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SeanCody: Vic (II)

Vic (II) at SeanCody

Vic (II) at SeanCody

Vic (II) at SeanCody

Vic (II) at SeanCody

Vic (II) at SeanCody

Vic (II) at SeanCody

Watch Vic at SeanCody

28 Responses to SeanCody: Vic (II)

  1. avatar Dorse says:

    The body and dick are fine. But that’s a face for drag. So no.

  2. avatar samson says:

    He’s too pretty. I’d rather they bring back Landon or some other black model.

  3. avatar slipperyslope says:

    I’m with the disconnect on face/body. He just looks too young neck-up to get me excited.

    But down below— holy FUCKBALLS! YES!!! and that furry ass… sweet corn on the cob I could spend all day on that!!!!!!!

  4. avatar Geoff says:

    Good looking guy who is over-tweezing the eyebrows.

    • avatar jinger says:

      +1 Doesn’t look as bad in the video. I get the impression he’s not the teasing sort, like I’m not here to seduce you, I’m here to fuck you. He could be boring, or perhaps not.

  5. avatar DaveAtom says:

    Damn, no! Very disappointed with SC lately…

  6. avatar shaman36 says:

    Yes been waiting for a nice light skinned brother to join the sean cody roster. Whats not to like? It’s a good switch up from the recent bland solos

    • avatar Sushi says:

      I agree. Whatever mix of races he is (or isn’t), he looks good to me. I wish his ass was as smooth as his chest though.

    • avatar swim400 says:

      he certainly is adding something different to the lineup. Like to see Tanner tap that hole.

  7. avatar CA says:

    I like. He’s far more attractive on film than his pics–that first picture does him no favors for sure. Hope he’s back….some light ass play, but as of late, that signal hasn’t proven to indicate a return like it has in the past.

  8. avatar gaycockluvr says:

    Eh, he kinda seems like a undercover freak, so I wouldn’t mine seeing him in another scene.

  9. avatar jazz says:

    His dark features are striking. Can’t wait to see him in action.

  10. avatar bigway says:


  11. avatar ThinkBig says:

    Big no. Please, go home!

  12. avatar pink spider says:

    Cute little Spanish boy. I agree the eyebrows are overdone.

  13. avatar RonaDog says:

    He strikes me as a little brother of Topher DiMaggio sans the attitude.

    • avatar jinger says:

      Ha! I kinda see it, and he’s probably as boring as he is, though not as good looking.

  14. avatar TightBottom199 says:

    He’s super pretty and has a delightfully ripped body. I really want to see him in action but I fear for whoever has to take that thick piece of meat…

  15. avatar versuader says:

    Very sexy – If he grew facial hair and let his body hair grow out he’d be amazing!

  16. avatar jag2power says:


  17. avatar Matt says:

    No attraction for me. Waiting for Noel to return.

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