writhing around in no time. Though once again, the rimming seems to really get the guy going. Shiloh loves to eat ass, so he was in piggy heaven licking up and down his hole.

And for his first time doing a Serviced video, Shiloh easily makes him nut, lapping up his cum as it comes oozing out! Avery was suitably impressed, as was I.

I will definitely have Shiloh back to do some more Servicing. He hasn’t had to work with a nervous “first-timer” yet, but I am sure he will be able to work his mouth magic on anyone!

Watch Avery & Shiloh at

23 Responses to ChaosMen: Avery & Shiloh (Serviced)

  1. avatar johnrt says:

    Avery, no thanks. But I’ll watch once for Shiloh, then delete. Most of the new CM new guys are not very good looking, but Shiloh is great.

  2. avatar franky2013 says:

    For me serviced is boring, why cm wastes Shiloh, he´s a good bottom why doesn´t do a scene more interesting or smart

  3. avatar moondoggy says:

    This is perfect for me because I like Avery and would rather see him naked and see Shiloh cover up that ruinous tattoo. I do wish Shiloh was jacking off because he has a nice dick. They should take the Glenn approach and keep him naked from the waist down.

    More Avery, please.

    • avatar TheSagaOf says:

      They’re actually pretty inconsistent about having the person who is servicing show skin. Like in this scene, Glenn’s last scene where he was servicing someone else featured him completely clothed. In his next to latest scene (it was the one with Zarek) he was waist down naked. I just don’t understand the inconsistency of it. What HARM does it do to show off the gorgeous body’s of these men while they’re going down on people? I’m sure Bryan’s smarter than this. Or is this some new, unheard niche/fetish in porn that I’m not aware of?

    • avatar moondoggy says:

      There is definitely a such thing as a clothed-male/naked-male fetish. I used to belong to a group or something that swapped pictures of guys who were totally naked around one or more guys who were clothed. It seems random, but the effect in the pics was usually to create the impression of public nudity or of guys throwing themselves sexually at other unsuspecting guys. There are other reasons why people like that scene as well. Complicated genre of porn, but I somewhat doubt BO has thought it through that much. I’m sure there’s some lazy or mundane reason behind it.

  4. avatar elmtree says:

    Shiloh is crazy, crazy hot! Avery doesn’t do it for me but, as Johnrt notes, I’ll watch once just for Shiloh.

  5. avatar Cubankid says:

    Everything about Shiloh, is sexy, the other guy is ok nothing special.

  6. avatar Jonny Marzetti says:

    Please Shiloh, don’t ever remove that shirt!! It’s perfect for hiding the gawdawful tat tht is the ultimate detractor from the hotness you exude. With the shirt on I can focus on beautiful you doing a fantastic servicing job — lovingly rimming like you really appreciate the delights of ass exploration, and lovingly lapping up the cream like you really appreciate the taste and texture of cum! The guy getting serviced here was meh, but a shirted Shiloh doing the servicing was brilliant. More!

  7. avatar BloodandFire says:

    What a waste of a beautiful creature like Shiloh. A down and dirty flip-flop scene is what will do him justice.

  8. avatar oneday says:

    beautiful services less attractive? I find it oddly arousing.

  9. avatar richie says:

    Long may the beard continue. And get bushier!

  10. avatar NG22 says:

    Lies Bryan tell. He said last week there was great chemistry in the scene. Avery didn’t do anything. WTF? I swear, sometimes I feel BO isn’t good at his job.

    Shiloh is gorgeous. As usual. If Avery comes back, he better pick up the pace. Otherwise, there’s the door boo. —>

  11. avatar shaman36 says:

    I don’t know whats the problem when you guys see ink. It’s just a tattoo and shiloh’s is a very good one at that. Not like some others that is just a hot mess and makes no sense. But on a side shiloh is amazing didn’t think I was gonna like him at first but boy did he prove me wrong. Now CM need to stop playing and hurry up and pair him with my 2 hubbys vander and theon or better yet a threesome oh man can’t wait for those scenes lol

  12. avatar andrewtor says:

    Shiloh is a really handsome and sexy guy; Avery, not so much.

  13. avatar Mean Gene says:

    I keep wondering what is is I like about Avery. I finally got it. He reminds me of Sean Astin.

  14. avatar bloody mary says:

    Wow. That guy is LUCKY to get serviced by Shiloh. They’re not even in the same league.

    • avatar Helluva Bottom Carter says:

      IKR? Like, Shiloh settling for someone nearby on grindr this may be but surely he has a type and it ain’t this.

      I’m all for seeing him return in more service vids tho.

  15. avatar ga says:

    Shiloh:Is He Gay?

  16. avatar swim400 says:

    IMO, Avery looks better here being serviced than in his solo. Shiloh, why ruin your body with that awful ink?

    imo Avery looks better here in the service scene than his solo. Shiloh, I just cn’

  17. avatar King Henry VIII says:

    Just like BO said in Shilohs Solo vid some people either hate the tatt or LOVE in and I fall in the latter category agree with everything @ shaman said but that needs to be every hole getting some pounding as STU said in his first video ( Yes, I know he said we gonna pound some hole today) this was/is my variation of that LOVE YA STU YA SEXY MUSCLEMAN/BOY YOU!!!!!!!!! :)


    AVERY YOU HOT TOO!!!! JUST do MORE next time if you are going to play on TEAM CHAOS K.

    That shirt on MY SHILOH should/could have at least been a tank top or no shirt at all I LOVE HIS TATTOO so HOT on MY HUBBY

  18. avatar Daniel says:

    Eyes only for Shiloh. What a hot man.

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