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English Lads Review


General Details

  • Review Date: Oct 10, 2010
  • Company Name: Zone 8 Media Ltd
  • Intro: " advertises as "Uncut Amateurs, just a little bit hotter." Well, folks, they are right on the mark. This site is packed with hot English amateurs, jerking off, messing around, and fucking. The site provides beautiful photosets and impressive high quality videos. There is a 50/50 mix of straight guys and gay guys, and this works fairly well. The photos are great, and the quality of the videos is top notch for a pro-am site. Nick, the owner of the site, provides lots of extra features and communication with members. There is a blog, a member forum, and plenty of video footage of the English lads talking and letting the viewer getting to know them. The site has hot guys, hot sex, and personality, which is a formula for a very successful site."


  • English Lads

Price / Payment

Trial available
Price Single Month: $36.95
Price Recurring Month: $29.95 dropping to $27.95
Price Longterm: $75.95 for 90 days
Trial Options: None
Payment Options: Credit Card Online Check Pay by Mail
Processor Primary: CCBill
Other Processors: Epoch


Overall Design: Clean, Attractive, relatively easy to navigate
Mac Friendly?: Yes
Navigation: Doesn't take long to learn, extensive search capability


Quantity: Almost 500 videos
Download Formats: WMV, Quicktime
DRM: No DRM except much older content
Downloads?: Yes
Quality: Dial-up High Definition Standard Definition
File Size LD: 530x304
File Size SD: 960x540
File Size HD: 1440x810 (newer
Download Speed: Good
Video notes: Each video is available in two formats, one full and one abbreviated mostly to focus on the action


Quantity of Photosets: Over 200,000 images
Size of Photosets: Many newer photosets have 300+ images. Some photosets are smaller.
Quality: The photography is professional level
Zip available: Yes
Photo Notes: Many photosets are available that are not merely photos of a solo or sex scene. The site is run by a photographer, and careful detail is paid to the photography; the amount of images is abundant.


Exclusive Videos/Photos: Yes
Exclusive Models: Many
Extra Features: Blog, Forum, Newsletter
Model Quantity: Almost 350 models
Model Description: Uncut, primarily white, and mostly English
Bareback: No
Overall Quality of Content: Good to Great
Updates: At least one video per week, photo updates separate from vids
Amount of Action: Good mix of solos and hardcore scenes. Mostly duos, some 3ways.

Main Reviews

  • Mouthwatering blokes!

    Many of the guys, both current and past models, are simply stunning hotties. There are many member favorites such as James Nichols, Matt Hughes, and current favorite Hayden Harris. You definitely want to check out Hayden if you enjoy super sexy straight guys inching closer and closer to full on man-sex. The number of models is almost 400 now, and new, fresh English faces keep appearing regularly - Nick must have a knack for recruiting all of these studs!

    Pro 1
  • Care and Personality

    Members are allowed to rate and comments on the videos and photosets, and EnglishLads has a member forum where members can request scenes, make suggestions, or simply discuss the models and the site. Nick himself sometimes joins into the discussion, and also provides a blog. Even in the videos you can tell right away that EnglishLads is a labor of love for the owner and staff and that they intend to keep bringing the freshest, horniest English studs to their members, all the while taking input and aiming to please. This sort of dedication is hard to find among sites these days, and it is simply refreshing.

    Pro 2
  • Exclusive Content

    While a few of the lads might have gone on to do other sites, in general the feeling upon logging in for the first time is that a completely new world of content has been laid before you. The models are rarely found elsewhere, and the types of videos range from jerk-offs, massages, side-by-sides, oral, and all out fucking. Sometimes outdoors, sometimes inside, the vids and guys are unique, hot, and high caliber.

    Pro 3
  • The French invented the Metric System to prevent an update schedule like th

    "This site is updated ""3 times per week, every Friday is a video. Every Wednesday is a photo set and Sunday's alternate video and photo set."" Confused yet? I think this adds up to 1.5 videos per week, on average, and hopefully you can keep the alternating Sundays in your head so you will not be disappointed by a photo set instead of a video. The release schedule, judging even from the members forum, is a consternation to many active members. There is wailing and gnashing of teeth over the relative value of photo sets versus videos, and many members are begging for more videos. That being said, if you know how many pints are in a gallon, and how many pecks are in a bushel, you should be able to keep the EnglishLads schedule in your head."

    Con 1
  • More Fucking, Please!

    "At the time of this review, only 3 out of the latest 10 video release were fucking scenes, and one of these fucking scenes was actually a video of a photoshoot, not a proper fuck scene. In these ""videos of photo shoots, the camera is clicking away and the viewer feels like a production assistant more than a masterbator. If you are a hardcore fan of ass fucking, the fuck video schedule might not be to your liking. That said, with hundreds of vids available, there is still plenty of older content to browse through. "

    Con 2

Interesting Fact: EnglishLads started in 2004 as a photo-only site. The expansion to videos was definitely a good call.
Final Word: Calling all Anglophiles!
Final Word Detail: From the country that brought us Wedgewood china, London dry gin, and a parliament that calls elections when it bloody well wants to, what else would you expect from an English site except top notch quality, attention to detail, and a quirky release schedule?


Overall Quantity Quality Updates Exclusivity Interface Hotness
B+ A A B- A C+ B