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Cameron Foster Fucks Johnny Riley in ‘Step Brother Punishment’ at NextDoorWorld

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Step Brother Punishment (Cameron Foster Fucks Johnny Riley) at Next Door World

Cameron Foster has had it up to here with his step brother, Johnny Riley. Johnny’s been acting like a real useless layabout lately, and Cameron is at his limit entertaining Johnny’s freeloading bullshit. He doesn’t work, he doesn’t clean, he doesn’t help out around the house, and honestly, Cameron is starting to wonder if maybe he’s just all the way useless.So when Cameron comes home it still un-tidy while Johnny lounges on the sofa like he always does, something in Cameron snaps.

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Jimmie Slater Fucks Derek Parker in ‘Big Dick Negotiations’ at ExtraBigDicks

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Big Dick Negotiations (Jimmie Slater Fucks Derek Parker) at

Derek Parker has been taking his sweet time fixing Jimmie Slater’s car but there is a really good reason for it. Once Jimmie shows up at the auto shop he confronts Derek and wants to know when he will be done with his ride. Derek doesn’t see it being completed for another week or so and that doesn’t sit well with Jimmie. He is tired of riding the bus and explains to Derek that he must know of a way to get it done quicker.

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Jay Johnson Fucks Vittorio Naxos in ‘The Devil Is In The Details’ Scene 3 at IconMale

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The Devil Is In The Details (Jay Johnson Fucks Vittorio Naxos) (Scene 3) at Icon Male

Andy Banks sits quietly watching two fallen angels, Vittorio Naxos and Jay Johnson, as they kiss each other deeply. Jay goes down on Vittorio, sucking on his cock. He moves his head back and forth as he strokes his own dick while he’s sucking. Vittorio gets his own turn, pushing Jay onto his back and sucking on his big dick. Kissing further, they rub their bare skin against each other.

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Gabriel Cross Fucks Bruno Bernal in ‘Heated 2’ Scene 5 at FalconStudios

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Heated 2 (Gabriel Cross Fucks Bruno Bernal) (Scene 5) at FalconStudios

Gabriel Cross greets Bruno Bernal with a passionate kiss and by popping a fresh bottle of champagne — a foreshadowing of the hot sex that’s about to take place. Baring nothing but their muscles and bulging undies, they quickly lose the booze and lock lips.

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Sean Zevran Fucks Tegan Zayne in ‘Drive Shaft’ Scene 1 at RagingStallion

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Drive Shaft (Sean Zevran Fucks Tegan Zayne) (Scene 1) at Raging Stallion

Muscled mechanic Sean Zevran is revved up by spying smokin’ coworker Tegan Zayne bent over a car with his crack hanging out. Tegan glances back at Sean and asks ‘do you like what you see?’ Sean nods and instructs Tegan to stick his fingers into his furry hole. Tegan takes the cue and teases his hole, which gets Sean’s fluids flowing. When Sean whips out his dip-stick, Tegan immediately drops to his knees and swallows the massive uncut member.

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Michael Ramos at NextDoorMale

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Michael Ramos at Next Door Male

Get naked and follow Michael Ramos as he runs through his typical morning routine. Michael is a bit of a sleepy head today, but a nice splash of cool water from the sink and a clean, razor-close shave make him feel bright eyed and bushy tailed.

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ActiveDuty: Matthew Reeves Returns And Fucks Colton Phobos (Bareback)

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Matthew Reeves Returns And Fucks Colton Phobos (Bareback) at ActiveDuty

My goodness, what an amazing thing to capture on camera! This was such a cock-stiffener. I’m more than delighted to say that we have Matthew Reeves back, after his incredible solo debut, and joining him is our hungry bottom, Colton Phobos.

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Broke Straight Boys: Mikey Fucks Tyler Griffin (Bareback)

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Mikey Fucks Tyler Griffin (Bareback) at Broke Straight Boys

Tyler Griffin bottoms for Mikey in this hot scene, but Tyler has no idea just how big Mikey is until he unleashes that cock and sees for himself!

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GayHoopla: Jerry Cabrera FUCKS Cole Money

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Jerry Cabrera FUCKS Cole Money to GayHoopla

Cole Money caught Jerry Cabrera working his big uncut stick to some porn. Cole being the horny guy he is, ask Jerry if he could watch too and join the jerk sesh. Jerry showed Cole some hot videos but Cole weaseled his way into talking Jerry into the real deal. They shared their first kiss and the porn player quickly became a forgotten item. The two passionately kissed while grabbing each other’s huge cocks. Jerry wanted to stick it in Cole’s hairy ass before he’d bust to early. Once Jerry propped it in, He got to enjoy the scruffy booty to the fullest.

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ChaosMen: Gunther

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Gunther at ChaosMen

Gunther had been submitted back in June of 2012. He had long hair, and was undeniably hot. But he was only 18 and still unsure about doing gay video work. Very worried what his friends would think.

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Colton Grey Fucks Landon Mycles in ‘Yours’ at

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Yours (Colton Grey Fucks Landon Mycles) at Gods Of Men

Tatted-hottie Colton Grey gets his way with bronzed beefy blue-eyed Landon Mycles. Starting with a passionate make-out session, the boys work each other into a frenzy before taking turns blowing their thick dicks. Colton mounts Landon until they climax on Landon’s toned stomach.

