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Sean Cody Review


General Details

  • Review Date: Feb 11, 2014
  • Intro: Sean Cody is one of, if not THE, premiere site for gay porn. A trailblazer in the early days of Internet gay porn pay sites, Sean Cody has always been good but has improved with age, and now offers an astounding amount of content. A subscriber could jerk off for months on end without leaving the site. Sean Cody hand plucks the hottest young men from around the country (apparently even high schools) and flies them to sunny California where they can lose their virginity or show off their sexual prowess on film, and on beautiful sets with near perfect lighting. With only a first name, studs like Bryce, Walker, and Tanner wow the viewers with hot sex and great passion and enthusiasm. A few years ago, Sean Cody made a move away from condom porn to bareback, which definitely seems to be a current consumer preference. However, the warning at the beginning of each bareback video seems to be a little much. The videos are all exclusive, and the models for the most part are exclusive as well. Although some models do work with other companies after Sean Cody, many do not, and the exclusivity factor is extremely high. New updates three times per week, and great powerful sex in each duo trio or orgy practically guarantees that the subscriber will have few qualms with this great site.


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Price / Payment

Trial available
Price Single Month: $34.95
Price Recurring Month: $27.95 dropping to $19.95
Price Longterm: $72.95 for 90 days
Payment Options: Credit Card Online Check
Processor Primary: CCBill
Other Processors: Epoch


Overall Design: Sleek and clean just like their models.
Mac Friendly?: Yes
Navigation: Very simple, chronological navigation. Not a lot of search functionality.


Quantity: over 1500
Download Formats: Newer vids mp4 download only. Older mp4, wmv, mov
Downloads?: Yes
Quality: High Definition Standard Definition
File Size LD: 640x360
File Size SD: 1280x720
File Size HD: 1920x1080
Download Speed: Good
Video notes: Streaming works very well on a variety of browsers and mobile devices


Quantity of Photosets: Each video has an accompanying photo set.
Size of Photosets: Newer videos have a set of between 10 to 30 high quality photos, dimensions 980x653 72ppi & 653x980 72ppi.
Quality: The photography available with the newest videos is professional level.
Zip available: Yes
Photo Notes: Compared to many sites, provides fewer photos, indicating a focus on the video work. For the few photos that are available with each video, there is slideshow functionality that works quite well.


Exclusive Videos/Photos: Yes
Exclusive Models: Many
Extra Features: No extra features. However, many of the videos contain behind the scenes footage presented after the sex is over.
Model Quantity: Roughly 600 models
Model Description: Mostly white young men ages 23-33 (although sometimes younger or older) with few or no tattoos and an ample amount of pubic hair
Bareback: Yes
Overall Quality of Content: Excellent
Updates: Three videos per week
Amount of Action: Even mix of hot action scenes with predominantly gay4pay solo videos

Main Reviews

  • Models with Tons of Stamina

    The folks at Sean Cody sure get a lot of physically demanding activity out of their models. These guys are fit and in the prime of their life - not a muscle is wasted. Often there are multiple cumshots per person in each scene, and the fucking can be intense. Even in the solo videos the models are often shown in two different settings with two cumshots. The sheer physical prowess is astonishing!

    Pro 1
  • Incredible Amount of Content

    In addition to over a decade worth of exclusive content, both hot sex and solos from some of the best looking guys in the United States, there is a lot of content that sets Sean Cody apart. There is a lot of behind the scenes footage, sometimes separate and sometimes at the end of the sex videos. A special treat is also the inclusion of themed trips. The most recent being the "Mountain Getaway," where a large group of models go up into the snowy mountains and basically fuck the shit out of each other all weekend. This wonderful trip results in four great scenes including an orgy.

    Pro 2
  • Always Attractive Guys

    Customers can count on Sean Cody to consistently deliver hot guys. The entire site is a pantheon of masculine beauty, and they never miss a beat. The guys are always chiseled, with well defined muscles and six packs. The faces are always handsome. It makes this reviewer wonder how they find them all. At any rate, within the young hot male category, Sean Cody has an almost monopoly over the classic hottie look, and their site delivers several times a week on this.

    Pro 3
  • Could Use More Search Functionality

    Because the site is packed with more than a dozen years worth of great content, one would think that there would be some better search capability. It is not possible, for example, to search for only bareback videos. If you are perusing through the solos, it is not apparent from the solo video page whether the model in question appeared in any other work. Of course you could take the name and use their drop down box, but this reviewer would expect more from a site with such an abundance of content. Searching by type of scene, model hair color, condom vs. no-condom, etc. would help a lot.

    Con 1
  • Tendency for Models to Look the Same

    Although this reviewer states that the guys are always good-looking, sexy, and handsome, there does seem to be a cookie-cutter type look that may not suit every viewer. There is definitely a lack of ethnicities, as well as alternative looks. If you are into thinner guys, guys who are inked all over, black guys, or what have you, Sean Cody might not be the site for you.

    Con 2
  • Solo Only Performances Could Lead to Blue Balls

    On the one hand, there are thousands of incredibly sexy guys who wank off on Sean Cody for all of our viewing pleasure. This is great, but for most of these guys the solo vid is their 15 minutes of fame, and they disappear, never to be seen again. It certainly creates some anticipation after a solo is released, but the conversion rate (so to speak) of hot guys who do solos to those that end up getting plowed in the ass is awfully low.

    Con 3

Interesting Fact: Sean Cody himself was actually prominently featured in several of the earliest released videos.
Final Word: "Oh, Sean, you're the best! You're the champ, you're the master…!"
Final Word Detail: Like a well-manicured suburb, Sean Cody has the perfection and safety of a great site with an eye toward detail and beautiful scenery.


Overall Quantity Quality Updates Exclusivity Interface Hotness