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Drill My Hole

Bashed And Furious 2 (Paddy O'Brian & Marco Sessions)

Category: Hardcore Gay Porn, Sites
Pornstars: Marco Sessions,Paddy O'Brian

About this Video:

Paddy waits patiently in his car while his criminal colleague is in the throws of a heist. With a balaclava he runs to the car holding a carrier bag. He gets into the car at rapid speed and they speed off. They pull off the main road to a hidden road track. Paddy grabs the bag off his colleague. He opens the bag sternly looking through. The item he is looking for isn't there. He knows that when he tells the client his arse is fucked. If Paddy's got to pay the price so will his incompetent friend... it's drilling time!

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Submitted: Sep 10, 2012


  • Darkhog Sep 12, 2012 at 16:19

    That guy watching this whole fuckfest; Is the one I want to see getting into the action.

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