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Chaos Men Review


  • Site Name: Chaos Men
  • Primary Category: Amateur
  • Other Categories: Bareback

General Details

  • Review Date: May 18, 2011
  • Intro: advertises under the banner "Disrupt your day." The reviewer loves this site, but is quite unsure just what the hell "disrupt your day" has to do with the site, other than perhaps a nudge towards surfing porn while at work. Overall, the site features a lot of masculine, brand new, usually never-before-seen models who are brought along from a jerk-off vid into the world of Gay4Pay mansex in all its glory (recently all of its condom-free glory). The reviewer noticed that the quality of the videos has vastly improved since its beginning days, and hopefully ChaosMen will continue to deliver what it promises: Young, Masculine, Average-Joe type men, usually straight, doing a little bit of everything. Chaosmen prides itself on variety, and the site certainly delivers. You can find everything from artsy-fartsy "Edge" videos to good old-fashioned gloryhole scenes. There is a lot of fucking, too, and occasionally some pissing. If there is a video you don't like, there will probably be a video you DO like a few days around the corner.


  • Chaos Men
  • Chaos Men

Price / Payment

Trial available
Price Single Month: $29.95
Price Recurring Month: $24.95 dropping to $19.95
Price Longterm: $59.95 for 90 days
Payment Options: Credit Card Online Check Pay by Mail
Processor Primary: Epoch
Other Processors: CCBill


Overall Design: Attractive, Intuitive, lots of options
Mac Friendly?: Yes
Navigation: Easy navigation of both photos and videos. Advanced keyword search capabil


Quantity: Over 900
Download Formats: WMV, Quicktime
Downloads?: Yes
Quality: Dial-up High Definition Standard Definition
File Size LD: 320x180
File Size SD: 640x360
File Size HD: 1024x576
Download Speed: Good
Video notes: Streaming available using Silverlight or Windows Media Player. iPad/iPhone/iTouch versions also available


Quantity of Photosets: Over 430 Photosets
Size of Photosets: Photosets are roughly 35 to 65 photos, mostly guys alone or together in posed photos. In addition, 8 to 16 screencaps.
Quality: The photography is professional level
Zip available: Yes
Photo Notes: The quality of the photography is high, and the site provides ease of use with the photos, with a slideshow option and a gallery option. There are not a lot of high resolution professional photos of actual sex, however.


Exclusive Videos/Photos: Yes
Exclusive Models: Many
Extra Features: AEBN VOD feed (very low quality)
Model Quantity: Over 400 models
Model Description: Predominantly white guys in early 20s
Bareback: Yes
Overall Quality of Content: Great
Updates: Three videos per week
Amount of Action: Weekly action scenes, good amount of variety

Main Reviews

  • Loads of Masculine Hotties

    Chaosmen has been around since 2004, but this site is prolific. There are so many videos, if you are a new member it might take a year to get through them all. The key focus of the site is masculine first-timers (many with tattoos of various sorts). And there are plenty to suit almost anyone's fancy. Usually a newbie will begin with a solo, then move on to being serviced by another man. It usually takes a few videos before a model will appear in full-on hardcore fucking. Usually, however, it is worth the wait.

    Pro 1
  • 3 weekly updates!

    Chaosmen is updated 3 times per week, which is more than most sites like it. One update is usually a solo, while another is perhaps an oral/serviced scene. Each week has at least one hardcore fucking scene. Your membership will definitely give you a lot of bang for the buck - in fact, it will give you at least three good bangs per week!

    Pro 2
  • Lots of Customer Support Options

    ChaosMen is chock-full of customer support. There is a knowledge base to answer such questions as "What are the benefits and disadvantages of SilverLight?" and recently ChaosMen implemented an automated trouble ticket function. Upon logging in, the subscriber is presented with a list of top technical issues with links to resolve these problems. Upcoming website changes are also previewed for everyone. This is a website that wants to take care of its customers and keep them informed!

    Pro 3
  • Thumbnails are too tiny

    Not to quibble too much, because the site is very clean-looking, but the thumbnails as one browses the videos or photos are quite small. Chaosmen should consider having larger graphics and more pages for those who are not accustomed to squinting as they browse for porn.

    Con 1
  • Fucking is sometimes wimpy

    For a site that uses a lot of masculine, street-trade type guys, as well as recently being almost exclusively condom-free, you would think the the fucking would be mind-boggling. However, usually the fucking is lackluster. In several videos, the top's cock is barely moving half an inch in-and-out (if at all) and the bottom is screaming "Oh yeah, fuck me baby!!" as if he were actually getting pounded. This could be blamed on the fact that the guys are true amatuers, or it could be that the director is too busy decorating the set to care about the hotness factor of the sex.

    Con 2

Interesting Fact: "Chaos" refers to Bryan Ockert's hacker name when he was using a 300-baud modem to nose around.
Final Word: "Street Trade" Central!
Final Word Detail: If corner prostitution were legal in the U.S., the guys on the corner in Dallas, Houston, Okalhoma City, or Austin would look just like the models on this site. Which is kind of hot to think about.


Overall Quantity Quality Updates Exclusivity Interface Hotness
A A A A A- B+ B