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American College Sex: Dane’s Double Load II

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Dane's Double Load II at AmateurCollegeSex

Dane has made a lot of friends here at Corbin Fisher, for his handsome boyish looks, his fat cock, – and his sexual insatiability! He’s certainly getting a full rounded education!

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LatinBoyz: JAIME

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JAIME at LatinBoyz

This cute 18 year old with the swimmer’s body is Jaime from Colombia. He has that sexy swimmer’s body because he’s an actual swimmer on the same team as recent models Jay D and Valentino. He looks cute with braces and said he loves to suck dick, two things that don’t always go together but he assured us they never get in the way. He’s verse and likes to try anything new and kinky.

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Straight Naked Thugs: Sean Johansen (Loves Performing For You)

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Sean Johansen (Loves Performing For You) at Straight Naked Thugs

It’s hard to believe how quiet and uncertain straight thug Sean was when he started out. These days he gets off on seeing you guys talking about his videos and enjoying him jerking his big dick. He’s got another load to splash out of his cock in this update, after saving it for a while he really can’t wait to get his hairy dick out and stroke himself to a jizz shot. Make sure you leave a comment and tell him what it did for you!

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Sketchy Sex: CHRONIC (Bareback)

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CHRONIC (Bareback) at

Sex addiction is a chronic, often relapsing disorder that causes compulsive sex seeking behavior despite harmful consequences to the sex addict and those around them.

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Vicktor Rom Visser Fucks Dani Robles in ‘Bareback Couch’ at FuckerMate

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Bareback Couch (Vicktor Rom Visser Fucks Dani Robles) (Bareback) at Fuckermate

This week we bring you another great debut: Spanish muscled stud Dani Robles shot his first bareback scene with us together with our faithful power top Viktor Rom Visser. The two mates are big friends and Dani has come at Viktor’’s place to say him goodbye before his trip to South America. They won’t see each other for long time and Dani asks a big present before Viktor’’s leaving. What the hung Latin will give him it’’s clear since the first moment: a thick juicy cock to enjoy and a raw fucking that Dani will remember for long time, at least until Viktor’’s return!

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Arad WinWin Fucks Taylor Reign! at CockyBoys

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Arad WinWin Fucks Taylor Reign! at

What to do on a cold and rainy day in L.A.? Seattle boy Taylor Reign is used to rainy weather but he isn’t used to being inside with horny an bored muscleman Arad WinWin. Arad is just his type, a big muscle jock who Taylor hopes will manhandle him and tell him what to do. Fortunately Arad, who usually likes to cuddle and chill out watching TV, has the same thought. While lying on the bed in his jeans, Arad plays with his cock as Taylor hangs out by the balcony, his hands in his jeans bemoaning the weather and once Taylor says, “Yeah, it’s still raining. I don’t know what to do today” Arad solves the problem by motioning Taylor over to the bed to join him.

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Jordan Levine Fucks Bennett Anthony in ‘Inked Breeding’ at Bromo

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Inked Breeding (Jordan Levine Fucks Bennett Anthony) (Bareback) at Bromo

Tattooed hotties Bennett Anthony and Jordan Levine can’t get each other’s clothes off fast enough. Their chemistry is palpable as they rush to devour every part of their bodies. The two go straight from Bennett getting his face properly fucked, to him to riding Jordan’s huge cock raw and offer up a performance so hot and intense we sure won’t forget it soon.

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Str8 Chaser: Damien (Hot, Young Student Who’s Up For Anything)

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Damien (Hot, Young Student Who's Up For Anything) at Str8 Chaser

Damien is a hot young student who’s up for anything. When I offered him some cash to show me what he was working with, he didn’t skip a beat, which encouraged me to ask for more. After some more cash was offered, he was willing to come back with me to my hotel room, where I got a real taste of that big ass of his.

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Loving Kris Evans with Miguel Estevez at Bel Ami Online

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Loving Kris Evans with Miguel Estevez at

We’re going All-Hungarian today when Kris Evans gets together with newcomer, Miguel Estevez. Prior to this month, you have only seen Miguel in solo scenes (and one blow job with Julien Hussey) but he makes his hardcore debut on both BelAmiOnline and Freshmen this month, with more coming next month and over the summer.

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Broke Straight Boys: Brenden Steel Fucks Jared Marzdon (Bareback)

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Brenden Steel Fucks Jared Marzdon (Bareback) at Broke Straight Boys

Brenden Steel has never been with a guy before, so he’s a little nervous, but Jared Marzdon is here to help him through the experience.

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Corbin Fisher: Hugh & Ryder’s Four Load Bareback Fuck Fest

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Hugh & Ryder's Four Load Bareback Fuck Fest at CorbinFisher

Ryder and Hugh go back and forth on whether they should fuck or make love, promising a little bit of both. The definitely make good on their promises on putting on quite the hot show!

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Jordan Levine Fucks Vadim Black in ‘Last Day On Earth’ Part 2 at

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Last Day On Earth (Jordan Levine Fucks Vadim Black) (Part 2) at Str8-To-Gay

Jordan Levine explores the inside of Vadim Black’s tight butthole.

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Noah Jones Fucks Jackson Grant in ‘Textual Relations’ Part 1 at

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Textual Relations (Noah Jones Fucks Jackson Grant) (Part 1) at Drill My Hole

Noah Jones is ready to go public with his hidden textual relations with politician Jackson Grant. It started out as simple nudes back and forth, but he soon became entangled and penetrated by Jackson’s hard cock.

