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Bond (CF)

Bond (CF)

Photo Courtesy Corbin Fisher

Aka: Otis (SC)
Hair color: Brown
Eye Color: Blue
Weight: 185lbs (84kg)
Height: 6' 0" (183cm)
Birthday: 1990
Ethnicity: White
Cock Size: 7" Cut

Bond’s body is manly, fit, and well-built. His dick is girthy, long, and slick with lube as he thrusts up into his hands, while his abs pop and bulge underneath. Bond lets himself get lost the feeling. He’s really expressive and unreserved - letting everyone know just how good it feels without having to say a word. Running his left hand over his broad chest and up to his neck before working it down to his balls, we see his orgasm coming, and it’s a good one!

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