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Paddy O’Brian Fucks Massimo Piano in ‘Language Barrier’ Part 1 at

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Language Barrier (Paddy O'Brian Fucks Massimo Piano) (Part 1) at Str8 To Gay

Paddy O’Brian has no problem when challenged with finding the cutest foreigner possible to make his own. One miscommunication leads to another and suddenly Paddy finds himself inside of Massimo Piano’s tight foreign hole. If there’s one thing that’s universally understood, it’s pleasure.

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SeanCody: Hunter (III)

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Hunter (III) at SeanCody

Hunter is a busy body. He seems to be doing a lot and thinking about doing a lot in the future. He is a tropical farmer whose been working on cars and possibly enlisting in the navy, as well as thinking about studying abroad. Clearly, he likes to keep busy.

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BoysHalfwayHouse: Incident #104: Loser Gets His Ass Owned (Bareback)

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Incident #104: Loser Gets His Ass Owned (with Bruno) at Boys Halfway House

His hole looks a bright red and not in the least bit damaged yet. It’s always a wonder to me that a user who is 22 years old can have a pristine hole – most of the time this is not the case. Well, he might have gotten this far with his cherry intact, but it’s the end of the road for this untapped resource.

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JJ Knight Fucks Will Braun in ‘Dad’s Diary’ Part 3 at

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Dad's Diary (JJ Knight Fucks Will Braun) (Part 3) at Drill My Hole

While reading his dad’s diary Will Braun Jr. learns some intimate details about his dad’s wedding day. It turns out that his dad may have had the best sex of his life that day but it wasn’t with the bride. It was with her big-dicked cousin JJ Knight. Watch JJ suck Will’s cock before stuffing the groom’s hole with his fat cock.

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Logan Moore Fucks Rex Cameron in ‘Jungle Chapter 1: To The Wolves’ at MenAtPlay

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Jungle Chapter 1: To The Wolves (Logan Moore Fucks Rex Cameron) on MenAtPlay

The return of one of Menatplay’s most successful men, Logan Moore, sees the start of “JUNGLE” a new series of scenes by Menatplay where power play, dominance, and submission are the order of the day. In a mob underworld of suited rivals, the men face off, either using their masculine power to get what they want, or submit themselves to be used when they realise they’ve met their match.

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SeanCody: Jack Fucks Cole (Bareback)

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Jack Fucks Cole (Bareback) at SeanCody

Jack has gotten so ripped since the last time we saw him, “I’ve been working out a lot actually”. Cole felt a little intimidated, but quickly realized that’s exactly what he wanted.

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Damon Heart Flip-Fucks With Adam Killian in ‘Pump & Dump’ Scene 1 at LucasEntertainment

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Pump & Dump (Damon Heart Flip-Fucks With Adam Killian) (Scene 1) at Lucas Entertainment

Adam Killian shows off his tender side: he wakes up with the handsome Damon Heart next to him, and Adam’s morning wood is the greatest sign of affection Damon could have ever asked for. When Damon and Adam suck on each other 69-style, the position shows off their different — but very hot — body types…

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RAWFUCK: Massively Tall Dude Sinks His XXL Tool

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Massively Tall Dude Sinks His XXL Tool at Raw Fuck

One inked, twink punk is having the time of his life servicing his ripped, macho stud top. He puts his mouth to work in a devoted blowjob for the huge, rock-hard cock before opening his ass good and wide for a stretching. His hairy hole gets ploughed deep, and the faces he pulls show how much he’s getting off on being the bitch.

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SpunkWorthy: Karl (Fingers His Hole)

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Karl (Fingers His Hole) at

Karl is 23 y/o and described himself as a thrill-seeker and somewhat of an exhibitionist. Although he hadn’t done much in the way of showing off in public, he’d gotten walked in while jerking off so many times that I gave him points for at least trying! He listed them all off:

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CorbinFisher: Quinn Gets Pounded By Henry (Bareback)

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Quinn Gets Pounded By Henry (Bareback) at CorbinFisher

Quinn and Henry explore and enjoy each other’s bodies. Quinn is loving Henry’s big cock and his exemplary blowjob skills astonishes Henry in the best ways.

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American College Sex: Grant’s Bi 3-Way (Grant, Jasper & Laura)

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Grant's Bi 3-Way (Grant, Jasper & Laura) at AmateurCollegeSex

Grant wanted to show Jasper his stud skills before he made him feel it. He not only fucked Laura in front of him, but also made sure to let him know how good it feels- giving him a taste from the tip of cock!

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ChaosMen: Claudio Fucks Lorenzo (Bareback)

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Claudio Fucks Lorenzo (Bareback) at ChaosMen

Two hot Latin guys! Lorenzo was super pleased to be working with Claudio. Lorenzo has a hot body, but he was thrilled when he saw Claudio’s amazing build.

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GayHoopla: Rob Burry (Sexy Stripper Solo Jerkoff)

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Rob Burry (Sexy Stripper Solo Jerkoff) to GayHoopla

GayHoopla newcomer, Rob Burry, screams fucking sexy!

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BlakeMason: Tyler Jenkins Fucks Danny Montero

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Tyler Jenkins Fucks Danny Montero at BlakeMason

Inked and hung top Tyler Jenkins has a lot of uncut cock to share with horny and fit young Danny Montego, and the boy definitely wants it! Making out on the couch the two are soon trading blowjobs, and what a delicious display it is! With Danny bent over at the end of the couch his arse is ready for fucking, with Tyler easing in slow and then giving him a great ride as the lad takes control.

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