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Bel Ami Online: Night Scene (Antony Lorca Fucks Helmut Huxley) (Bareback)

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Night Scene (Antony Lorca Fucks Helmut Huxley) (Bareback) at

Our last couple night scenes have been with slightly darker more moody lighting, but for today’s scene with Antony Lorca and Helmut Huxley, Marty Stevens has gone for a slightly lighter feel to the clip.

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Jonathan Miranda Barebacks Dano Guerre at TimTales

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Jonathan Miranda Barebacks Dano Guerre at TimTales

Timtales Exclusives Jonathan Miranda and Dano Guerre are fucking to the roof! These two are so into each other it’s ridiculous. And to be honest, we didn’t even plan this scene. We were between shoots and it turned out that Jonathan and Dano felt “inspired”. And it’s quite the inspiration in passion! Jonathan’s curved raw cock reaches all the right spots of Dano. Don’t miss that passionate scene!

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TitanMen: Jesse Jackman ‘Auditions’ Liam Knox

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Jesse Jackman 'Auditions' Liam Knox at TitanMen

To prep for his first shoot, Liam Knox heads to the home of Jesse Jackman to break the ice–and the two realize they’ve met before. “That was one of the best weekends of my life,” smiles Liam, the two soon locking lips–their foreheads touching as they stare deeply into each other’s eyes.

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Drew Hill, Joey D & Scott DeMarco in ‘The Ball Boy Gets Tag-Teamed’ at Colby’s Crew

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The Ball Boy Gets Tag Teamed (Drew Hill, Joey D & Scott DeMarco) at Colby's Crew

Studly Joey D and handsome Scott DeMarco are facing off on the tennis court as young Drew Hill chases the balls back and forth on the hard surface. As the guys wrap up the game and congratulate each other, Drew announces that he’s heading to the showers and parts company with the two jocks. Joey and Scott both longingly watch the kid leave the court and admit to finding him to their liking.

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Sean Cody: Jakob Fucks Joey (Bareback)

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Jakob Fucks Joey (Bareback) at SeanCody

Jakob was telling us how much he enjoyed his first time with a guy on Sean Cody, and Joey saw this as an opportunity to be better than the last…challenge accepted!

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ChaosMen: Kodi Services Peter

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Kodi Services Peter at ChaosMen

Peter was nervous but optimistic about getting his dick sucked by a guy. He had one previous experience where he got sucked-off by a guy, and he ejaculated from that, so for him it was more about doing it on camera.

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Broke Straight Boys: Cage Käfig Fucks Chris Taylor (Bareback)

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Cage Käfig Fucks Chris Taylor (Bareback) at Broke Straight Boys

Cage Käfig has been on a bit of a hiatus, but this tattooed country boy has returned to the studio and we’re glad to welcome him back. Chris Taylor is sitting next to him today and although these guys didn’t get a chance to really meet yet, they’ll get to know each other pretty quick in the studio!

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Jonah Fontana Fucks Ian Greene in ‘The Ten Spot’ Episode 3 at Naked Sword

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The Ten Spot (Jonah Fontana Fucks Ian Greene) (Episode 3) at NakedSword

Bonafide “Tens” Jonah Fontana and Ian Greene hook up and Jonah knows just where to go – The Ten Spot. Ian asks to many questions so Jonah tells him to stop talking and put his dick in his mouth. Ian proves to be a world-class cock sucker which only makes Jonah more eager to fuck Ian’s hot ass.

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Nick Sterling Fucks Coby Mitchell in ‘Dirty Work’ Scene 4 at Hot House

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Dirty Work (Nick Sterling Fucks Coby Mitchell) (Scene 4) at Hothouse

Nick Sterling is stroking his tool in the workshop, watching some porn on his phone. Suddenly, Coby Mitchell busts in on him. ‘I was just about to cum,’ says Nick. ‘I’m glad you didn’t,’ replies Coby. Nick takes off Coby’s shirt, and they stroke each other’s cocks while making out.

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Next Door Homemade: Rick Michaels Fucks Mason Carter

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Rick Michaels Fucks Mason Carter at Next Door World

It seems our friend Mason Carter is continuing to convince inexperienced guys to have sex with him on camera. I’m not sure how he’s become so good at pulling this off, but this time he’s submitted some pretty fucking hot footage of himself with a guy named Rick Michaels.

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Bennett Anthony Fucks Cameron Kincade in ‘Fitness Desire’ at MenOver30

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Fitness Desire (Bennett Anthony Fucks Cameron Kincade) at

Cameron Kincade is jocking Bennett Anthony in the gym locker room. He is amazed how great shape he is in and wants to know his secrets on the ultimate body. Cameron tells Bennett he wants to see him flex so Cameron takes his shirt off revealing his toned body. Cameron is drooling all over himself and keeps complimenting Bennett so much so that awkward silence creeps up and they both just stare at each other. They gaze into each other’s eyes and finally Bennett makes the move.

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Maskurbate: From Earth To Ultron (with Zahn)

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From Earth To Ultron (with Zahn) at Maskurbate

A New Order encouraging divisions and hate crimes forced part of Humanity to depart to the planet Ultron, leaving only fantasies of their loved ones… Even though it’s been almost 3 years now, Zahn still has hopes that one day, he and his boyfriend Felix will be united again in a World without racism, prejudice and discrimination. Will Felix reach Ultron safely? Will they ever be reunited again? You only, have the power to make things right again. Enjoy Maskurbate’s first emotional cinematic sci-fi scene!

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