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Alessandro Haddad

Alessandro Haddad

Photo Courtesy Cocky Boys

Hair color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
Ethnicity: Middle-Eastern

Alessandro Haddad is a CockyBoy for all the right reasons: he's confident, physically fit, and has lots of attitude. While you might think this Lebanese stud is shy at first, you quickly learn he's just thoughtful. The words don't really come spilling out of his mouth anyway until he's getting fucked -- usually by older, bigger tops (his personal preference, although he proudly claims he's sexually versatile). So while you might peg him as a bottom, don't think he doesn't also like to take the reigns as a top! Cute, happy, sexually skilled, and with a good head on his shoulders, Alessandro is sure to please whoever he's with. And his adorable accent will make your knees buckle. CockyBoys is very glad to have Alessandro on board and excited to see him put those skills (and that bod) to work!

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